May 31st, 2008


Lost item

I feel like a total idiot, but I managed to lose a grey jacket, along with my wallet and keys, getting on a blue line Max to Hillsboro at Pioneer Place tonight. I can't offer much in way of reward except my undying gratitude. If you, or someone you know picked it up, please let me know? Yes, I'm completely aware that it's probably gone for good, and am taking steps to replace items lost. Thanks, all!
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Free Stuff Like Crazy...

I'm moving out today, didn't have time for a yard sale, so there's tons of free stuff: TV sets, end tables, drinking glasses, books, household stuff, etc. It's all on the sidewalk at the corner of 18th and Alder in SE pdx. Come get it before it's all gone!!

free stuff part 2...

EDIT: free pile has been goodwillized. the table is still available.

i've got a huge amount of free stuff in front of my house in north portland. tons of clothes (some vintage/retro, some newer), books, vhs tapes, hangers, etc. if you're in the neighborhood please stop by and take what you want.

also, i have a table i need to get rid of. if you want it please call me at 503 270 0158. please be ready to pick it up today or tomorrow in north portland! it's the one in this post here.
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Well we have the art, music,and the performers now what?

We need the people :)
Hi Portland,
Next Friday June 6th is the First Annual Toy Art Show @ Watershed (5040 SE Milwaukie) 7pm-late
I know there are _tons_ of things going on this night but I would be grateful if you stopped by to check out the over 20 Portland artists plus music and performances.
Performances include:
Aerial Hoop
Fire spinning
Hula Hoops
Duplosion (a toy band)
and a fantastic Fashion show

No one turned away, donations go to the Performers! ALL AGES!
Thanks Hope to see you there


A great dinner suggestion, just because I love you...

Whole roasted catfish at Pho Van!

Oh my word... so good...

It's $28.95 and will completely stuff two people, possibly three.

Here's the deal: you get a big plate of the following very fresh produce: lettuce, cilantro, mint, basil, carrot, daikon, apple, cucumber, bean sprouts, pineapple and fresh extremely hot peppers. A plate of rice noodles is also provided. I have also seen fresh plantain sticks. You also get two bowls of dipping sauce, a plate of dry rice papers, and a thing of hot water. Out comes this absolutely gorgeous whole roasted catfish, nestled in peanuts and shredded scallions. It's called the "Peking duck" of Vietnam, because the skin of the fish is superbly crispy and the meat of the fish is so amazingly delicate. The flavor is mild white fish, moist, and not at all too fishy. What you do is the following (which they will demonstrate for you - recommended): take a rice paper and briefly dip it in the hot water. Place it on the plate, load it up with veggies, fruit, noodles, and fish, wrap it up (watch how the waitress does it closely) and dip it in the sauce. The explosion of flavors is amazing and oh so good. The sauce is not the regual nouc mam fish sauce - it's a rather more pungent shrimp sauce, but don't be scared: when you dip the roll in it, the flavor is very mellow and adds a perfect amount of body and salt.

This is a really fun meal, great to impress out of town guests too! I highly recommend. Get a sour sop smoothie too, those have a funny name but are delicious.

The Usual Disclaimer: Even though I just raved about this dish, I don't know the owners nor a single person that works at any Pho Van - we just ordered the dish on a whim last night and were completely blown away by it. Oh, the other fun thing is watching the other diners check out your dinner - people were definitely curious! At less then $15 a person for all that, it's a steal.

Have a great Saturday DPers and I'll maybe see you @ the parade!
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(no subject)

I know this isn't a Wii community, but there is an endless supply of video game aficionados here I hope can help.

So, my nephew brought over his copy of Sonic and the Secret Rings to play and while left to his own devices he somehow managed to change the language of the game to Chinese. And...we're a bilingual family, but not that bilingual. We searched around in the game menu for about 15 or 20 minutes and...I managed to change the aspect ration on the game and that's about it.

Does anyone have this game and can tell me which menu options I need to go though to change the language back to English for him?


For any one looking for tickets the show is just about sold out as of now, there are about 12 tickets remaining at Corrosion Records. if you or any one you know are looking for some please send them here:

Corrosion Records
128 NW 23rd Ave
Portland, Oregon
(503) 224-9916

The tickets are $29 and cash only!

cute lil duck

Worlds best coffee table - free

we need to get rid of  this coffee table .. its super duper strong (i can stand on it) it would also work as a bench and thats what we have been using it for up untill now.. I found  it and resanded it and painted it black a few years ago (it does need a touch up, however i think i have a can of black spray paint around here that you can also have)

 i live in Gresham (Halsey and 207th) about a block off the freeway...

EDIT to add picture:
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On Air?

Has anyone been to a venue called On Air?  I'm not finding much about it online.  I'm getting the feeling, however, that it's mainly a space and doesn't have much in the way of amenities... i.e. bathrooms.  Has anyone been there?  What should I expect? 

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Sister Bingo is tomorrow!

This isn't your grandma's bingo!

Each month the Portland Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence give you Bingo with a twist. June's bingo is SORDID LIVES/WHITE TRASH BINGO. Tator-tot casseroles and your Momma still wearing curlers in her hair belong at this bingo. Come dressed up in your trashiest or just come as you are! (Extra points if coming as you are = trashy).

Think you know what bingo is like?  Think again!  We were even featured in a recent article in the Oregonian highlighting underground and alternative things to do in Portland.  Check the article out here (we're the 2nd event mentioned):

Sister Bingo will be held Sunday, June 1st, from 4:00-7:30pm at the PPAA Hall, 618 SW Alder St.
$15 for a game package $5 for each additional pack

You must be 21 or over to attend this event. 

If you come, make sure you say hello to the nun wearing the 42dd pink bra stuffed with condoms and lube.  I'll even be doing $5 quickie tarot readings.

Sister Krissy Fiction
Portland Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence 
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I will NOT Appologize...I am over you Portland.

So on top of already being scared that I was getting transferred to Portland to be a underpaid flunkie, I was also scared that I would have to deal with WAY too many people who claim that they are liberal yet they are so fucking uptight they're up everyone's asses. IT has so come true. I had met with the management team last week, and the position I was supposed to have isn't going to be available until late June, although they had told me the first week of June before I got here. But I digress. more to the point. I so sick of the uptight ultra liberals, I mean Really do not claim to be all whatever and then be so anal about everything, including people posting things that you may not like, but YOU KNOW WHAT??? This is a PUBLIC FORUM. I am just SO tired of everyone thinking they are so much better than all the rest of the world. Don't treat me like I am a fucking idiot because I am quiet. I am scared, and I have no net to fall into anymore. I am anxious and just about had a fucking heart attack moving here. DO NOT treat anyone else like they aren't equal to you, because EVERYONE is equal, no matter what they do, who they do, or when they do it. It is not your place or anyone else's to judge another human person. We are ALL human and we ALL make mistakes. Our interests aren't the same, and they may never be. Just Mind YOUR OWN fucking business.

(I will not apologize) I will not apologize
(I will not apologize) I will not apologize
This is for all of my peoples who understand and truly recognize
Some won't get it for that I won't apologize
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Peter Murphy Tickets

The husband is sick and so we can't attend Peter Murphy tonight. I hate to see them go to waste. I have email capability to email them as I did the ticketfast thing. First person that wants them gets them. If you have the capability to throw a few bucks my way (paypal?) in exchange for them that would be great.
road to morrocco

Duct taped sidewalks

Am I wrong, or is duct taping the sidewalks (for the parade or anything else) not allowed anymore? Is there an agency we should be reporting duct-taped sidewalks to? I'm more than happy to pull the crap up myself, just wondering if there's an established procedure and/or a group of taxpayer-funded workers who are officially supposed to do it....
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Laptop repair question

I have an ancient Toshiba Satellite that I'm trying to decide if it is worth fixing. The connection is loose where the charger plugs into the computer. Apparently this is a fairly common problem (at least with Toshibas), so I thought perhaps someone on DP has had their laptop repaired for the same issue.

If so, I am curious what the approximate cost was for the fix, and if you had it fixed locally, where did you take it for repairs?

Thank you!