May 28th, 2008



Damn, Portlanders.

We could use a fantastic mechanic near our house. Like, west-side/downtown/beavertron area. Our Hyundai needs a timing belt, and that just seems like the sort of thing you don't want to DIY.

So, who's your fantastic mechanic??? Why are they so fantastic???
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Restaurant jobs?

A good friend of mine just relocated to PDX and is looking for pretty much anything in the restaurant industry - serving, bussing, even dishwashing. Does anyone happen to know of any places that are hiring for that sort of thing right now? He's already checking CL and stuff but I thought I would see if anyone here has some good leads.
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Outings for Little Girls?

My best friend has her step children for the summer.  (A boy - 6 and a girl -  8).  The little boy is pretty happily adjusting to the new surroundings, but his sister has been a bit unhappy.  My friend and her husband also have a child together (a toddler) and it's pretty clear that the 8 year old is worried about her place in this household.  

My best friend's husband is a great father, but his idea of fun involves things pretty gender neutral or masculine (hunting/fishing/camping).  My best friend and I would like to take her step daughter and my goddaughter on a "girly" outing to help her bond and feel happy and comfortable here in Portland.

Here's the rub: it has to be age appropriate (the girls are 8 and 9 - so shopping is still a chore they're dragged to by adults) and it has to be gender specific enough that the younger brother will not be hurt that he doesn't get to go.  

Got any ideas?

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Question for ya'll....
I've been living in Portland for a few months and I'm going back home to Canada for a visit soon. I want to bring some small presents back for my friends there, and I'm looking for some ideas. I do have some criteria...
1) must be small and easy to transport by plane
2) must be legal to take across the border
3) not too expensive...I have a lot of friends there and I'd rather spend less than $5 each if I can.
4) something that people would actually want and appreciate...not just cheap tourist junk ;)

So, what is quintessential Portland to you guys that fits those specifications....any ideas?
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Crazy Birds! Don't know how to fly!

Everyone complains about bikes not following the rules of the road and drivers trying to kill bikers...

But you know who the real threat is?

Giant crows.

Riding along Yamhill yesterday, I got hit - in the face - by a giant crow.  I can only imagine he must have been drunk, he was swerving all over the alley.  He looked like he was on his way into Yamhill Pub.  Heh.  Hope they didn't serve him.

Crows never yield right of way.  Jerks.

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Hey damnpotlanders,

For fun, I'm trying to compile a list of textonyms - those words that your cell phone suggests, using predictive text, that you probably don't intend (example: "lips" if you want "kiss"). I'm especially interested in nonsense textonyms, as well as normal, everyday words that some predictive text dictionaries don't include (i.e., T9 doesn't know "taco" or "penguin").

(Refer to this video for more context, if necessary.)

Got any? Kick down, you ducking appholes!


So heres the deal...

A while ago someone posted craving local burlesque..clearly, theres not a whole heck of a lot to be found in town. Ive recently moved down from Seattle and was performing three to four times a week there...

..the question is, how well do you think regular shows would do here? Are there any particular venues anyone would like to see a pretty lady or two cleverly disrobe?

Ive already checked out dantes, the crown room and the rose city sirens....I'm just wondering if theres something Ive missed??

Obviously theres a bigger contender here than there is in WA, what with the differences in laws involving strip clubs and such, but I think theres a niche for a bawdy lady like myself...Ive just got to find it!

Also, the trips to seattle are killing my bank account, so theres an ulterior motive here ;)


Opinions? Suggestions? Snarks? c'mon, you know you've got some...
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Apartment search

I was wondering if anyone had any good recommendations for apartments. I work near Lloyd Center so something near public transportation would be nice. Nothing too expensive, takes pets (at least cats). Thanks!
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Schools and special ed info

Hi there, everyone. My husband is in the process of interviewing for a pediatric nurse manager position in Portland and I've set about researching schools. I've got two special needs sons, 12 and 10 (so,elementary and middle school), and I'm concerned about finding a school district that is both responsive to and responsible for these sorts of special needs. I have read reviews on and I can see what the good schools and school districts are, but that doesn't tell me how they are for special education. I know that school districts are required to do certain things, but as far as whether they do them in a timely manner... That is another matter entirely.

Any opinions? Ideas? We are pretty much open to living wherever, as long as we can get what the boys need.

Thank you all for whatever you can help with -- or if you know somewhere else I should be looking. (I have already tried pdx_mommies and it was suggested I check here!)
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