May 24th, 2008

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Ben Doregon

I've checked Bend Communities but they aren't very active and I need a quicker reply, so I come to the DPers.  Can anyone recommend a great local Bend bakery?  And by local, I mean as far away from corporate-type Marsee and the like as possible.  Where do the local Benders go?

Thanks much!

Ladytron tickets!

Thought i would post this in case any one is still lookin for tickets to the show tommorow night!


the show is tommorow night and we currently have 10 tickets left in stock! they are $21.00 ea and cash only! and we are the cheapest place to get those tickets!

Corrosion Records
128 NW 23rd Ave
Portland, Oregon
(503) 224-9916

free squeaky futon frame

I'm about to post this on Craigs List, but I thought I'd offer it up first here as well.
It's a full queen sized frame (no pad included). It does the standard bed/couch thing, and it's made of wood with a very simple, clean design. There are no end pieces, which I actually like because I'm 6 ft tall and they always just seem to get in the way anyways.

The one drawback is that it's a little squeaky. It's pretty much ok for one person sitting or laying on it. With two people it gets a little louder, and with two people and... ummmm, activities(*)... you'll probably be alerting the neighbors.

But hey, it's FREE!
I live in SW, off Canyon Rd. You must be able to come pick it up. Drop me a line if you're interested.

Ok, how 'bout if I just sell it this way-
It's a lucky futon. Why do you think it squeaks?? Because it's just magically infused with pure sex. Anyone who acquires it is practically guaranteed many many days and nights of first-rate lovin'. I swear it to be true.

moving sale

I'm moving to a smaller place and need to get rid of some stuff:

Two cruiser bikes, one is a black Huffy, rides great: $20. The other is a blue Murray that has a bent rim and needs work: $10.

Set(2) of white slat window blinds: $10.

Dark walnut color dresser: 44" height, 33" width, five drawers, minor flaws in finish so could use re-finishing, $50.

Matching dark walnut nightstand/end table, two drawers, perfect shape: $30

small white half circle shelves, fit into the corner of a room, $5

two TVs, 17" screens, no high def or anything, $20 each

If interested, email me at address on my profile, thank you!

shameless plug

from my sister's journal. you guys should go...if you're so inclined :)

May 25th Satyricon Show for The Mercury Tree!! Come See Us!

We are very excited to be playing our first show at Portland's legendary Satyricon. This historic rock club is located conveniently downtown at 125 NW 6th Ave, and will be hosting the most luminous Mercury Tree show yet. The show is all-ages -- but alcohol will be available to those 21 and over.

You can order tickets online! They'll be at the will-call. It's so easy.
Ticket link here:
The show also features Parallel X, Illustrations, and Angels of Avalon.

Mention this email and get a free CD at the show. We are giving out mini-CDs featuring brand-new never before heard material from our upcoming full-length album, Iridescent. Come to the Satyricon and get your hands on it. Then wrap your ears around it.

We've posted a new song, Charred Mess! You can listen to it at the website!

Everyone who comes to our show gets a free hug! You pick your band member to redeem it with. We do ask, no tongue please. But we still love you.

Thank you always for listening.

-Ben & Aubrey / The Mercury Tree

...also my sister says that if you contact her directly, she can hook you up with discounted tix. aubkabob
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Cheap Dentist?

I have a friend who just moved here and won't have any income for at least a month. Meanwhile, he's got a killer toothache. Needless to say, he has no dental coverage (and neither do I). He's willing to have the tooth just pulled, if necessary.

Anyone have any suggestions as to what to do?


I've never had any kind of landscaping done, but am considering it now.  However, I have absolutely no idea how much it costs and everywhere online I have found says to have someone come over for an estimate.  Obviously, I will do that, but I wanted to know if people knew a ballpark figure.  My yard is about 20 x 30 feet with about 15 x 20 feet of overgrown weeds predominately of the blackberry variety.  It will be a crappy job just to clear out the yard and I may hire someone to do just that.  If it's affordable, though, it would be nice to come up with some low-maintenance solution so that this doesn't happen again.  I know nobody will be able to tell me how much this will cost, but do you know if it might be closer to $200 or $2,000?  If it's the latter, I will just buck up and do it myself.  I also don't want to have someone come over to give an estimate if there's no way I will be able to afford it - that would just be a waste of their time and mine. 

On the same note, does anyone have a landscaper that they recommend?
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Thunder Smoke

So, I have a friend whose ex would go CRAZY for bong hits whenever there was the chance of a thunderstorm (this was back east).

So, knowing there's a few smokers in Portland, and knowing some of you must know them (because no one HERE would smoke the devil weed), is this thunderstorm/bong-hits thing a universal phenomenon, or just this one guy's trip?


So my boyfriend has a nasty abscess under his earlobe that's been popping up for the past few years. He went to his normal dermatologist who gave him some salve to put on it and it went away. Unfortunately it continues to come back whenever he's stressed and the salve isn't working anymore. It makes his jaw ache when it comes to the surface and makes him pretty much miserable. The dermatologists refuses to remove the damn thing and if I have to supervise the popping of it one more time I'm going to cut it out myself - probably not the best option.

So, DP Oracle, do any of you know of a dermatologist that is willing to remove it. The boyfriend isn't opposed to minor surgery and he has Blue Cross Blue Shield.