June 8th, 2008


Laptop For Sale

Our photography company has recently started making the change over to Mac, so we're getting rid of one of our PC laptops.

HP Pavilion 6626:
Core 2 duo, 1.5GHz
2 Gig of RAM (upgraded by professionals)
140GB hard drive
Vista Home Premium

It's a great college computer and we've only owned it for 6 months. Comes with an extended warranty (screen protection, battery replacement, etc.) and it's still in great shape. Also comes with some basic software (MS Works, etc.)

Paid $1150, will take $800 OBO. If you're interested, e-mail me (will [AT] reversedlensphotography [dot] com) or give our studio a call at 503-922-1122.
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Where to have dinner w/ your boss?

So my boss wants to go to dinner this coming week to "discuss my goals within the company and such", and I'm to pick the where. Help! I need suggestions.

What I'm looking for would ideally be:

1) Quiet enough that it's conducive to conversation/business

2) Moderate in price

3) Based on general conversation, I don't think she's really into ethnic cuisine, but she does have sophisticated tastes

4) Eastside preferred

Thank you!

pdx rideshares

I've been really bummed out commuting to work in John's Landing (1 hour+ on the bus for a 5 mile commute) to the point where I've seriously thought about a car.

CraigsList is all people looking for rides the same day to SF or Seattle, and I'm kind of underwhelmed by the amount of information I have to volunteer to rideshare sites that are difficult to navigate.

Can anyone recommend me a good rideshare site, or offer me a carpool out that way? Is there any interest in doing a PDX lj rideshare community? I was thinking we could post regular routes, like, if you go to New Seasons one day a week around the same time and are flexible enough to pick someone up on the way? I could moderate and do tags (like, "NE, Frederick Meyer, Seattle") if y'all are into it.

Hello, hello...

The Rose City Rollers tryouts are coming up in July, and I need to buy new skates in order to be ready to kick butt in tryouts. I live on the W side (as in Hillsboro/Beaverton areaish) and I'm looking to find a good skate shop that can help me find the perfect pair of skates. Help!?

Gracias! in advance...
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Special Education Anyone?

Dear DPers,

If you or anyone you know is a parent of a school age kid in PPS who receives any level of special education support and is interested in networking with other families, accessing information and resources and/or getting involved in the decision making that affects kids receiving services, please reply here with your email or email me at pdxsepta@gmail.com. a group of parents are currently looking into starting an association which would also be open to professionals and other interested community members.

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I am so proud.

Looking for something traumatic to do tonight? Why not subject yourself to some really abusive music?

My little brother is playing in town tonight, in a band that has charitably been called "proof in the nonexistence of a benevolent god". So, if you're bored and maybe a little bit curious about exactly what a band described as "the worst thing you're likely to hear without dying from an aneurysm afterwards" actually sounds like, c'mon down to the Someday Lounge and find out.

Someday Lounge
125 NW 5th Avenue

(There are also some other people playing who might actually be enjoyable, I don't know.)

boring tech question

I bought a 17" Hanns wide screen LCD monitor recently. I noticed the box said it worked with Vista, so I ASSUMED it would work with XP, my OS. Well the driver is only for Vista, and I couldn't find a XP driver on the net. The monitor seems to be working great, very crisp resolution, just a little stretched out because the wide screen.
Should everything be cool?

GMAT Study Group

I am a student at Portland State who is looking to form a GMAT study group over the summer. I plan to take the test before school resumes in the fall and my goal is to score over 700. I'd like to find 4-6 individuals who are also preparing. Ideally, our small group would meet 1-2 times a week to discuss problems, tips and tricks. Time and location is flexible and can accommodate the group's needs. Please e-mail me at my lj username @yahoo.com if you are interested.

Shoot me!

I'm leaving the country on the 27th and need to get a few millions shots (tetanus and such?).  I, however, don't currently have a doctor in this town and don't get health coverage until July 1st.

So here's the question: where can one get tetanus shots for cheapsies in this town?  Bonus points if you know a place downtown.