June 12th, 2008

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saturday night pride

this will be my first pride in portland and i am quite excited. where are the best places to go on saturday night to get our groove on with the ladies? i know one of the papers will have info, but i'm wondering about the inside scoop...

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I'm going to be taking pictures at a wedding in July, and I would like to rent a second DSLR camera body just in case something happens to mine during the event. The only camera rental place I know of is Pro Photo Supply, but I haven't heard anything about them except that they exist.

Do you guys know of any rental places? Any that you prefer? Also, I'll be running Canon lenses, so Canon bodies are what I'm looking for.

Consignment Stores

I have a few designer dresses that I was looking to sell and I was wondering if any of you knew of any good consignment stores. Usually I just sell stuff at Buffalo Exchange but right now I have a Marc Jacobs dress and some other higher end designer things and I'm not sure Buffalo would be the best place to take them. Any location is fine, I don't mind traveling! Also I know Portland isn't the best place to sell stuff like this so I also wouldn't mind taking a trip up to Seattle if anyone knows of some nice places up there.

Thanks in advance!
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Thankful Thursdays, Portland-Style!

1. A friendly and helpful cashier at New Seasons Market (at Seven Corners) who ran out to the parking lot to find me, right after I forgot to put some of my purchased groceries in my backpack.

2. A random smile of the cute ambulance driver passing by.

3. The awesome Brooklyn (NY)-based clothing company, Neighborhoodies. They were prompt in responding to my email queries (asking them if they could add "Buckman" to the list of their neighborhood drop-downs, which they did immediately), and I am very impressed with and happy about my custom Buckman hoodie. 97214 represent, yo.

4. Seeing turtles on the floating log in the Laurelhurst Park pond.

5. Living in a place where it is relatively easy for a new band to play gigs on a regular basis. It helps a lot that it is easy to make connections and network when there are other friendly and supportive friends and bands in this city (yes, I am throwing in a shameless self-promotion here....the band project that I am involved with, The Tar Plains, has a show at Kelly's Olympian next Monday evening, as part of their New Band Night!).
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Movin' time

I am moving this weekend. Does anyone know of any promo codes or discounts for a truck rental, like Uhaul or Budget? Or hell, someone with a big truck that they wouldn't mind me borrowing?
Googlefu is failing me.

But woot! I'm moving to downtown.
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Office Chair Help!?!

I need to know where I can find a mid to high-end, quality desk chair. I spend a lot of time working in front of the computer and need something that is ergonomic for a 5'5" woman with good lumbar support, a short seat depth, a high back and is a little bit cushy.

I have already tried Staples, Office Depot and Ikea. A couple of things at Staples came close. But, ultimately those that had the higher seat back also had a deeper seat, which won't work for my petite frame. So, oh wise DP..... where else might I look???

Much thanks to all who answer!

scooter/other help?

Okay, here's the short version.
My car is dead - almost $700 worth of parts (at cost), and since it's a '95 and I have no clue what kind of care it had before I got it... really not worth the money to fix.
I MUST have a vehicle to get to work. No, neither moving nor changing jobs is an option. I live in the Clackamas/Milwaukie area and currently work in Tualatin, with a new location soon to open up at the foot of the Ross Island Bridge (I will work in both).
Buying a car isn't much of an option. My credit is royally fucked, and there is NO POSSIBLE WAY I can carry a car payment any time in the near future. I'm not even getting all of my non-debt bills paid each month (power, phone, etc), let alone able to keep up with the debts I currently have. The only option there would be if I could somehow get into an auction and possibly find something that at least runs for just a couple of hundred. However, one needs a dealer's license to get into the auctions, so I have been told. Anybody got one and want to get me in?
The best option as seen by my friend and myself (unless my mechaninc has a dealer's license, which I will hear back about tomorrow, he's closed for the day already) is to get a scooter. Gas, with a seat, not the little stand-up electric ones; I do need to get from Clackamas to Tualatin on a regular basis. Some of them can run just a couple of hundred, used and not the "luxury" brands and whatnot. Plus, they get kickass gas mileage.
So, basically, does anybody happen to be looking to sell one? Know someone who is? Know of the best place to go to get deals on used scooters in great shape? Have any other ideas (that do not involve a new car, moving, a new job, or bus lines)?

ETA: Problem actually solved. I don't believe it, even though I'm living it... but my mechanic is willing to TRADE my beyond-dead pos junker for a little ford escort he's been working on. It's actually in really good shape overall; needs a turn signal switch (and since it's a limited-edition GTO, that can't be had but from a junkyard, they don't make 'em anymore), and has a seal somewhere that leaks a tiny bit of oil - easy fix, but will take several hours to /get/ to. But totally safe and driveable. He's gonna take it through DEQ tomorrow, and either I then take and register it or I get a 21 day reg and he fixes whatever needs done... and I have a car! And I'll let him know what evamagick said about people even wanting Geos that aren't running - doubt this one will do, since it's SO dead, but it might recoup him some of the money he's put into this ford. And holy shit, I have a car again!!!
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free show to go to


There's an all-ages show happening tomorrow at KPSU's Modern Age, on PSU campus. It's gonna be a good time, and free. Don't worry if you aren't a PSU student, though, I'm sure a lot of people won't be.

Reverse Dotty and The Candy Cane Shivs
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