June 11th, 2008



Anyone else here feeling my pain? I wish this city was 24 hours. I'm off work and my "day" off is now. I wish I could be getting my hair did and buying flowers. What is there to do besides sit around or think about drinking when your day is night?
Tea whores unite secretly

Polaroid film?

While my pocket is screaming over the high gas prices, can anyone tell me the best place to get polaroid film perhaps? I live outside of portland, so if anyone knows a place in the burbs... you get mad kudos!

I asked at Fred Meyers and they looked at me like I was a square, Safeway was all "we stopped carrying it, nobody was buying it" b.s. everyone is looking for it, apparently!


Portland related, because I want to go take epic graffiti shots around town!

Nicaragua Medical brigade benefit & PARTY

Come help support NCNM Naturopathic students promote natural health in Nicaragua. We will be living with local campesinos on the island of Ometepe, working in a clinic run by Natural Doctors International. We'll also be helping with local education projects involving sustainability and health. Your support is greatly appreciated as we work to open doors for natural health in the global community.

Saturday, June 14: 8pm-1am
Bamboo Grove Salon 134 SE Taylor
$5-10 sliding scale

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Lost Dog

(Not mine--posting on behalf of a friend. I've never met Bobby, so if you have questions, please email the address listed below rather than responding here.)

Our dog Bobby was at the Dog Park on SE Umatilla in Portland, and they lost him yesterday. Apparently they had a hole in their fence! He is only about as big as my forearm. The unfortunate thing is they took off his harness, which had his tags, so we really are asking anyone if they see him around Sellwood to try and grab him. There are a bunch of flyers up around the neighborhoods and New Seasons. I live on SE 41st and Hawthorne so he would not find his way back home. Reward is offered. 503.522.6250 or keithandjenn(at)gmail(dot)com

ETA: Bobby has been found--thanks to everyone who kept their eyes open for him!

therapy/service dogs?

Does anyone have information about proper certifications and laws specific to oregon regarding therapy dogs as service dogs?  Is there any certain information that needs to be submitted to landlords as verification? 

Internet search is not helping much, so anything you have to offer is very much appreciated!!


I can haz social life?

Poll #1203376 DPers availability poll

I work / go to school / am generally awake:

PT early mornings
PT mornings
PT afternoons
PT evenings
PT nights
Work? What's that?
I don't need no stinkin' schooling.

My days off are (or start on):


Would you be interested in a coffee/game/crafts/something else night for damngraveyarders starting sometime around 12am and ending sometime around 5am at maybe the Fireside Lounge on Powell?

Hell yeah!
Only if there were booze involved.
Only if there WEREN'T booze involved.
No, that sounds really dumb.
Who gives a crap about graveyarders? Freaking vampires. Let them suffer at home.

pet rat?

Hi there . . . I'm looking to get a pet rat. I know I could go to a pet shop or whatever, but I was interested in seeing if someone happened to have one that they no longer wanted or something, that came with a cage and all that stuff... Anybody?
general blah

cash work sought urgently

I urgently need some for cash work, and i need it SOON, like, tomorrow.
I have nothing to pawn or sell and can't go to the payday places because I haven't a payday coming up for a while (I'm inbetween jobs). I need the money real bad-it's a complicated situation, but a legitmate one!

I'm 28/F, no car but bike everywhere. I'm hardworking, super-reliable, honest, punctual, cool, and not a tweeker, drunk or scammer. I've been scouring CL for any gigs i could do but so far no luck. I live in close-in SE. I've done data entry, have a computer background, excellent writer/typist, will clean, organize, walk dogs, paint houses, do DIY, wash dishes, work in a bar...

Anyone have any advice? Even making just, like, 10 bux for scrubbing a floor somewhere would help... :/

Thanks for any help!
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Anyone have any icicle lights?

Hello fellow DPers...

I am in need of some strands (from 3 up to 30) of clear/white icicle lights. Preferably with green cording, but I won't be picky.

They need to be fully functional (preferably new, in box.)

I can come pick them up and even throw a few bucks your way to get them out of your gargage.

Come on, you know you're never going to use them.

I promise they'll be coming to a good home.


Thanks! :)
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wax seals

Does anyone know of a place in town that has a great selection of wax sealing products? I haven't had the best of luck searching online, and honestly I would rather see the colors and stamp designs in person if possible. Plus, since I offered to design my brother's wedding invitations in the next couple of weeks, time is of the essence. :}

I should probably mention that I have never done wax stamping before. I noticed some shops online have pre-made sticker faux-wax seals – do these suck or are they life savers?

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Fatty Goldfish

Veronicas Closet?

ive searched online trying to find the homepage for Veronicas Closet in portland, but i cant seem to find the homepage again e__e!

     anyone familiar with it that could slip me the link :D;;?...


Hey DPers,

Any of you work in landscaping or have a personal recommendation of someone who can lay some sod in our back yard? We are giving up on the garden and just want a freaking lawn. Bonus if they are eco-friendly. We are in NE. Thank you!
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(no subject)

Alright, so this is probably a long shot, but I've gotta ask. You all are so smart :)

I've got a week off coming up and my SO is off school for 4 weeks, so we want to take a trip down to Roseburg to visit the family and maybe do some camping. Since gas prices are crazy stupid right now, my SO wants to look into flying down there since Roseburg just opened its airport (it's a long 3 hour drive by car, and the truck we have is a POS that sucks gas like a hooker). He figures that gas will be about $120 round trip, not to mention driving around while we're down there, so we're hoping that maybe a flight would be cheaper, and also shorter and more fun.

Anyway, does anyone know how to get flights out of the smaller airports in the area? I'm thinking Vancouver or Troutdale (or any others if you have suggestions), since I'm pretty sure no one flies out of PDX down to Roseburg. Also, would it really be cheaper than driving? Any ideas of price? I mean, the flight would be maybe 45 mins- 1hr, and I'm sure we'd be flying in some small prop plane, that alone makes me wanna do it :) I've checked the websites, but I didn't see anything about scheduled flights...

true romance

the big 28

hi folks!

tomorrow's ma birthday and we're going to PGE park for the timbers game. where's a good place nearby the park to get dinner beforehand, and next question, where is a good place for drinks after? no specifics, just looking for a relaxed atmosphere and looking to have fun. no clubs or frattyboy environments!

thanks DP, you're always so helpful!
fuck you anyway.

Looking for a public location suitable for sitting on my laptop and working several hours/day.

I know I can go sit in any number of random coffee shops, but I'm looking for specific recommendations. I'd also like to go to different places outside of coffee-shop land. I was at Angelo's on Hawthorne Sunday afternoon, and that was great. Though drinking + working isn't always the best combo, it was a nice change.

What's required is a place that won't have a problem with me camping out for around 4 hours if I'm just buying drinks, and which has electrical outlets. Free wifi isn't even necessary because I can tether my blackberry to my laptop and make internets happen anywhere I want.

So? Whatcha got?

parking tickets

Anyone know if a ticket has to be paid if the cop or whomever writes the ticket either forgets a piece of information or writes it down wrong? i have a parking ticket that has the wrong license plate number on it. it's kinda funny, but how do i find out if i have to pay it or not? since that's the only identifying info on it, will the evil computers even know who the ticket belongs to? if you don't know the answer but can point me in the right direction, that'd be great

Portland's Next Top Dog Model

There is an event happening next Wednesday night (June 18) at the Hotel Monaco on SW 5th and Washington to benefit the Oregon Humane Society being put on by LexiDog Boutique/Daycare.
It is called Portland's Next Top Dog Model. The Top 10 dogs in two categories (small and large) will compete to win the title. The winners get lots of good stuff.
The event is hosted by Dr. Doug of Charlie FM 97.1 and is FREE for everyone to attend.
It would be AMAZING if you guys could come because my dog, Alfie, is one of the FINALISTS in the Small Dog Category!

Alfie was one of 109 dogs rescued from a backyard breeder running an illegal puppy mill in Albany. He was in terrible shape when I began fostering him for the humane society but now he is healthy, happy, and really outgoing. I fostered him for 8 months until the court case was complete then I officially adopted him in December. He's totally amazing and has come a long way. He needs all the support he can get to win the competition!

There is more info at www.lexidog.com and www.oregonhumane.org

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2004 Giant NRS2 Bike for Sale!

I'm selling an NRS2 Bike that was given to me just prior to moving to the area a year and a half ago.

It's a 2004 GIANT NRS2 Mountain Bike.

It's too small for me -  I need a 26" bike and this is a 21" bike.

I have all the stats for it and what the bike has if anyone is interested.

Here is the Craigslist posting:


Contact me if interested!