May 20th, 2008

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Are there any awesome toy stores in Beaverton or Portland? Not Kids R' Us or anything, but a place that sells more mature action figures like Spawn,  Super Hero Collectibles, and stuff like that. I remember there was such a store like the one I'm looking for in California. One was called X-treme toys, and the other was Puzzle Zoo. I'm looking for the equivalent of that but in this state - and beaverton/portland to be exact.

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sea food

Dear community,

I am thrilled to be visiting your fine city, and I would like to ask you, the inhabitants, about the hidden treasures of seafood restaurants rather than relying on generic web sites with reviews and ratings. I am in particular interested where I can get good oysters and sea cucumbers? Preferably in the downtown area or close to it. Many thanks!

i'm looking for a second home.

i would like to find a few bars that have the following features:

-comfortable, well-lit seating where i can read a book for hours at a time
-cheap beer
-cheap tasty happy hour food (the longer the happy hour the better, of course)
-opens relatively early (3ish maybe?  or earlier)
-cute alternativish-looking dudes (yes, like tattooed hipster guys, i can't help it if that's what blows my skirt up!)
-friendly bartenders
-not too crowded before dark
-air conditoning would be nice

anywhere in inner pdx is fine as long as it is quick and easy to reach via trimet.  so far i have found these things at basement pub, but there are only two places to sit that get enough light by which to read, so i need some alternatives.

ALSO i would like to find a few bars with much of the same criterion, except with ample patio/sidewalk seating that allows dogs.  obviously these places would not need the comfortable well-lit indoor seating or the a/c.  since i would be walking my dog to these places, they would need to be in the general downtown area or inner southeast as close to burnside as possible.  preferably these places would have so much outdoor seating that we would not have to wait/fight for a place to sit.  so far we have found captain ankeny's but i am not sure how i feel about that place, it can get sort of crazy on sunny days.

thank you much!!!!
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So, I need to drop my ballot off this morning and luckily Central Library is two blocks from my office building. The Multnomah County website says to use the 24 drive up book drop in the back. I know it says that, but can someone please validate this for me. It just feels weird shoving my ballot in a book drop.

This is the first time I vote in Oregon (formerly I was still voting absentee for Wisconsin) and I am still under the belief that half of the voting experience is the going to the polls part.


Activities for the first of August

So I have two cousins coming the first of August for 5 days and would love some input on activities at that time that may be appropriate for them. Kadi is 19, pretty straight-laced, into the basic girly stuff but not afraid to escape into nature. John is 15 and very much into sports and cars, and thrives on adventure. They both have been raised extremely conservative so I would love to expose them to the liberal 'shock and awe' of Portland. I will be doing the basics with them (Last Thursday, Saturday Market, the Gorge, St. Helens, the coast, etc. but am searching for things specific to that time frame. Can anyone help?
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well, POOP

OK, dumb election question.

Because I am listed in the Who's Who of Procrastinators, I didn't open my Multnomah County ballot until this morning. Boxes for judges, the mayor, commish, measures ... no boxes to nominate Hillary or Obama. I guess I'm not registered as a Democrat, which I thought I was.

This really sucks. And I'm in a cranky mood and have a buttload of stuff to do at work. Do any of you civic wonks out there know if (and if, then how) I can vote in the primary?

I'm so clueless. Can you hep me out, peeps?

EDIT: Called my county's election office; turns out I'm not a registered Dem, and it's too late to switch. Dang dang dang.
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Berlin Years Recently Stolen From Reading Frenzy

Dear Damn Portlanders,

I'm trying to spread the word about a recent theft from Reading Frenzy of a rare and valuable book. You can read about it here. I know it's a long shot, but because it is such a covetable title I'm spreading the word on the off chance that it surfaces. Stealing from independent booksellers is a low crime -- right down there with bicycles, library books and candy from babies.

Fuck Up Fairy

I cant believe its already the 20th

So I did open my ballot, and I did fill out *most* of it, but I still haven't decided on who to vote for for mayor, or city commissioner, positions 1, 2, and 4. Opinions? Obviously I need to decide soon. Also, ballot drop spots between Oregon City and NE Columbia via I-205?

EDIT: Thanks so much! I actually found a drop spot about 3 blocks from my work. Woo hoo!

PS Do you have to have a stamp on it if you're dropping it in a ballot drop box?
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So, about all those other positions on the ballot...

I know a lot of you are slackers, and haven't handed in your ballot yet. I see the stuff you post all day, so I know what's up.

You're probably putting off filling out the ballot right now. I don't blame you. There's a billion and one positions that you just don't know how to vote for since you are uninformed. If you feel guilty about leaving 90% of the ballot blank, I have an easy solution for you:

Vote Jesse Nicola for every single position except for president!

Just check fill in, drop in my name, and walk away guilt free.

America thanks you!
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The Official Stop Asking Voting Questions Thread

It's too late to mail in your ballot. Post marks do not count. Here's where you can take your ballot before 8:00pm today:

Multnomah County
(With the exception of the Central Library, book drops are not ballot drops.)

Washington County

Clackamas County

Other Oregon Counties

Yes, you can drop ballots from any Oregon county into any other county's ballot box.

If you waited this long to see about acquiring a ballot that never arrived at your house or you lost your ballot or its official envelope (the one you need to sign), you must go in person to your county elections office. No, the library cannot give you a ballot or envelope.
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Honda service places in NE?

Hi, i'm looking for a decent, HONEST, and affordable place to get my honda civic hybrid serviced. Nothing special right now, just oil change and checkup. I'm still pretty new to the area, and used a dealership before but always worried that i was getting ripped off. It's just a honda, but because it's one of the earlier (o5) hybrids i wanted to take it to a dealership to make sure i got the most knowledgeable mechanics. But now i'm starting to think that they are common enough that i can start looking outside official Honda places? Anyone else here with a honda hybrid have a place they like?


The Oregon Adult Soccer website is pretty poorly designed and I am not having much luck on the soccer matchmaker site they linked. Is there a women's adult league in PDX, where all games are accessible by Trimet?
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Snackie food

So I am looking for a snackie food (i.e. sandwiches, sushi, cafe style) place in the Hollywood District. We prefer local business to chain and really good to kinda good.

Any thoughts DPers?


Is my cellular automaton hot or not?

Hey all. Here's your chance to do some more voting -- this time by looking at pictures of weird looking fractal-looking patterns and rating them. You can take the survey here; details are below. Do me a favor and take ten minutes for the survey. Thanks!

Portland related because we like to look at the pretty pictures.

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So of course I left voting til the last day.

Please pipe up and give me your opinions on the viable candidates for mayor (ie Sam vs Sho), Commissioner position 1, 2 and/or 4, and County Commissioner.

BTW, I am voting no on 53 and I strongly urge you to do the same. People must be convicted of a crime currently to have their property taken and that is the way it should stay. The same with the police not being able to benefit from property forfeiture. If people are worried about abused animals then the Legislature needs to pass a specific bill regarding the expedited forfeiture of animals (which I would likely support).

Edit: Candidates supporting civil liberties and common sense controls on police get a big plus.

ARTISTS: Oppose S2913 the Shawn Bentley Orphan Works Act of 2008

PLEASE if you care about creative rights for yourself, or anyone else, write in to oppose this bill.

ARTISTS: Oppose S2913 the Shawn Bentley Orphan Works Act of 2008
The Illustrators' Partnership of America has posted letters you can send to your representatives, urging them to vote against the act:

Please click here to write and send a letter to your Senators and Congressmen:
Orphaned Works Act Letter

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The National Press Photographers' Assocation has an article and links about it here:

Intellectual Property Watch writes:
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View bill text or latest amendments from Thomas.
Back to main bill page
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Harasment on the 20 trimet bus

I would like to say THANK YOU to the lady who came and sat by me and made sure I was okay after being harassed on the bus by a drunk or high asshole.
Thanks again, you are a wonderful lady, and I hope your day went well.

Portland related because its Tri-Met

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Whoever it was that works at The Jupiter... since you have your inside ways, can you go ask Randy Neves with KGW why he wears his hair like that?*

Please? :)

ps. why do i feel like one of the only damnportlanders who actually got my sent in ballot early? silly people. or is that an election tradition I'm unaware of? waiting as long as you can and then standing in a line at one of the election drop boxes? the people in the line on 11th and morrision that were on the news seemed happy. :)

*Note.. I'm just honestly curious.
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two questions:

first, where does a 25 year old woman go to meet guys? i dont drink so a bar wouldnt really be my thing. bonus for things easily bus accessible from downtown.


girls: how do you flirt?

guys: how do you like to be flirted with?
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Lost Wallet


My wife lost her wallet on the 19 bus heading into downtown some time around 4:30 today.

There's no money and everything is maxed out so it's pretty worthless. She reallly needs her id and other stuff though.

Maybe someone here found it?

Marley in his bandana

Aussies in Pacific Northwest

For Aussie Expats living in the Pacific NW I've created a community (ingenioiusly) titled Aussie_pnw if you are interested.

I thought it might be nice to be able to chat and make some friends in our own neighborhood. :o)


***Edited to update correct name of LJ community - Aussie_pnw

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stolen 63 ford ranchero white with rust holes, black windshield visor, fishtail exhaust tip, white fur on dash and rear sill, no tailgate, "la rancholla" written on rear in sharpie. stolen saturday night from se 6th and oak.


so if you see this car rotting in your 'hood, give me or the cops the heads up. my husband would be ever-so grateful.

Why Is Sam Adams Mayor?

I was just wondering why Sam Adams was elected mayor?  Why wasn't there just an election in November instead of this whole Primary thing in May?  I know that Primaries decide which candidate of each party run in November but in this case, Adams has already won.  Was there no Republican candidate or was that Dozono?  Could someone enlighten me on this subject so I'll be a little less naive on the matter?  In any case, it is cool that Adams won but I'm still perplexed as to how he did.