June 2nd, 2008

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S.O.S. roommates...?

So if there's anybody out there interesting in a splinting the rent in a cheap 2 bedroom Vancouver apartment near the mall, please hit me up.

My roommates decided to give me very little notice about moving out and I have just over a week to decide if I'm moving out too or if I am going to find a roommate to replace them. I'd prefer staying here and finding a roommate. I'd need to know that you could move in at the end of the month/beginning of next month.

I guess I don't really care too much about who you are as long as you're not an asshole and can actually confront people when you have an issue in a rational way. Also the less uptight you are the better. Just as long as you're not so much of a party animal that you get ridicules to deal with, although keeping in mind that I do drink and smoke and play rock & roll... but have never gotten a noise complaint.

I am not perfect by any stretch, occasionally a little lazy and slob-ish but I try to respect other people's feelings when possible and overall I think I am pretty cool guy. I have a cat, and I've never been late for rent.
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Parole Officer gone wrong?

I've lived in Portland since early 99, and never had a negative interaction with an officer of the law, until last Friday.

Scene: My fiance, myself, and my little sister are in the car driving around downtown trying to find a parking spot so we can go to Powell's and geek out on books. We find a spot about three blocks away and get into it.

Cue a man getting out of his car which is parked three car-lengths up in the street with its blinkers on. He tells Dustin that's his parking spot, he's been waiting for it, and goes back into his car. Dustin shrugs and turns off the car and goes and pays the meter and we start walking up the block. The guy FOLLOWS us in his car and starts yelling out his passenger side window about how we need to go back to our car and move it so that he can have that spot, this is the second time he's had to ask us, and we don't want to mess with him. Oh, and he keeps calling Dustin 'son', which irks me for some reason. Intimidation tactic, possibly?

Dustin tells him that he's got his plates, if he comes back to the car and sees anything wrong, he'll be prosecuted. The guy yells once more that it's his spot, we're messing with the wrong parole officer, and we need to move the car now.

Dustin and I confer and end up moving the car to a location six blocks away. The bottom line is that it's his word against ours, and he could totally twist the story to make him look good ie
" I was backing into the spot and he whipped in and stole it from me." We didn't want the car to get messed with, and neither did we want to have to question the fact that if he ever gets pulled over from that point in time, whether or not it's because this guy decided to screw with us.

And then when we were done finding a parking spot and walking to Powell's, we see that he's not even there. He'd parked there for less than ten minutes.

What the hell, Portland, what the hell?
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Hotel recommendations downtown.


Can anyone recommend a decent hotel downtown?

I'm from Seattle and am planning to visit in a couple weeks. I've taken several day trips to Portland, but have never stayed overnight. I'm specifically looking for a hotel/motel where I can get two separate rooms within a larger suite. Something centrally located would be great, as well.

Any recommendations are appreciated! Thanks!
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Follow up post

In regards to this post, thank you to those of you who have already commented!

I did a bit of research earlier this morning and found the Park Lane Suites, which appears to have exactly what I’m looking for. Yay! (Embassy Suites also has 2 bedroom units, but they’re a tad bit pricier than Park Lane.)

If anyone has any similar recommendations, I’m all ears. Otherwise, thank you for your help!
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little NE breakfast cafe - rave

Gemstone Cafe, NE 28th & Flanders. Open 8am-2pm every day but Tuesday.

This is the Red Flag bar at night, but at day they are a breakfast joint! They do biscuits & gravy, little sausage sandwiches, grits, cute coffee mugs, all those good things... they usually only have a few patrons which means the service is great. I'm not sure how long it's been around but the food's tasty and it's open almost all of the time. Check it out! :)

(For some reason they still have yet to put out a sandwich board announcing that they do brunch... instead they have the Red Flag 'happy hour' board out at all times...)

The New York Times article that will not go away!

So, as you are all aware, the NYT wrote an article about gentrification


which got posted on here three times, and also got posted on stuffwhitepeople like, etc.

In one the the previous posts, I made a comment where I took apart one particular paragraph. Not just being contented with ranting here on damnportlanders, I wrote a note of my comments to the NYT reporter who wrote the story.

This is what I wrote and the reply:

Collapse )
Any thoughts? Besides the obvious?

Talk about random!

Home blood-type testing kits: I know they are available for purchase online, but where oh where might I find one in town?

I called Walgreens and was told "those don't exist. You need to go to the doctor." Which is just.. not true. Neither is it helpful.

I'm having issues - I'm 99% sure I'm A- but I need to find out ASAP for various crappy reasons and my doctor is being a shithead.


kittens plz.

OKAY PORTLANDERS. I am looking for a kitten. I feel really guilty to not be looking for a cat, but I have two already and I'm pretty damn sure they would go AW HELL NAH if I brought a full grown cat home. plus i want something cute, is that so bad

So anyone know anyone trying to get rid of kittens? I don't care about color or gender, but I'd prefer under 10 weeks (and over 5). And on dry food and doin' the litter box thing is a fat plus.
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Art School For the Old

Hey fellow pdxers! I'm turning to the interwebs to tell me how to make an important life decision! Yay! j/k

Anyway. I'm old and I'm thinking of attending a local art school for a BA in fine arts (animation). Since I already have a (life sucking) job that pays beyond well and has fabulous benefits...I'm following my dream career with extreme caution.

So far I've only seriously looked into the Art Institute of Portland. Does anyone currently go here? Have gone here? Go to another local art school? Actually make a living doing animation (or any other artsy thing)?

Please give me a good reality check before I spend a fortune on what could turn out to be only a hobby. Tell me all that you can about art schools and the realities of life after.

Thanks guys!
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Doug Fir Shows

A friend-of-a-friend is a HUGE Tod A. geektard, and of course wants to see him play this Wednesday at the Doug Fir. Problem is, he can't stay standing through a whole show. I've never seen anyone play at the Doug Fir but I've heard tell of table seating.

Important questions for you all: Will he be able to sit somewhere and still see the show? Should he get there extra early to procure table seating if there are such things available?

Related questions: Anyone else going to see Firewater? (http://www.myspace.com/realfirewater) Are you as amazingly mind-blowingly stoked as I am? Would you like to meet up at the show to gibber incoherently and jump up and down uncontrollably? Screw trying to be "cool" and hipster... I wanna thrash. ;>

Last set of questions: How's the food/drinks at the Doug Fir? If it sucks, is there a good close-by chill place where buddies could get together and eat before the show?

Muchas gracias for any info you can give me. :}

The Cynic and Senator Obama

An excerpt...

"There is one point in the stump speech, however, that catches the cynic up short every time. It comes near to the end, when Obama talks about cynics. Obama says that cynics believe they are smarter than everyone else. The cynic thinks he’s wrong. The cynic doesn’t think he’s wiser or more clever or more politically attuned than anyone else. It’s just that he fears that, every morning, he’ll discover that his country has done something to deface itself further, that something else he thought solid will tremble and quake and fall to ruin, that his fellow citizens will sell more of their birthright for some silver that they can forge into shackles. He has come to believe that the worst thing a citizen of the United States of America can believe is that his country will not do something simply because it’s wrong. It would be a mistake for anyone — but especially for a presidential candidate — to believe that the cynic thinks himself wise or safe or liberated. In 2008, the cynic is more modest. He considers himself merely adequate to the times."

From Charlie Pierce's (very long) essay on Barack Obama in the June Esquire

I am very displeased with Mr. Pierce for writing such a tedious article on a subject matter I'm so interested in. Bleh... it could've been so much better. Never let a sportswriter cover politics!!

Wat are y'alls thoughtz?


So, I'm making my way through Lambs here in Garden Home. Grabbing my fixens for Chilli dogs and Chilli Fries.
The key ingredient being Hormel Brand No Beans Chilli...

None..as Hormel never existed beyond the Midwest I grew up in.

Maybe at other stores perhaps Winco or Fred Meyers.

So here's my Portland question: DOes Hormel Chlli exist west of the Rockies?
Your car is on fire.

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Yo folks.

So, periodically I go by about 15th and Hawthorne (ish) and I see a farmer's market. I've been by there a few times, but I can't seem to get their schedule in my head. Does anyone know when exactly they're set up? Do they have a regular schedule?

I've had good experiences from them - good fruit for cheap.

Edit: Sorry, I think I got my numbers mixed up. Probably closer to 25th and Hawthorne.

1st Thursday at Reading Frenzy: Geoffrey Ellis!

Photos by Geoffrey Ellis

1st Thursday, June 5th, 6PM-9PM

Reading Frenzy
921 SW Oak St.
Portland, OR

After years of admiring the work in Geoffrey Ellis's photo-zine Sadkids, I'm pleased to announce that we will be hosting an exhibit and zine release party for him this June!

Horses, Dolls and Other Junk is not so much a detour from Geoffrey's usual grander themes of derelict buildings and decaying signs, as much as it is a closer look at the detritus that one might find collected within such roadside attractions, which he has faithfully paid homage to across the US, but especially in small towns scattered throughout the South and Southwest. Across seemingly disjointed pictures of old toys, decaying photographs, and porn that was once hot, a greater picture of unpolished America emerges.

Sadkids Number 5: The GonerFest Edition documents bands and fans who participated in this annual garage rock festival in Memphis last September. Including Quintron, Hank IV, Donnie Denim and Jay Reatard (to name a few).

Geoffrey Ellis went to school to be a graphic designer, publishes a photo-zine called Sadkids, loves to collect stuff and loves taking pictures. He won the 2007 Phelan Award in photography. He has lived in southern California, Florida, and Memphis and currently resides in San Francisco with his beautiful wife and a bunch of cats. 

This event is free, refreshments will be served. Show runs through June. Don't forget! There's more 1st Thursday action on our block every month at Half & Half, IPRC and Moshi Moshi!


Super 8

Is Super 8 a completely dead format these days for the home user, or could I still scare up old cameras and new film? Anybody have an idea of what a camera in good working order and a projector in passable working order might cost, and how much Telecine might cost per film unit?
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Good starter geetaaaaaar

I'm interested in learning guitar with my other (better) half and so want to pick up a couple of inexpensive (but decent) guitars to learn on.

I'm tossing up whether I should just try and get something cheap at Target or the dreaded Walmart or would I be better off checking out the pawn stores for two decent looking ones?

What things should I be looking for in an acoustic guitar? Also, what things should I be getting aside from a pick, basic how-to-play-chords book etc?

Any recommendations are appreciated.

p.s Last time I learned (years ago and I've forgotten most of it now) I got blisters on my fingers. Is one supposed to igore the blisters and play on through in order to callous and toughen up the nubbies or should I be giving them a rest until they heal? Seriously? I'm not sure if the former is a myth and I don't want to torture myself needlessly.
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