June 1st, 2008

gir dancing

Ok Portland

I am in search of a place where I might find a flight suit type outfit that I could possibly use to pull of a costume say top gun-esque. Think Maverick. I have a fun thing coming up and I want to show up in style, especially since my partner in crime that evening sorta looks like a cuter, taller kelly mcgillis. I have a need for any and all suggestions including if I might find a flight helmet I could modify to look the same......Ideas?

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Poll #1197309 Portland is trashed.

Is Portland THE drunkest place you've ever lived/visited?

*slurred* YES!
a rather sober NO!
Unsure(do you drink?!?)
I don't drink

If not where do you find the most swollen livers and pissin' ladies?


I was on the max the other day and someone told me where I can take my cat to get free booster shots....but I was stupid and didn't write it down. Google gave me a bunch of disconnected numbers and old websites....

If you know of a place I can go An-yawn will love you Collapse )

Thanks S.

Also- Why are all these bike people buying togas for tomorrow?
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Mark Twain

Help a senile 1980s Skater be nostalgic

As a young Skateboarding Punk Rocker(aka "Skatepunk") in Battle Ground Washington in the early/mid 80s, I'd heard from an older Skatepunk about a shop in Portland called "Mrs A's".
It was the first real skateshop I ever went to or heard about in this area...I think the full name was either "Mrs. A's Surf & Skate" or "Mrs. A's Surf & Sport"...but it's been ages.
I remember "Surf" being in the name, and it was on Powell, near the bridge.
The owner, "Mrs A", also ran a typewriter repair shop in the same building...I'm not sure how she branched out from typewriters to skateboards and surfboards, she was probably trying to keep Portland weird..
Anyway, my question-mostly aimed at the 1980s skaters here-is this:
Was Mrs A's in the same building now occupied by "Resource Recycling Journal"?
600 SE Powell Blvd
Portland, OR 97202

Any help fending off my advancing Alzheimers is very appreciated...

Edit: I started typing this post before I saw the bit about the parade mishap below, and I'm pretty certain that person is using "skater-punk" in a different sense than what I mean by "Skatepunk".
...unless the person below is from Greshamphetamine..

In search of:

I have the internet, I do know that there are many places to look, but I come to damnportlanders to ask if anyone has the following personally to offer. If so, please reply here or email purplesmudge (at) gmail (dot) com. Thanks!

What I'm looking for: A house//condo on the Northern Oregon coast. Seaside//Cannon Beach//Ocean City. There are (at this point) 5-6 ladies going along, we're having a girl's weekend for birthday celebrations. Needs to be close to the ocean (walking is fine!), available for rent for a long weekend (probably a Friday - Monday), not just week-by-week (unless that is cheaper, but not all of us can get that much time off work at once.)

So, dearest DP - anyone have a vacation home to rent for a few days? There will be no kids, no pets, just a coupla chicks that desperately need a weekend away, and one of us is using a birthday as an excuse, not that we need one :)

Please reply here, or email purplesmudge (at) gmail (dot) com.

Thank you!!
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Well DP, I need some help. Don't worry, I'm hitting up the newspapers and what not too... but any personal recommendations would help.

My boyfriend and I are looking to move, we're being allowed to "break our lease" without any repercussions, so it doesn't have to happen immediately, but it needs to be soon. We're looking for a small house/duplex to rent. Really prefer it to be in the Gresham/SE PDX area... however, we'll take suggestions from the NE & SW too. We do have a cat, so it needs to be pet friendly. Preferably $750 or less a month.

It's been a bad, bad day. Help and non-snarky comments are appreciated. (don't worry, I still love you snarky people.)

*please note that i'm still relatively new to pdx. if you know of any websites or certain places i should be checking out/calling... that would be sweet too.

** I should also mention.. we're not looking for apartment complexes. the whole reason we're moving is because of neighbor issues, we're looking to avoid that as much as possible. (i know, renting is a bitch!)
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Sorry for being banal, but as usual not much going on here anyway.
Wondering if there's a particular karaoke bar that has a good selection of 70's/80's/ early 90's post-punk, new wave, early goth type music in their books.
Fuck You


I am trying to find a particular kind of yarn... Berroco Comfort. Joann's doesn't have it, Michaels doesn't have it, Yarn Garden and Abundant Yarn and Dyeworks (two local yarn stores by my house) don't have it. Does anyone know anywhere in town I can get this yarn? Or any yarn store I might call to try? This is driving me up the wall, and I really don't want to pay the price of an extra skein for shipping.
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Good 'ol Craigslist.

Does anyone have any experience selling cars on Craigslist? i listed my '90 Honda and i've received lots of questionable emails. Mainly with large girly font, pop-up ads, and illiterate creeps asking for my phone number. i just want to get a little cash for my old car but how do i weed out the scammers? One dude offered to "make payments" but sheesh, what's up with that place? Is there a better place to sell it?

Hoisin sauce

Where's the closest-in asian market on the east side, near Burnside? I need a crapload of Hoisin sauce and I have 0 desire to either pay $4 a cup for it at whitebread grocery stores OR make my own, at least right now.

Edit: or I should get a better Kung Pao tofu recipe (yes, vegan). Got one? Suggest!

Happy Birthday June bugs!

Who here has June Birthdays?

Happy Birthday to all you June birthdays, and Happy birthday today to sistermaryeris and varro!!
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If any June people are curious of their "day" comment in my little collection of days and I'll respond with the day and few sentences from your 2 pages.

Edit: Before the ones added today, June has almost double the rest of the months. I personally thought it was going to be May, or October.
cute lil duck

more free stuff

I was given a giant bag of baby clothes ( all girl) from my brother in law.  The sizes seem to run mostly between newborn - 12 months ( more of the middle sizes) i have gone thru it and picked a few things out , however i am already swimming in baby clothes ( and she isnt even here yet)

i want to pass the bag along to someone else that would like them. I wanted to offer them here before i stuck them on craig's list. i live in gresham and ask that you take the entire bag and pass along what ever you dont want. I can delivery on Wednesday if its on the east side.

in search of...

creative/work space. Looking for something in the 400 - 500 SF range(maybe more of the price is right) w/ water and ventilation key. Been checking on Craigslist and will be checking out Activspace in SE this week. Was wondering if any Dp'rs have any recomendations? Know a great space that isn't in the middle of an industrial park in BFE? Awesome! Hook a brother up. Thanks.