June 6th, 2008

If you wish to avoid the Masses.

Greetings all powerful Dpers,
  Okay, Portland year 1 , frst time around the Rose Festial, Uber parade event. Having gone to Summer Festival events in Michigan. I know the crowds can overwhelm any usual Saturday activities, do any of you have recommendations for places to go on this weekend that might help one avoid the masses if one simply wishes to enjoy  Ptown? Basically safe havens.

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camp out with the Mercury

I know the tide around here is based around avoiding this, but the premise here is that it's for the looong period BEFORE the Rose Parade begins. A charity auction winner bid on the opportunity to have us from the Mercury to sit around and reserve seating for them downtown so we'll be there from 8pm-8am.

If you're downtown tonight at say, 4 am, stop on by! I'll be here for a while after the March 4th show. :D


Aaah, Rose Festival

OMG this was too good NOT to share.
While walking the waterfront on my lunch, I happened to fall behind 2 young women who were walking with 2 young sailors. Woman #1 gets on her phone: “Yeah, hi. Yeah, we got 2. 2 GUYS! Sailors ya know?? Meet us on Broadway!” She closes her phone and turns to the sailor on her left “So, they call me coffee, cos I grind SO fine!”
I had to ask myself “OMG…did she REALLY just say that?”
Yes, yes she did.
I Love Rose Festival!!!
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stop killing trees

I'd like to talk about the Sierra Club. If you should be so unknowing as to give them money to help with their cause, which seems noble, I truly pity you. Your mailbox will soon be overflowing with products of dead trees a la Sierra Club -the trees' supposed saviors- begging for more money. And don't bother telling them you want them to cease with the constant emails, phone calls, and snail mail; for they are the thickest SOBs out there. Their shit won't stop clogging your mailslot/email inbox/voicemail... that is... short of breaking some knee caps.

So keep it up SC. I'm coming for you asshats next time I see your shit in my pile of junk mail.
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My roommate(sqwrlydoom) and I are hungry and reminiscing about the tamale ladies with 20578652432 children that came door-to-door "back in the day."

Where, or where, dearest Portlanders, can we find comparably excellent tamales?

Thank you for your time.
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Did you get or are you getting your bachelors in Graphic Design...

.. at a school here in Portland? Perhaps from PNCA, the Art Institute, PSU or PCC? I'd love to hear about your experience at any of these schools. What about it did you like or hate? Is your specialization in print, web or both or something else? Also, are you an employer that has hired graduates from any of these programs? What do you think of your employees' training and technique? I'm going to be living in Portland for the foreseeable future and would love to go back to school to finish what I started and get my degree in graphic design. Thanks for your input!


Hey guys,

I'm not sure if this is a long shot, or what. I'm doing some research this summer and need a wetsuit! I don't surf and I've never even tried on a wetsuit, but I need to get one. I have a budget of about $250 for the suit and the booties. I want as high quality as I can get as I'll be spending a lot of time in the water. I need a large range of sizes as well, since I have no idea what I would wear. Any ideas? I don't really know where to start here - I'd prefer if it were in Portland/Vancouver but will travel if necessary.

ETA: It needs to be a woman's suit... Also, what brands are good? Like I said, I want a high quality suit.