May 21st, 2008


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Measure 53, the ballot measure that lets the police steal and benefit from property allegedly used in the commission of a crime or of 'similar crimes' without any conviction if it is 'abandoned' is up 51-49.

The other two measures are up 75-25.
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Laurel Point horse

I realize this is a heck of a time to ask

But was my ballot was supposed to have a mayor race on it? Because it didn't. (I live in Beaverton and apparently Doyle's win over Drake was an upset, but I'm wondering how many other people like me got ballots that had nothing about mayors on them, so didn't vote on it)

The front of my ballot had Federal (US President, US Senator, Representative); State (Secretary of State, Treasurer, Attorney Genreal, Representative); Precinct Committeeperson (male & female); and Nonpartisan State Judiciary, with a whole bunch of judges. The back had Measures 51, 52, 53 and 34-148. No mayors.

Should I complain? If so, to whom?
Xmas Socks

Game Night Tonight!

That time again...

The first and third Wednesdays of every month, a group of singles in their 20s and 30s meet up at the Lucky Lab in NW Portland. 1945 NW Quimby. Come join us from 700 until about 1000 or so, depending on when everyone leaves. We play games like Uno, Bullshit, Operation, Fluxx; generally whatever people want to bring. It's a fun way to meet people. Plus you get to play games, drink beer and eat some food if you are so inclined. For more informtation; feel free to check out the Myspace page at

Hope to see you there!
little blue dog

jonesin' for jimmies


I require donuts with sprinkles (aka jimmies) on them.

Chocolate jimmies are preferred, but rainbow jimmies are certainly acceptable.

Who knows a good early-morning donut proprietor in either NoPo or SE?

(Besides Voodoo.)

Peace and sugar,

In my skin

Oregon Schools at Risk

Has anyone read this ?

After reading I wondering how soon changes will be made. I know The Oregonian posted about this last year but no major changes have been made and now the NY Times has sunk their teeth into it. After the mass deaths of children in China.. they might just wake up and do something now.
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Wallet in Crisis: UPDATE

The people of Portland totally came through and turned our wallet over to Trimet Lost and Found.

We had already cancelled our credit cards but my wife got her license and bus pass back.
So all in all, not bad!

Thanks to everyone who chimed in yesterday.

Moving to Portland

My husband and i will be moving to Portland in Nov, and was wondering what neighborhoods we should look into for getting an apartment. we are in our late 20's no kids, we would like to find a neighborhood that is safe and close to lots of parks. that has shops and restaurants we can walk to, and that is close to public transit. also is there anything else we should consider when moving to Portland? and yes we know about the weather, the rain and dark clouds are one of the major reasons we have decided on Portland:)

ryan lochte

Pre-Natal Massage?

Does anyone have a recomendation for a pre-natal massage? I really want to treat my self. I live inner SE, work downtown and see my doctor @ Good Sam so any of those places work for me. Or, anything thats max friendly for a pregnant gal. Any advice would be appreciated!


Reading Frenzy Update

Thanks to all the kind and observant folks who pointed out the Ebay auction featuring an item similar to one that had been stolen from my shop. Fortunately/unfortunately it wasn't our item. How do I know this, pray tell? Because it turns out I know the seller and he bought it from us! It's actually an even bigger coincidence than that, but I'm reluctant to write about my personal life on a public forum! ANYWAY, there's still a copy of Berlin Years out there that belongs to us... xc

Local Outdoor Summer Events

Hey damnportlanders. I don't pop on here often, but I'm hoping you can help me out.

I'm looking for local musical festivals, outdoor concert series, movie festivals or free events in local parks... you get the gist.

Anyone know of stuff going on this summer? Links you can send me too, stuff you've gone to and loved or didn't love so much?



Does anyone have experience with movers in the area? It won't be a big job but i'll be unable to lift a thing next month. Plus, after having nearly a dozen things broken last time when friends and family helped, we're willing to spend the money. Just need some recommendations. Should we expect $100/hr+?

Thanks guys!
Marley in his bandana Portland?

 An SOS to anyone who knows where I can buy FLAKY pastry in Portland (or heck, I'll drive to McMinville or Beaverton or Troutdale if necessary)? I've tried making it myself but (a) it turned out crap, (b) it's a cumbersome task and (c) it turned out crap. I discovered I am incredibly talented at making the most inedible, disgusting flaky pastry ever known.

So I'm looking for the pre-made stuff and not to be confused with Phillo (aka Filo), Puff or shortcrust.

Thanks for listening to my whine. Hope someone out there can help.


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mountains of freeeee clothesssss.

hey. i know i've posted about this before, but shut up. i'm offering you free things.

blackrose books + freestore has a metric tushyload of free clothes. shirts, pants, shoes, skirts, coats, sweaters, shoes, and some non-clothes stuffs: books, dishes, scrap fabric, and moreeeeee. oh, and right now we have SOOOOOO MUCH clothes traditionally worn by women. SOOO MUCH.

most everything is in new condition. or barely worn at least. so, yes, please come get free stuff. 4038 n. mississippi. open 12-8, seven days a week.
cute lil duck

because we all LOve drag queens !!!

 im reposting this from a good friends blog.. go and vote.. please...  you actually dont need to make an account you just click on the vote button then type in the annoying catcha letters and bam your done - you can only vote once a day

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Logo and MTV are hosting a new reality show just like America's Next Top Drag Queen called RuPaul's Drag Race. I am entering the contest and REALLY want to get on the show.

Here is the link to MY page:

vote here

Please repost this to your friends. I really need your support.

Thank you all whom have voted for me so far,

Brian (aka Roulette)

Loprinzi's Gym

I am thinking about starting to go to Loprinzi's Gym (off S.E. Division) on a regular basis. I would really appreciate access to an elliptical, a recumbent stationary bike and weight machines. Do you know if they have those? Does anybody like working out there? Thanks.

EDIT: LOL I can just call them 503-232-8311. They have all three.
Lego Batman Rain

Puppy puncher.

Good evening Damn Portlanders. Tonight vengance is sought. Batarangs are being sharpened. And sidekicks are putting on their tights.

Earlier today near SE 35th and Belmont a very attractive young woman was sweeping the area around the place of her employment when she was greeted by a happy, carefree grey pitbull puppy who sat and watched her for a few seconds. Mere moments later a young douche bag in his early twenties, sporting an arm slung in a cast walked around the corner, screamed at the little puppy and then slammed his fist directly into his head.

Being an animal lover, the lovely yong lady spoke up in the dogs defense to wit 20 something becasted douchebag (approximately 130 lbs, 5ft 7inch-5f 9inch tall). Turned from beating his puppy to yelling at the protective young damsel and spat at her.

Unfortunate for the young douchebag that she was armed and the young douchebag was heartily beaten with a broom handle and forced into the street and ran away clutching his abused animal in his arms.

Justice to this idiot needs to be brought swiftly down upon him. Beating a pitbull puppy is like feeding a baby gun grown up bullets. If anyone has any information that one could pass onto the authorities in regards to bringing charges of animal abuse it would be greatly appreciated. I don't think there could be that many people living near SE 35th and Belmont that could have a cute little grey pitbull puppy.

Back to your nauseating choice of American Idol.


Anyone here had work done by Joanne Slorach over at Atomic Art Tattoo? I'm leaning towards making an appointment based on her online portfolio.

Or I'll take suggestions for artists who are within reach of the Max/bus lines. I'm way out in Hillsboro. Thanks.
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