May 22nd, 2008


I'm moving back! YAY!

Hello soon to be neighbors! (again)

I'm moving back to town after being away for a few months.

I've got a place to live, and some friends I look forward to seeing. I just need a job, and some arenas to get my energy out...

I'm looking for info on these:
-Choir/chorus (non-religious please!)
-Swimming (a swim team, or a group that meets to swim together for exercise)
-Somewhere I can volunteer and learn about gardening/farming.
-I have a passion for sandwiches. What is your favorite deli? (Do you know if they are hiring?)

I'm also looking for NEW friends! Feel free to add me, I'm super.
Tea whores unite secretly

Peter Murphy Tickets

I have two tickets to the Peter Murphy show at The Aladdin on Saturday the 31st of this month!

I need to sell them, they're going for $30 + whatever service charges I paid, but I am willing to part with them for $25 a piece! Sadly they are at will call, so I could pick them up that day and meet you there, I promise I would not stand you up, you could flame me wildly if I do, but chances are slim, I just have another engagement that I must attend that evening and Peter has to step aside!

So if you are interested in even one of them, comment here! We'll talk details! It's general admission, all ages, bar with ID at The Aladdin, on a Saturday, and it's Peter Murphy! Can't go wrong, right?

Logical disconnect?

Earlier today (or yesterday, if you want to get technical) I sent an email about an apartment in Portland. The reply I got back said that there was indeed an elevator in the building. (Frankly, I was shocked. Apartment buildings almost never have elevators.) However, the entrance to the building was not handicapped accessible..


For your pleasure: Two videos I need to post here. I should just start posting them periodically.

Part 1

Part 2
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Cat Boarding

I'm going back to Michigan next weekend, and the people that were going to look in on my cat backed out. So, I'm looking for a recommendation for a nice, dependable boarding facility for my cat (Or a good pet sitter). Preferably in the Gresham/Troutdale area or by the Airport. I would like a place where she'll be able to have a little bit more space than just a metal cage.

She doesn't care for other cats, so it's has to be someplace where they won't intermingle. And she does have a temper, which will probably prevent her from being in most places.

I've found a few places via google, but they say no to cats like mine.

In other words, I'm probably screwed, but I thought I would ask anyway.

Bill is taller than Sally. Sally is shorter than Suzie.

They always told us that math would apply in real life, and we didn't listen, in one class or another. And now, throughout my grown-up life, I have encountered the occasional problem solving query that is kind of fun to sink my teeth into. I think my favorite was finding out that a city grid was just a big coordinate plane (though somehow they didn't tell us this in class).

What are some good "problems" you've encountered in your everyday life, that have gotten those rusty math class gears turning again? Go for the problem solving format and let us have a crack at them. Or, you know, if you have kids and they're being snobs about their homework, link them here.

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Lugano church

Website Recommendation:

I love looking at old photos of everyday life. If you do too, I would suggest checking out Shorpy, a blog that updates with about ten pictures every day. You can add it to your RSS reader (what I do) or you can add it to your friends page via shorpy  .

What's great about Shorpy is that all of the photos are available in high-definition, large sizes, so if you click on them, you can see a tremendous amount of detail. Some of the recent ones I've liked are here, here, here and here.

I want to eat some biscuits

all right, I get off work at 1pm and I want to go eat some biscuits and sausage gravy at the Cricket

I am ALL ABOUT the cricket, but have been intrigued by Pine State Biscuits

do they have a biscuit and sausage gravy option?

is it as good/HUGE as the plate they give you at the Cricket?

also, unless I'm wrong these seem to be the two busiest places for brunch, do you have a preference? IF SO WHY, I CANNOT FIND ANYTHING ALL THAT GREAT ABOUT CUP & SAUCER EXCEPT FOR ITS CUTENESS

(disclaimer the Waffle Window at Bread & Ink has pretty much replaced brunch for me)

Poll #1192243 sunnyside breakfast

pick one

Cup & Saucer
Cricket Cafe
other (specify in comments)
haven't been to either

also, are the waffles at jace gace as good as the Waffle Window ones?
The Real Frogmore House

(no subject)

So..Im a recent college grad, whose gone to Portland every summer since I was little. My dads from there, though I grew up in Dallas,TX. Its always so refreshing to go to a place where people actually give a damn about the enviornment, and not everyone drives a freakin' SUV, and the state is actually progressive (Death with Dignity ). I've always thought that I was going to get the hell out of Texas and move to Portland as soon as I could. But I also realize that I've always gone to Oregon during the summer, and that we do fun "vaction-like" things maybe Im looking at it through "rose-colored glasses" (pun unintended).Anyway...what would you knowledgeable Portlanders say are your least favorite things about Portland/Oregon?

Work Out

I need to find a place to work out on the cheap sign up fees and 20-30 a month. I don't need any awesome yoga or dance or anything. just bikes, weight machines etc...

help. I live in Southeast but I could drive I suppose.

keyboard hand D Maj

Thankful Thursdays, Portland-Style!

1. Turning a negative into a positive, part 1: A delayed commute, due to the raised Hawthorne Bridge, is an opportunity to check out contemporary fashion of other bike commuters. This was lot more productive about getting pissed off about the unexpected inconvenience.

2. Potluck day at work means yummy leftovers for the following day.

3. Reading about other DP friends' awesome hot-weather weekend adventures. It's so nice to be able to vicariously live adventurously, and to be inspired for planning future adventures of my own.

4. Turning a negative into a positive, part 2: A 20-minute delay in the waiting room of the dentist's office is an opportunity to peruse the magazine selections in the waiting area. Reading a quick review of local restaurants section in Portland Monthly magazine inspired me to set up a dinner night with awesome fine dining companions next week. This was lot more productive about getting pissed off about the unexpected inconvenience.

5. Local Internet Service Providers who are kind enough to send out planned outage notices to end-users. I wish more companies would be proactive about planned downimes.
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cheap eye exam

I tried to order contacts from 1800 contacts, but apparently if you haven't had an eye exam in over a year they make you get another one before sending out your contacts.

I am trying to find a place to get an eye exam done cheap since I do not have insurance.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

thank you!
flowers in palm

i heart you, pdx

today's reason why i love portland:

saw a guy breakdancing randomly in the triangle traffic island at 50th & Powell. i don't think i even remember him wearing earphones or anything, which just makes it all the more awesome.

those pedestrian crossings across powell are crazy, though. a girl walked out in front of a bus today and the bus screamed to a halt and there was practically a pile-up behind it. i had another loud "note to self" moment to slow way the hell down in advance of those crossings.

what awesomeness have you witnessed today?
actual size

The Dinner at Imago Theatre Opens Tonight! Free Tickets!

Imago Theatre is offering free tickets to opening weekend performances of their new play The Dinner!

To get your free ticket, just come to the door up to an hour before showtime and give the password "Grapefruit" - no reservations are necessary. Imago Theatre is located at 17 SE 8th Ave (8th & Burnside.)
Showtimes are:
Thursday 5/22 7:30pm
Friday 5/23 8:00pm
Saturday 5/24 8:00pm
The show runs Thurs/Fri/Sat through June 14th, in case you'd like to pay. :D

The Dinner is suitable for ages 16 and older - no children please.

For more info about the show, visit or Collapse )

another drink special night

Okay, okay, this will be my last question about this. It's my friend's last night in town visiting. We're looking for a place with really good drink specials, preferably a gay bar. So far we've been to CC Slaughter's and Silverado, but are open to anywhere cool and fun. Thanks in advance! Merci!


Dear Damn Portlanders,

Having returned from Europe, I have acquired a taste for Calvados. Partly for the taste, partly for the family significance.

Most of the stuff I had while in Northern France was homemade, and thus deathly potent, but I was wondering if any of you have ever seen the drink sold in any liquor stores here, because I cannot ever remember having seen it.

Thanks, and it's good to be home in P-Town.

I am shocked. Shocked, I say!

Dear MetroFi User,

It is with regret that we notify you of our intentions to discontinue
offering the MetroFi FREE and MetroFi Premium services in Portland. We are
in the process of negotiating with a 3rd party network operator to keep the
network in place, and during this time your services will not be affected.
As soon as we know the outcome of these negotiations, we will provide you
with further information.

Thank you,
The MetroFi Team
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Mackin's Auto Body?

Have any of you had work done (especially collision/insurance-involved work) at Mackin's Auto Body on N. Denver? What did you think of the service, etc.? I can't seem to find any reviews online and we need some immediate work done, thanks to a non-attentive driver.

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Drag Nuns need bingo prizes and free sh*t!

The Portland Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence have started their monthly Sister Bingo and we need prizes and free stuff to give away.

We are a 501(C)3 public charitable organization dedicated to the support, education, and development of the GLBT community. We focus on safer sex and fundraising for HIV/AIDS organizations. All the money raised from Sister Bingo goes back to the local community.

We are accepting donations of all kinds that we can use as prizes for bingo, as well as free sh** to give away during raffles. Donations can be naughty or nice. Work for or know a queer friendly business that wants to give back to the community? This is a great way. 

Sister Bingo is highlighted in an article in today's Oregonian about fun, alternative, and underground things to do in PDX.  Since I can't seem to get the link to work, here's a link directly to the page:

The next bingo is Sordid Lives/White Trash Bingo on Sunday, June 1st at the PPAA Hall on 618 SE Alder.  4pm to 7:30pm.

Love and Light!
Sister Krissy Fiction, the nun that got nailed

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¿Dónde está mi queso?

can anyone tell me where i might be able to find pimento cheese? i don't mean the wimpy spread stuff that comes in a 4 oz. bottle on the shelves. i'm looking for the stuff that comes in the little tubs next to the other cheeses in the refrigerated areas.

i've had the hardest time trying to find the stuff since i moved from tennessee, so any help would be appreciated. **extra points if it's mrs. grissom's pimento cheese.
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help me help you

All righty folks.

I want to help. When I lived in California, I was much involved in the activist scene (primarily HIV/AIDS outreach but I'm up for pretty much any humanitarian project) and I miss it. I've been a lazy, selfish bastard recently and it's time to change that up.

My question to you:

Where do you volunteer and why? What organizations are super in need of help?
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Hey guys.

So I'm thinking of going to the next meet-up.

I've met up with people randomly from the internet before (it's actually how I met my boyfriend) so you won't need to worry about me being creepy, I promise. I'll just have to worry about all of you being the creepy ones.

Good. Since that's settled. I'll see you all on Tuesday.
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Hello Damn Portlanders.

I am requiring your assistance and knowledge. I am attempting to fix a playstation 2 (of the slim variety) and am in need of a soldering iron and some solder. Where I can I find said necessities at 11PM on a Thursday? Can I? Is there a 24 hour Wal-mart (Yes, I am willing to stoop that low)? Or a magical 24 hour hardware store?

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But we're classical musicians....

Seeking classically trained musicians, all instruments welcome, who defy the social norms generally associated with our field. We're looking for classical musicians with tattoos, piercings, weird hair, giant boots, etc. who are interested in showing the world that yes, weirdos can produce beautiful music. We are currently trying to put together a recital and/or recital series in the Portland area featuring classical musicians who don't look like everyone else. Pending the number of responses, there may be an audition process, but we're mostly trying to find out what kind of interest there may be for a performance of this nature.  Looking forward to meeting/talking with y'all!  Please feel free to repost and responses can be emailed to onikobella at gmail dot com.
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