May 26th, 2008

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Next time.

So remember when I said I was gonna be coming to the next meetup? Well, scratch that.

My boyfriend surprised me last night by telling me he's gonna be visiting Portland. And he's coming late late on Tuesday and leaving Thursday. So I want to get as much time together that we can. So yeah... next time.
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My close friend Brian aka Roulette is in a competition for Ru Paul's new drag show sponsored by MTV/Logo! To get on the show Roulette needs as many votes as she can get, and trust me if she got on it'd be DRAG FIERCE/FEROCIA!! Roulette is a hard working and creative drag persona that Brian has crafted and refined for years, and I really think this could work but we need all your help.

go there to vote :D

Portland related because we got a gaggle of drag! Oh snark gladly accepted.

Cake mascara?

DPs, where can I buy cake mascara here in Portland? I don't want to  buy it online. I used to use Maybelline's cake mascara in the little red box, but I haven't seen it in years.

Thanks. :)
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Marley in his bandana

Best damn French Toast in all of Portland?

So fellow DPs,

would love to know your favorite place for French Toast here in Portland.

Thus far, Cafe Du Berry is it for me. Despite wanting to try other things on their menu, if we go there I always go for their french toast. It's exceptional, made with a Hawaiian egg bread I believe, dipped in a custard batter and sprinkled with powdered sugar and fresh lemon juice.  We just took parents-in-law there too and they loved it. I keep asking the staff tips on how they make it and despite their best advice we can never quite capture it at home. damn it.

But I'm curious as to other places in Portland that serve a kick-ass french toast and would love to hear recommendations.  Or if like me, you're stuck on Du Berry then would like to hear that too (so I know I'm not alone in my fixation LOL)


Edited to add: I believe it is a french anglaise custard and the cook said also to cook very slowly on medium and the custard batter almost bakes inside (thus the warm bread pudding ish texture when done). The toast will have a dome on it as it bakes (all the warm air trapped I guess).
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Trash question

I have two couches I'm disposing of. One is in decent enough shape that I believe Goodwill will accept it. The other, however, has hit it's end and just needs to be thrown out. What are my options with getting rid of this couch? I don't even need it picked up. I just need an appropriate place to take it. I'm hoping to accomplish this today, if possible. The new furniture is arriving tomorrow.

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speak to me of burlesque (& a shout out for La Bamba mexican food)

i need burlesque. that is, i would like to view burlesque. i have googled and i see information about The Royal Tease performing at the Crown Room(?)... have any of you been to see this troupe? what did you think? is there other burlesque in town, and if so, are they better or worse?

thanks in advance!

p.s. a friend and i ate at La Bamba (mexican, 49th & Powell) and it was yummy! the mole was very good and the blackberry margarita was tasty AND stout. two thumbs up from us.
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bad bikers

I know I know, this comes up around DP land at least every other day BUT...

I'm starting to get a clear sense that it is really the guys on the road bikes that cost as much as my car, wearing the spandex, helmets, special shoes, and skin tight shirts that are giving the biking community a bad name around here. Yesterday I followed one guy from the Audubon Society on NW Cornell all the way to NW Lovejoy. He was pretty much nailing the speed limit so I kept my distance and stayed behind him. Other cars behind we weren't happy because no one really goes 35 over Cornell but oh well. The problem is that once we hit where Cornell turns into Lovejoy he met up with 3 other guys wearing expensive gear, riding expensive bikes, and they proceeded to ride down Lovejoy until about NW 18th doing between 10 and 15 miles an hour, cruising through stop signs without stopping, and riding 3 abreast with the guy on the left actually riding in the lane for oncoming traffic. At no time was it safe for me to pass these guys so I was stuck. Life is short so I just cruised, keeping my distance so I wouldn't run one over if his tire got stuck in the Streetcar tracks.

It also seems to me that it is the average person riding their average bikes wearing average street clothes that is most likely to obey all traffic laws and respect those around them.

Am I missing something here DP? I so want to enjoy the fact that this is one of the most bike friendly cities in the country/world but I'm starting to feel not so friendly to some of these ass clowns.
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