June 7th, 2008


To all you great PDXers

First of all, let me say this... I loved being in your city. It is absolutely gorgeous in every way (yes, even including the rain!) and I hope to be spending more time there soon.

And it's this inspiration that drove me to share a little something extra with you good folks out Northwest.

So we're takin' it to the streets.

I've created and I am preparing for print a mini-comic inspired by my voyages in Portland. I loved the city and the kindness that all the people showed me while I was there and I want to give something back.

So here's the challenge. If you find stickers anywhere that have a picture of the aforementioned fruit, Fred the Pear, a.k.a. the Furious Fruit:

1. Take a photo
2. Post to this entry or email me: contact@nikarnoldi.com
3. Include your address, and I'll send you a copy of the comic book!

If you find some that people have already found before, you can still take a picture. Maybe you have a better eye for photography. :)

Thanks again for living in such an awesome city. You all help to keep the place inspirational.
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Household composting in PDX

We just moved here, and are looking to compost our kitchen scraps. We don't have room for a composter at our apartment (though we might look into a worm bin.) Looks like the City of Portland only does commercial composting.

So...what's our best bet? Make friends with a local cafe and haul our scraps there? (And if so, any suggestions for places in the Alberta area that might be open to this?) Contribute to a community garden's scrap bin? (Again, any idea whether they'll let us do this?) Or something else?

All suggestions welcome, and thanks!

Produce Co-Op Delivery

Before I moved to Portland last summer I heard on OPB about some sort of produce delivery program near the Johnson Creek area. You pay a monthly membership fee and they deliver a box of fresh local produce to you every month (or was it weekly? hmm).
I have looked online to find this program but I can't find anything. Does anyone know about it?
I suppose I could just go down to the farmer's market myself but getting a delivery is so much fun!

indian food, a car alarm, and some brain drugs

What a great combination!

While wandering around yesterday waiting for a delayed appointment, I stumbled upon Swagat on the corner of NW 21st and Lovejoy. Their Indian lunch buffet was amazingly delicious, and probably the best I've had on the west coast. Nom nom nom!

My neighbors have this tricked out minivan with a car alarm. Apparently, they're so worried about someone swiping their rims that they have their alarm set on ultra-douche mode. This means that whenever a trimet bus drives by it goes off. After days of this happening it's really beginning to get old. I stuck a friendly letter under their windshield wiper, but I have a feeling this isn't really going to accomplish anything. Do I have any other recourse?

And finally... anyone know a good child psychiatrist?
kuromi is cranky

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Porn and Cupcake party!!!!

8:00 til whenever!
4737 se 44th ave. Two/three blocks south of Holgate
Yellow house with basketball hoop out front

Costumes not required but tarty clothes are always well received.

Free Activity for Kids

It just occurred to me today that maybe I should post here about this.  I didnt know if there was a local parent community to post to.

I work for a certain 'Big Orange Box' and once a month, I set up a Kids Workshop.  It is a free project that they get to build, with parental help (this is not a daycare).  It is designed for kids aged 5-12.  The project changes from month to month.  Every 'Big Orange Box' is supposed to have them.  It is the first Saturday of each month (July 5 is the next one) from 9am-12noon.  My employer provides the projects and tools, you just have to show up.

I hear many of the other 'BOBs' are very popular and quickly run out of projects.  As it stands right now, I have leftovers from the past two months (about 60-70 projects, estimated) and expect about 72 more projects (different from the others) for July.  I have anywhere from 25-40 "regulars" but would like more to attend so I could get rid of some of these projects.  Yes, once in a while they are donated if one of my regulars shows up.

If you have kids that might be interested and would like to bring them to July's workshop, please email me at dentries at gmail dot com with how many kids and if they are boys or girls.  I dont require names until registration the day of.  I'm just trying to get an idea of interest.  If it's a lot of interest, I may ask that people come in shifts.  If today was any indication, between 10-1130 was the busiest.  I also only have 12 hammers to use at any one time.  I'll not post which 'BOB' I'm located at until I know the interest.



Tonight's episode had a drug bust at waterfront park. We get featured in COPS all the time, I know. But something about seeing the waterfront with the sunshine and all the leaves on the trees made me go "Awwwwwww".
its me.

another new one

hello damnportlanders,

im yet another new implant from the midwest.  just got my phd and moving out to pdx next week for a new job.
this group has been a great resource, and all your little chit-chat has helped me learn a lot about life in my new city.

i have a question i haven't seen mentioned recently tho.  where do you guys get your cable/internet?  any personal stories of woe or regret?  i know people here in cincinnati feel strongly about thier choice of utility company because of the customer service or availibility.  but im not familiar with comcast and quest or whatwhoist you guys have out there. 

many thanks

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