May 27th, 2008

Gurren Lagann


I'm looking for a local store/business/person who can make some modifications to a pair of boots. I really have no idea where to even start looking, nor what price range I should be expecting (I'm hoping nothing more than $100).

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Any help would be most appreciated, thanks!
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DS charger?

Greetings, DP denizens!

My daughter went on vacation without me, and left her DS charger in some random condo at Sunriver. Now, I believe that it serves her right for not taking ME, but the fact remains that my poor little 8-year-old can't play SimCity 4 until we locate a new charger. I know that I can pick one up at GameStop, but I thought I'd check here first to see if anyone has an extra charger just gathering dust.


Ursula Le Guin!

Hey DPs,
Ursula Le Guin is going to be at Twenty-Third Avenue Books this Thursday night at 7:30! She'll be promoting her newest book, "Lavinia".
~Just in case you're looking for something to entertain you that night.


Two Sailors need a ride...

I have the feeling that this is a long shot, but:
Is there anyone local who might be driving from Portland to Victoria (or at least, Vancouver) B.C. on the 27th of June? Or possibly leaving the late afternoon/evening of the 26th? Two tall ship sailors/film crew need a ride. We'll have bags and minimal film equipment, and we'd love it if we could get a ride rather than taking a million years on Amtrak!
Many thanks.

last ditch attempt to rid myself of stuff

I'm moving soon and have to scale down, I still have for sale:

2 cruiser bikes: one is a black Huffy, rides great, $20
one is a blue Murray, has a bent rim, needs work, $10

2 tv sets, 17" screens, no high def or anything, $20 each

assorted kitchenware: tupperware, pots, pans, a few different utensils, etc: $15 for the whole schmear...

two jar candles: one in creme brulee scent, one in ocean breeze scent, $2 each

about 8 or so votive candles, clean cotton scent, $3 for all of them

If interested, shoot me an email, it's on my profile, thanks!

Camel Spider Turns Up In El Paso Home

The link has a video too! How cool would it be if camel spiders wandered into a radioactive military base and mutated to be 3 feet long and as smart as velociraptors!


Camel Spider Turns Up In El Paso Home

POSTED: 7:55 pm MDT May 4, 2006

May 4, 2006 -- Soldiers returning from Iraq talk about spiders that can grow to the size of dinner plates, whistle, and run at speeds of up to 25 mph. The myth centers around the camel spider, and one El Paso family became alarmed after finding one in its home.Collapse )
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Lost Zune

Hey all,

Just a quick question to see if anyone found a red 4gb Zune either on the Max towards Gresham or the 71 towards Woodstock & 96th. I have emailed Trimet as well, just wanted to see if anyone happened to see it. I miss it, its like my baby :(

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Vantucky has a bad enough reputation as it is.

Now the school district and the police department come up with this travesty.

Yep, the kids walked out of class to protest a dress code. What to do? Why, have armed police officers arrest them, that's what....and have the chief liar spokesperson come right out and justify their actions.

I'm so disappointed I'm not a Washington Bar member. The school district and the Vancouver Police Department are going to be in a world of hurt for killing a gnat with a sledgehammer - an easily-forgotten school protest will turn into a six-figure settlement or similarly-costly litigation.

Adventures in Trimet

So we were coming back from the bank on the 19 heading inbound towards Woodstock on Duke when this sumo sized asian woman (I think) with arm crutches stands in middle of the street bringing the bus to a stop.

The driver is totally confused and tries to go around but the person just moves to block his path. So the driver just sits there and calls it in.

The woman starts to hovel closer to the bus and I am thinking "oh shit this is totally the beginning of a horror movie." Except she just motions to the bus door and the driver lets her on the bus.

There are maybe two or three other people on the bus and I assume they were all bracing for her to totally flip out and murder us because that is what my wife and I were doing.

After a pretty tense ride she decides to get off at the Woodstock library. When she stands up her crutches fall to the ground and she just leaves them on the bus and heads to the medium in the center of the road and squats.

So again the driver is totally confused and wants to leave but at the same time he doesn't want to take her crutches. i offer to give them to her and I run out and set them on the medium and run back on the bus before she decides to totally destroy me.

We get off at the safeway, get some groceries and walk back to our house passing the libray on the way home where we find the same woman waiting for another bus.

I waited until another bus came and she did the same thing, halting the bus and after a few minutes of standoff got on and continued on her way.