June 3rd, 2008


Tibetan and Nepalese Food?

Google is failing me DP and I need your help.

Are there any Tibetan and/or Nepalese restaurants in the Portland Area?

I had the Sherpa's Delight from http://www.goingnative.com/ last night and it was wonderful! The Nepalese spices are soft and rich and and and yum! (This made me itch to go to my favorite restaurant in the world which, unfortunately, is "Sherpa Restaurant" in Amsterdam and going there any time soon is not in the cards.)

I found www.
lungtatibetancuisine.com but my work computer won't let me access the site and the last review made it sound like it's closed.



PSA: Driving in the wet...

It never ceases to amaze me how even though we live in a very rainy place, some people still do not take the wet pavement into account when calculating their driving technique.

I ride a newer Vespa (02) and it's my primary mode of transportation, I have taken numerous safety courses and can say that I have a few miles under my belt. I can go 75 (if I want to) and I often take it on the freeway.

This morning while taking my stepson to his bus stop, we had the pleasure of observing a gentleman who happily blocked off the right lane of I-5 north by scraping the side of his car off on the J-rail lining the Macadam exit. Meanwhile my kid and I are sitting on a scooter getting soaking wet. Now I cannot say that being more careful would have solved his peril, but by the way people were driving this morning it scared the bejeesus out of the both of us (would have scared me even in my Kia SUV, it was THAT BAD). Folks going way too fast for the conditions and making piss poor decisions...

I know it's almost summer and the rains are working on going away, but please Portlanders, drive with caution! When it doesn't rain, gunk builds up on the road so when it DOES rain it makes it slick as goose shit.

When it looks like it's going to rain the next day, give yourself a few extra minutes and leave a little early for your commute, for your safety and others. Please?

A few helpful hints:

- Turn off your cruise control - If you hydroplane it can cause you to accelerate. Acceleration is BAD when hydroplaning, it's a good recipe for being dead.

- Brake earlier and with less force

- Remember that all wheel drive and 4-wheel drive does not mean 4-wheel stop

- Give trucks, busses and motorcycles extra room

- Turn on your lights! (edited for kellibunny)

Finally, please pay attention. Hang up and drive, let the lipstick wait... You'll have plenty of lipstick on during your casket viewing when you are dead from causing a 20 car flaming pile-up in the Terwilliger curves because you couldn't wait to get to the parking lot at work to apply "Harlot Red" to your puckered maw.

(this is a rant and it is directed at the minority of drivers rather than the majority, but it only takes one to end your life or someone elses)

That is all... Have a happy rainy day!
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the 3900' Fest: an indie music fest outside Portland June 27/28th

"The 3900′ Festival is a novel idea–you take a bunch of unsigned or indie label bands and you put them all together. Throw in some camping and a beautiful location and you have all the ingredients for a magical weekend. And this has to be the cheapest festival around Portland all year. Granted there are no marquee bands..., but admit it, the headliners are always disappointing anyway. This is the festival of the opening acts-a scrappy, hungry lot that takes nothing for granted and always aims to please. In other words, this should be good!" Portland Octopus

For info, check out the 3900' Fest page at:


for tickets purchased today, tomorrow, or Thursday, the 3900' Fest folks are donating 15% of ticket proceeds to the Portland Radio Authority.

On the web at www.praradio.org, PRA has local DJs spinning music from two am to two am every day commercial-free, keeping the pulse of independent music beating deep inside Portland.

the 3900' Fest:
Tickets are all ages. Tickets are $53 if you buy through us. That includes both days/nights/camping and parking (no hidden fees). You can also purchase wristbands at Tender Loving Empire on NW 17th just south of Lovejoy.

and people? the band line-up for this festival looks amazing.

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Ok so I am looking for a new Mary Kay lady. I had a friend down in Salem that I used to go through, but she is the biggest flake, and cannot depend on her.

So I come to you, DP. Any of you out there either know someone that sells MK, or is an MK rep??? I'm desperate!

Tease and spanks!

man ray

Goat! On the bus!

From KPTV:
PORTLAND, Ore. -- A pygmy goat boarded a TriMet bus Monday night in southeast Portland.
TriMet officials said the bus was on layover at Southeast 94th Avenue and Foster Road when the goat wandered onto the bus.
Concerned of nearby freeway and street traffic, the bus driver alerted TriMet dispatchers, who called 911.
"I've got a very strange request," the caller told the emergency dispatcher. "A goat is on our bus. We need him off."
More here.


i failed my written (computer) test for my oregon license for the second time today.
what the fuck?! SRSLY DOOD.
i am not incompetent, i take CALCULEEZ at the portland community college!

but no really, has anyone else had to battle the dmv for their license?

like, i don't CARE how far something can stick out from the front of my car legally. i don't live in gresham, i tie NOTHING to the front of my car.

gimme gimme my license!


biking viking

News of the Weird (from Tri-Met): Pygmy goat boards a TriMet bus

(edit: I just noticed the same news few posts down...would it be okay for me to delete this posts, mods?)

Even animals in Portland are doing their part to keep Portland weird.... ;o

(from the Tri-Met Press Release):
At approximately 9:45 p.m. last night, an unattended pygmy goat walked on a Line 14- Hawthorne bus. The bus was on layover at SE 94th and Foster and the operator was standing outside her bus with the doors open. The operator was concerned because of the freeway nearby and busy street traffic, and closed the bus doors. She immediately called dispatch and TriMet’s dispatch called 911. A Portland Police Officer responded and transported the goat. The 35-pound goat was wearing a nylon collar.
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What is that thing?

I've always wondered this. What is the thing circled in yellow in the picture? I always see it, but I have no idea what it's for.

Portland related, because the picture has Obama in it, and we all know how P-town feels about Obama.
Xmas Socks

Game Night, Game Night, Game Night!

(Yes, this can be said in loud announcer voice if you so desire...)

ANYWAY, Game Night Tomorrow Night!

You probably already know the drill, but in case you're new, you forgot, or you want something to snark about; here's the skinny:

Who - Single folk in their 20s and 30s
What - Game Night. Games, food, beer, people that you can get along with for a few hours.
Where - Lucky Lab NW. 1945 NW Quimby, Portland
When - 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month, next scheduled event would be tomorrow, the 4th of June. 7pm-10pm or so.
Why - Because games are cool, drinking beer is fun and well, because we want to. Do we need any more reason?

Bring a friend, a game or two; or none of the above. We'd love to have you. http://www.myspace.com/pdxers