May 23rd, 2008

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The other day at Powell's I got an over sized journal and the new copy of 2600.

In line ahead of me was this little old lady. Back bent over to the point where she had to twist her torso in an odd way to see who was talking to her. She to be at least 200 years old. She was wearing a very large cross and buying a book and 2 bookmarks.

As we are waiting in line she turns around and twists her torso as to make eye contact, "I wanted to say that I like your Buddha. You know, had Christ and Buddha ever met each other I think they would have been very good friends."

I was for a loss of words. I ended up agreeing with her and really, in my heart, I did agree with what she had to say. What she had to say was just so unexpected.

She pays for her things. As she is fishing for money she tells the checker, "You know, I LOVE coming to Powell's. I love it. Every time I cross the doorway to Powell's Books I feel like Alice. In Wonderland, you know?"

Hearing this just made me swoon.

Monies are paid and the checker asked if she would like a bag. Her reply, "No. No... You know, one bag walking around is MORE than enough. Thank you though."

It took the checker and I both a second to catch up to this over 200 year old! When we did we both broke up in laughter. I set my things down on the counter and caught up with her to give her a hug. I'm sorry but what she had said was just too cool. It was like a Monty Python skit preformed live!

I get rang up and we both talk about how cool the 'old bag' is. Monies are paid and I'm asked, "Would you like a bag?"

The checker and I break up laughing all over again.

I love Powell's Books. More so... I love Portland and the People the choose to call it home.
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 If someone already posted this then sorry, I've got little time to check back - is there somethng wrong with Firefox and I didn't get the memo? It seems to have been down for the last two days.

For a friend in a rather desperate situation

Hi all,

This is a bit different than the usual "apartment search" request. Do any of you know a good apt. complex in the Hillsboro/Beaverton area that will accept the following?

-short term (4 month lease)
-pit bull mix

Yeeaaahhh I know, tough one. My friend's landlord will not renew her lease and she is scrambling to find a place in 30 days. Yikes!

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Jantzen Beach History

I've been enjoying reading this link on Jantzen Beach History all morning. I guess I never realized  how much used to be there. I also didn't know the carousel is getting moved soon. At least it is going to a good home:

Plans call for moving the C.W. Parker Carousel off Hayden Island next year as the Shopping Center takes on a new design and removes all remnants of the Amusement Park at Jantzen Beach. The Carousel is supposed to be moved off the Island to the Children’s Museum by The Zoo to the old OMSI building.

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Sci-Fi / Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Themed Event this Weekend!

Hey there boys and girls! I already know a handful of you DPers who are planning to go.... Who else is in????

For those of you that haven't heard by now there's a big sci-fi, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy themed event going on for "Towel Day" this Sunday, May 25th at the Mt. Tabor Legacy. (see flier below) I've spoken with the organizer and it looks like it's shaping up very well!!! There are going to be local bands, belly dancing, a Vogon bad poetry contest, costume contest, local DJs, Hitchhiker themed decor, prizes, etc. There are even a few people flying in for the event! :)

This is also going to be a benefit for a friend of his who is suffering from kidney disease. So, it's all for a good cause! :) Oooh, and don't forget that the next day is Memorial Day, so many of you won't have to worry about getting up early for work the next morning!!! =)

P.S. While sci-fi attire / a towel is strongly encouraged, there will be towels at the door for those that do not have their own.

Where the internet out-internets itself

Last night, while reading the Wikipedia page on "Peppermint Patty", I was of course disappointed to see it didn't make any mention of the characters alleged lesbianism. But someone pointed me to the talk page, and there was the discussion.
A discussion that people who mock the internet couldn't even have made up:

So, two questions:
1. Can anyone find a page on the internet (including wikipedia or not), that stretches a piece of apocryphal minutiae into such a discussion?
2. As a "Coastal type" are you comfortable with discussions of comic-strip homosexuality?
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movies set in oregon

besides the goonies, are there any other movies set in oregon where the setting plays an important role or where a lot of the shots feature recognizable places in general? i'm especially interested in portland specifically, but i'm curious about other places too. and hey, are any of them not totally shitty?
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For Sale: Complete 1-color Screenprinting kit - $200

Hi, sorry for the blatent sales pitch:

Hi, I'm selling my entire screenprinting setup to make room for the new baby. If you've been wanting to try out making shirts or posters at home, this is the perfect set up for you.

The kit includes the following, plus more stuff that I'm probably forgetting:

- 1-color press
- several pints of ink (black, white, red, green, yellow, blue, etc...)
- squeegies, 3 long and 1 short
- heat gun dryer, very hot
- 2 scrubbers
- all the chemicals you need
- 1 pint emulsion for making screens
- the table comes with it, if you want. I built it out of an old futon.

bigger pictures at:

Everything is in good working order. I've taken good care of this setup. The only thing not included are screens, which you'll need to buy anyway as you make shirts.

Interested? Call Wayne at 971.404.9175 or respond by email.


Ooh! A banking question!

I always feel like I ask the most mundane questions on DP but here goes another one.

I just got my business license for my T-shirt business and I want to start a business bank account. My regular bank is a credit union that is not very convenient for me to visit on a weekly basis so I'm looking for advice from people who have been through this.

My questions are: what bank is the wisest choice for a business account? What should I look for in a business account?

My friend says he's very happy with US bank for his business because they don't charge him hidden fees or anything but what say you?

Insure my things

I need to get renters insurance.

I've never done this before, obviously why i'm looking for suggestions.....should I just get it from like or something or does anyone know a local insurance agent? getting something online is okay, but it's always nicer to deal with humans.

I don't have a car so I don't have car insurance that I could go through.
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Celebs you've met in Portland

So anyone have any good stories of actors/singers/directors/sport stars etc that they've met in Portland? Who was nice, who was a jerk?

When I lived down on SW 3rd at the City Height Apartments a few years ago, hubby and I would hit the Starbx there on 3rd and Jeff frequently. I was in my own world one Saturday morning and hubby opened the door ahead of me for someone but I didn't see them and I barged on in, totally cutting them off and making them all wait. We got inside to place our order and both hubby and the (swooning) counter staff were all like, "ohh, that was Molly Ringwald". 

So I get to claim I was a total rude cow to Molly Ringwald. Actually I feel kinda bad about it bc I loved her in Bfast Club, Pretty in Pink and OMG, Sixteen Candles.

Yeah...I'm old, I know.

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I'm interested in stretching my ear piercings to 12g. This is the furthest I want to go and I think they are at 18 right now (standard size). I'm wondering how you go about this? Do you have to use those taper things or can you go straight to a piercer and get them re-pierced? Sorry if these are stupid questions, but obviously I don't know them.

Also where is the best place to either get it done/and or buy tapers? depending on what your answers are...


Dyke/Trans March 2008

Did you, or anyone you know, help with dyke march or the trans march for pride 2007? Do you know anyone who might have? Are you interested in giving a hand and/or spreading the word? Have you ever organized/helped organize/produce a march before?

Shoot me an email at -- the website for the group which organized it last year hasn't been updated since 2007, and I haven't heard a peep in the community anywhere about this event. It's three weeks away, and pride just isn't right without the dyke march or the trans march.

...and if you know anything about how to acquire the necessary permits for said event (hoping to gawd it's not too late) and all that jazz, please please give me your gems of wisdom. many thanks!

...and yes, it is crossposted a bit.