May 25th, 2008

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Art Show

Hola DP, I need some help rather badly. Im a student at PSU and I'm attempting to put on an art show/benefit in a week down in Salem. All the art work has been donated and all the proceeds will go towards the Women's Resource Center. I've had ALOT of people back out on me for various reasons, mostly because they didnt have the time to make any art for us. So I've come here in search of any art that all of you creative DP's would be willing to donate towards a good cause. You wouldn't get a cut of the profits though and any kind of art would be great.

Also- Hey theres gonna be an art show down in Salem at the Coffee House Cafe on June 1st!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
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i had a computer game as a kid and i cant remember the name of it. it wasnt so much of a game as it was a program. there were different items and backgrounds to make pictures (stuff to make a city, a dinosaur one, ect) and you could type a story on the bottom part of the page. i cant remember the name of it. does anyone know what im talking about? im looking for a copy of it.
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free table of the dining variety!

EDIT: it has been claimed!

i've got a table that i need to rid myself of by june 1st. it's sturdy AND has a leaf that folds out from underneath!!! 34" x 52", and normal dining table height. most of it has been sanded so you can finish sanding it and refinish or paint it, or use as-is for a craft table or something. it did sit outside for several months, so painting or tableclothing it would probably be a better option than staining. i think the legs screw off (by you, not me), so if you'll be taking it away in a non-truck vehicle that'll make things a bit easier. you'll need to come pick it up this week. i would prefer sooner rather than later so i don't have to be worrying about it all week!

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looking for a place in late august

Hey DPer's
I am looking for a place to rent come august perferably near mass transit, near downtown, and inexpensive. So if you're looking for a house/room mate or know someone who's looking to rent/ good places to rent please let me know.
I am a student and am pretty quiet so I'd be great most places.

Let me know,
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2-Cycle Gas

Makers of 2-cycle engine oil are starting to add warnings to their products saying not to mix them with gasoline containing ethanol. Since all our gasoline is supposed to contain ethanol now, I wonder how we're supposed to run our lawnmowers. I kind of wanted to get a reel mower, anyway...

Does anybody know what kinds of terrible, cataclysmic things will happen if I go ahead and run my mower with a E10/oil mix?