May 29th, 2008

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In Town

Hey there. I'll be in Portland for the next four days for RailsConf and I'm just curious to hear what some locals think are things to see/do in Portland. Also curious what the best delivery pizza in the city is (local, non-chain). I'll be staying near the convention center (I'm assuming there's only one, or at least a clearly more significant one than all the others), if that makes a big difference.


(cross-posted to portlanders as well, sorry for any duplication)
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Need dental help...

I was trying to avoid this, but I looked at all the providers on my insurance list, and there was nothing to differentiate them from each other. What I need:

Accepts United Healthcare insurance.

Can deal with a patient that has serious anxiety and panic attacks when someone works in her mouth.

Can deal with a patient that can NOT handle pain.

Can deal with a patient who needs SERIOUS dental work, while still taking the above factors into consideration.

Seriously, my last dentist was a complete idiot who not only put in a filling so badly it fell out -TWICE- but also totally freaked out when I started crying because of the pain. He told me to tell the next dentist that I go to to make sure they numb me for everything, even a cleaning. However, I know I probably need a root canal and a bunch of fillings, as well as (hopefully) a cap for the tooth the previous dentist screwed up on (its in the very front).

What I want:

A dentist whose name I can pronounce!

A dentist with a sense of humor. Too-serious dentists tend to make me wig. And I have enough to panic about!

A dentist with a damn good, very experienced anestesiologist. OMFG the one at my last dentist was even more of a moron than he was and had to stick me like 4 times in the same spot and I could *still* feel pain and then decided it must be me because they couldnt have possibly screwed up.

Needless to say, I know it's a tall order. But because of the anxiety, I really need my criteria met. Is there any hope?

Edit: Thanks for all the great suggestions, I'm gunna try the sleep dentistry thing, we'll see how it goes...I am adding this to memories in case I need to try something else. Thanks everybody!
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Movie Rentals?

Dear Portlanders,

I am currently going through a really rough patch and today I need to zone out in front of a really distracting, upbeat (or sappy) movie... or three. I've got the box of tissues, the bottle of wine, a pint of ice cream, and now I just need recommendations. My brain is not working right to come up with some on my own.


Many thanks

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Dear Portland,

I am an almost-nineteen queer hippie kid with pink hairs and a high school diploma.

I just moved to pdx and needs moneys.

Any ideas as to who would hire me? :D

Hearts stars and horseshoes,


[PS, is there any hope of me not having to sell my soul to corporate monoliths? :\]
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Theatre! Theatre!

Opening night, come see some theatre!

Eloise and Ray
by Stephanie Fleischmann
May 29 – June 28, 2008
Thurs. – Sat. 8 p.m., Sun. 4 p.m.
Tickets online or call (503) 286-3456

Eloise & Ray is a lyrical, bittersweet, coming-of-age play, about a young girl with dreams bigger than her small town. Poetic language and video images make a heartfelt, evocative, universal statement directed by Kerry E. Sorci. Starring Ellie Johnson as Eloise, Rusty Tennant as Ray and Christy Drogosch as the Actress.

Arena Stage, Theater! Theatre!
3430 SE Belmont
Portland, Oregon

General admission $15
Thurs. Sliding Scale $5 - $1,000
Group, senior and student rates

This Friday is our opening night gala. There will be food and drinks, but I don't know the details.

It's a good show, you should see it. I might even be convinced to shoot someone a ticket if they promise to bring friends, maybe buy me a drink after the show. I have an extra if Shads doesn't claim it.

Louis Armstrong Awards:

So, yesterday, while reading a discussion about safe neighborhoods in the Portland area, I found a link to this gem: , with the phrase:
"We have an exploding Hispanic population throughout Portland. Most of them are illegals. "

I have taken to dismissing these ideas in my mind, saying "If you don't believe Louis Armstrong landed on the moon, why don't you tell him to his face?"

But we need something more. We need...the Louis Armstrong awards.
The Louis Armstrong Award goes to the most factually, typographically, grammatically and logically twisted comment that can be found on an internet forum or message board.
So, before you start hunting and posting, two warnings: don't use anything that has too many personal details (and don't use this to start a flamewar with anyone on damnportlanders), and don't find anything that is just insane. TimeCube doesn't count, thinking that "jermiah rite is a islam" does.
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Bachelor/Bachelorette party gift ideas?

So I'm going to a bachelor/bachelorette combined party next week and would welcome ideas for gifts for the bride and groom-to-be. Since the party is next week I probably can't order the stuff online (I know, nothing like waiting to the last minute but I've been home sick all week).

I thought of going into Spencers and looking there but I wondered if folks had some other ideas of fun gifts that I hadn't thought of that perhaps aren't so run-of-the-mill?

My frends are late 20s and have a good sense of humor. :o)  Ideally I want to stick to a budget of $20-$30 per person. 

I'd welcome any suggestions from my fellow DPs.


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Speaking of Sex in the City...

I'm going to go see Sex in the City late Friday night at the Pioneer Place cinemas! My friend and I were hoping to get dinner and a drink or two before hand. Any recommendations? I've already cruised yelp and didn't come to any decision. Looking to spend in the less than $20 range.
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attack of the movies

I have two of those tall, annoying, wire DVD towers. They're completely full now, though, and I've started stacking movies on the ground next to them. I don't really want to buy another one, because they're unsturdy anyway, and I'd rather have one larger shelf that can hold everything.

Collapse )

That's my roommate's shelf, but he got it at Goodwill. I've looked around, but haven't found another like it. Anyone know where I might get one?

(no subject)

Hey damnportlanders!
So,my gf and I are moving out of our studio apartment into a one bedroom.
At the moment we use the complex basement for storage,but the new place doesn't have anything like that,so we are looking
into renting a small storage shed.

So,the question is-Any NE damnPortlanders rent a storage space from one of the big corporate places? How about one of the little locally owned storage places?  Any that are dirt cheap? Any personal experiences would be nice.Thanks.

PC data recovery

The hard drive on my office laptop went kaput today (after being jarred by sudden brake slamming to avoid being T-boned by a SOCCER MOM FROM HELL who decided to make a left turn directly into, um, me) and so I am now searching for someone who can attempt to recover my data and possibly give an estimate on hard drive replacement. I'm hoping to find someone honest with relatively quick turnaround, as I am pretty much useless at work without access to my files, and the thought of rebuilding all of my Excel documents sort of makes me want to puke. I am aware that data recovery can be an expensive endeavor, but my company will be footing the bill, so I'm not TOO concerned about price. Does anyone have any recommendations? Anywhere in the Portland metro area is okay.

Thanks so much!
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Win a free Weber Grill!

Do you know someone who loves to Grill?  McCormick & Schmick's is currently seeking recipe entries for our 3rd Annual Portland King of the Grill Contest. 

It’s easy to enter a recipe in the contest – either in one of the four local restaurants, any local Joe’s store, or online at

All recipes will be reviewed by McCormick & Schmick's chefs, who will select the top five recipes for a Grill-Off, to be held Saturday, June 7 at McCormick’s Fish House in Beaverton

Recipes need to be turned in by Monday, June 2nd.

A celebrity panel of judges will taste recipes and crown a final winner as “King of the Grill.” The winning recipe will be featured on the McCormick’s Fish House menu June 9 through Father’s Day, June 15. And, the winner will take home a brand new Weber grill, courtesy of Joe’s stores.

50 buick
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I think someone dumped her near St Johns Bridge and Germantown Rd. She's super sweet and I'm sure would like to be an indoor kitty. She's hanging out on our porch now. My cats refuse to let her inside! I'm trying to post everywhere I can think of to get her home. If you think you know her owner please let them and me know!
Thank you!

SMILE by *Sparklypoof*
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Hey 'burbanites, Got Toppings?

I just wanted to share with my burb peeps that there is a NEW PIZZA in town, so tonight I indulged.

I am here to sing the praises of EXTREME PIZZA in Hillsboro.

Go the website...see the pictures of the pizza? It looks like that in reality too.

You can even place your order online if you don't feel like calling.

I ordered the DRAG IT THRU THE GARDEN pizza for myself with Fresh mushrooms, green peppers, red onions, marinated artichoke hearts, broccoli, tomatoes, fresh basil, fresh tomato sauce and mozzarella or soy cheese.
WOW..broccoli and artichokes on my pizza? DREAM COME TRUE (ok, so my dreams are easier to obtain than most)


I give it 4 thumbs up (cause my bf is still chowing on it at the moment)
They are a lil spendy, but I am fine with that given how much they pile on the toppings.

Anywho, hankering for pizza...give EXTREME PIZZA a try.

*I am in no way affiliated with said establishment, nor do I even know anyone that works there. I just wanted to share my awesome pizza experience and I DON'T even like pizza that much.
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Long shot... The Goth Box

This goes out to all the people who like goth music, or used to.  There is an epic compilation I'm sure you all know called The Goth Box.  A 4 disc Cleopatra release with a bunch of music, some great, some.....  not so great.  My car was broken in to and what did they steal?  My music.  Stuff that they most likely had no interest in and had no real care about.  Unfortunately I'm an idiot and didn't make car copies of the CD's, so lots of original discs were lost.  Amond them, was the "T" (or 3rd) disc of the 4 discs.  Obviously I can always buy a new set.... but I'd really rather not.  I'm wondering if anyone would possibly know how to obtain this disc, or even if they know of a Goth Box selling for uber cheap.  Amazon has it for about $13 total, but I only need one disc and not even the case or anything so it would be a waste for me to buy it.  I've run out of ideas and I don't think pay-per-song places would have those songs; however if I'm wrong please let me know.  Any advice would be appreciated.  Thank you! 
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Santeria in Portland?

Someone placed two roast chickens with red plastic picks stuck into them across the street from our house (on the corner in front of our neighbor's).

Does anyone know anything about this? I know people left chickens in front of the courthouse in Miami when I lived there, but I never knew of it happening here.

Here iz chikken:
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check cashing

Does anyone know where i can cash a personal check from an out of state bank? I don't mind paying a fee

( yes i have a bank but its also out of state credit union  and only come across this checking cashing issue when my grandparents send checks, they have a bank only found in Spokane)
Siouxsie Toss


We are pleased to bring you a special Electronic Erotic Ball featuring Subversive Zone artists:




Doors at 8:30 pm Music starts at 9pm. Full Bar 21+ Cover $5-15**

**Dementia will be in the lounge across the hall and we have a special admission price of $8 for both events!

Come on out on a Friday night in your erotic gothic best!
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Cat issue

There always seems to be a wealth of advice when people have animal questions, so maybe some of you will have some advice.

My neighbor's cat keeps leaving dead animals on my front door. Usually in pieces with several organs lovingly arranged on my mat. While I appreciate the sentiment and realize it's common, it's really gross and I'm tired of stepping/almost stepping on them and then having to move them. Is there is a way to deter this? Unfortunately, I don't think baking soda can help me this time.

Good salon?

I've got very course and very dark hair, but I've been bleaching blonde for a while now. I'm not satisfied with the salon I go to now, nor do I want to go back to doing it myself. Does anyone have a similar hair and knows a good salon which won't completely destroy my hair? Something in SE would be preferable, as well as not extremely expensive....