June 5th, 2008

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fostering a dog

hello everyone. I would like to foster a dog but I dont know where to go. Sure I could look it up or call around, but it is more fun to ask you.

*I would prefer a puppy, but I would be happy to take any age dog (except maybe the ancient kind).
*I would prefer an intelligent, energetic breed (border collie or ACD, for example, rather than a golden retriever or 'hotdog'); and I would prefer a large or medium sized dogs (no chihuahuas or 'toy' anythings!)
*I can't make a long commitment. I would like to foster for about 2 months. Is that possible? How long do people normally foster for?
I could foster longer if I was allowed to leave the state and take the dog with me while fostering... I would, of course, bring it back if someone wanted to adopt it.

help me out!
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we need breakfast!

(not right now, obviously. but tomorrow morning. which is technically right now, but, you know. later in the morning.)

I know this question has been asked here millions of times, but where does one go for inexpensive and extremely delicious breakfast?
More specifically, breakfast places that serve pancakes, waffles, biscuits and gravy.

? (:

IT workspace for people who work from home

Hey dp,

I know this is probably a stretch... Summer is coming soon, and that means the kids are going to be home and my productivity level is going to drop to near zero. I'm looking for some small office space to rent, possibly just a room, but it still looks like it's going to be too expensive.

Is anyone else in a similar situation and would perhaps want to share an office somewhere with me? I do contract IT work, which means mostly staring at a computer and occasionally talking on the phone. I'm looking in the $150 per person range. I'd also generally take M-W off, so you would get a few days to yourself.

happy colon

Hey folks,
First off, thanks to everyone who recommended some great places who need volunteers. Once my school and job life settle into routine, I'll definitely be taking up some of those!

Now, the question. I know at least a few of you are die-hard health nuts, and most of us at least attempt to not eat at Burgerville every night, so I come to you with another query. My boyfriend and I are interested in doing a detox to get rid of all the waste and build up that accumulates in our bodies just by living. We aren't down for the strict liquid only fasting (we both need some food energy in us for school and work), but if any of you have had great experiences with a detox or know of books we could check out on the subject, I'd love to hear about 'em.

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Does anyone know how to go about recovering pictures from a corrupt memory card without having to purchase a 40 dollar program on teh web?

Having returned from my sisters graduation last night my camera decided to crap out on me.
It read "card error"

Any hope for the pictures?
baby panda

Oh geez, another one....

Its time for yet another housing question! So, I finally got a job (yay) but its in Wilsonville (boo) and I'm guessin I should probably move down to that area-ish. Does anyone have any experience with living in the Wilsonville/Tualatin/West Linn/Sherwood areas? Any recommendations? Or warnings? Personal anecdote? Beloved apartment complex?

I don't know these areas at all, and I'm more than a little worried about moving even further into suburbia hell.