June 10th, 2008


Bike Shops for the Less-Than-Tall

I'm looking for recommendations on bike stores that have a lot of smaller bikes on hand to test ride. I'm a 5'3" girl, and I want to find something that will mainly be used for daily commuting, but will also be durable enough for occasional long distance rides and carrying gear for camping trips by bike. So far I've looked at City Bikes and Community Cycling Center, and I've been perusing Craigslist daily. All three places seem great for girly cruisers or tall people bikes. but what I really need is a chance to try out lots of different bikes (sturdy road and touring) to get a sense of the fit and style that works best for me. I'm hoping to buy a used bike, but I might go for an inexpensive new one if I find something great. I don't need anything super fancy that will just be asking to get stolen. Where have you had luck, shorties?

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Poll Question!

Racial, Stereotypical Humor:

Always inappropriate--it does nothing but reinforce negative feelings between races
Sometimes appropriate, but generally not
It can be funny, but sometimes go too far depending on the situation
Always funny. We need more in order to get over racism.
I hate black people anyway, so what do you expect?
Feel free to leave any thoughts you have on this.
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To dig or not to dig?

We have this giant "plant" in the garden. And it's definitely not rosemary. We can't decide if it's something good or just a weed. It's just getting bigger and bigger. We had the biggest dandelion in the WORLD for a while, so it's highly possible this is nothing.

What do you guys think?

Weed or no?

Closer... (you can click to get to Flickr and see them SUPER BIG if needed)

Close Up.. Weed? Or no?

Thanks for your help!
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Pet Aid 2008

It's not too late to purchase tickets for Pet Aid 2008. Courtesy of 94.7fm, this year's Pet Aid will be held at McMenamin's Edgefield this Friday, June 13th @ 6pm and will feature Spoon, Presidents of the United States and Nada Surf.

General Admission is $33 and $2 from each ticket will benefit DoveLewis and the Oregon Humane Society.

Even if you can't afford the ticket price or can't (or don't want to) make the show, consider donating a few bucks to these worthy causes. Both rely on donor generosity to maintain programs that care for thousands of injured and relinquished pets, as well as strays and injured wildlife.


Well I finally made it to the Sock Dreams store yesterday. Never having been out that way way, it took going back & forth on the bus a couple times before I spotted it.. but hey, at least now I know where Hotcake House is, if I am ever in SE again.

I got lots of cool socks & some cute little sock garters. Spent way too much, but being able to see the socks in person got me excited.
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Conditioner help anyone?

I've been frying my hair with bleach and funky colors for the last couple years (Unhealthy as sin, I know, I know) and I'd like to get some good conditioner in an attempt to get it healthy again. I'm willing to pay. I've been using some Burt's Bees regenerating stuff for the last few months but it's not quite doing the job I was hoping for.

Anyone have any personal conditioner recs, especially for those like me who've put their hair through the wringer?

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Congratulations Portland. According to a new study, published in the new Cosmo... Portland Oregon is among three cities (Denver and San Antonio) that practice the safest sex. The study found that most condoms and OTC contraceptives are purchased per capita in those cities.

YAY! So while we may have skanky skeeves who come out when the sailors are in town, at least they're likely well protected!
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(no subject)

I'm looking for chiropractic recommendations. Do you go to a chiropractor that you're really pleased with? Do tell!

The last guy I saw moved his practice to LO, so I'm in the market for a new one as my back is totally spazzing out lately. I can go just about anywhere, as long as it's accessible by bus. However, the closer to the river, the better.



Legal advice, DP? Bastion of all knowledge?

So, I'm getting divorced, how exciting! I got served the paperwork, HOORAY!

Now. I don't contest anything on there, it's all what I want, no other payments etc. Do I have to send in a response? There's something about a dismissal date in november if i do nothing, but the paperwork also says if I do nothing, he automatically wins (which is fine with me) So...do I do anything?


i'm officially the annoying girl asking for advice about housing...

I know how ridiculous the housing questions get... so I've been trying to locate the info on my own, but I'm starting to pull my hair out.  

I SWEAR I remember someone posting information about a pet friendly rental agency, but I can't for the life of me remember what it is.  With a virtual zoo (two large dogs and two cats) my friends and I are having a hell of a time finding a house to rent that isn't in the suburbs.

Does anyone know what I'm talking about, or am I just making stuff up?!?
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Mm, car repair

Anyone have experiences-- positive or negative --with any of the following garages? My Forester appears to be having engine troubles...

- Jay's Garage (SE 7th and Morrison)
- Bradshaw's Service Center (SE 10th and Hawthorne)
- Gibson's Auto Electric & Repair (SE 10th and Ash)
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Hey... wha happen?!

Wasn't there a post earlier where some body said her "mother" "won" a plasma TV and she wanted to sell it to us all? Did it get deleted by mods for obvious hotness, or did the poster withdraw the amazing offer?