May 19th, 2008


I love this city!

I can't even describe how much I love living in this city. 

I had to take my cat to Dove Lewis last night and when I brought him home I must have dropped all the paperwork and all my cash next to my car when I got out.  This morning some random bicyclist knocked on my door and handed it back to me.  He actually had to get off his bike, take off his helmet and walk up to my door.  It seriously made me want to cry after the night I had.

Thank you Mr. Random made my day brighter!  (On a side note, those Dove Lewis folks deserve sainthood for what they deal with.  I saw a dog come in while I was there whose spay site had opened up...doesn't sound like she made it)
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big men's clothing

Does anyone know where in Portland (or even online) sells large men's clothing that is fashionable (or just not totally generic)?   A few things I am specifically looking for are a ruffled tuxedo shirt, formal wear that isn't boring, nice looking jeans, and just some basic clothes.  I need clothes in sizes bigger than at your average store, but Casual Male clothes are generally kind of boring and I want more options than just that.  Do any of you know of a place I should check out?  Thanks!

travelling to Seattle

Hello wise oracle DP,

My girlfriend and I are planning a little weekend getaway up to Seattle this summer. Do you all have any suggestions for decent hotels? I found The Moore to be an interesting place, any other places you guys might recommend like that, that isn't outrageously expensive?

Thanks for the help~!~
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Lego Castle Making


So my friend and I are going to Sasquatch (pause for a moment for a SQUEE!!!! I'm excited). Anyway, we're going all three days and camping out as well. I'm looking for any advice anyone here can give me as neither of us have gone there overnight. Bascially, camp basics we wouldn't be able to figure out just looking at the website or any advice people have from experience!

Aka - best food to bring, best way to keep food cool, bring a grille/yay or nay, campfires, do's & don'ts, etc. 

Also, it says the campsite is open 24 hours before the concert...does that mean you can actually go there and get all set up too? I'd prefere to drive up Friday night and get set up versus a Saturday morning drive...

And anything else anyone would like to add, that's neat too.


Portland to Seattle

I am driving from Portland to Seattle tomorrow afternoon, leaving between 2:30 and 3:00. Also driving back the next day, some time in the afternoon/evening, I am flexible. I am looking for someone to share gas costs with either way; If you are interested drop me a comment with your email address!

(no subject)

So the MAX train is broken down right outside my window at work. It looks like one of the guide cables (or power cable?) snapped and the max is stopped half-way across the street. They made everyone get off. Anyone hear anything more about what's going on? This is the max going west, its stopped on 1st and Oak.

update: Train's still there, covering half of oak street. Still no flaggers either, even though people are forced to go into the other lane to go around and pedestrians have to walk in the street. Kind worried someone's going to get hit

Been 11:00 - 2:11 now.

Thoughts for Food?

 Oh wise DP folks, I come to you for guidance...

Every year my dragonboat team (Stumptown) hosts some of the Victoria, BC teams that come down for the Rose Festival races.  Saturday nights we always have a combined team dinner, where the Stumpies pay for the visiting teams (and then they pay for us when we go up to the Victoria races).  My grand question is...

Where are there good, reasonably priced places for 50ish (+/- 10) people to eat (preferably Chinese) food in Portland?   


What are your favourite Chinese restaurants?
(I can just call and see if they do large groups)

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Wedding photographers

I'm in need of a wedding photographer for my wedding in January. I've been looking online but would prefer someone who comes recommended, as well as someone who can work within a budget. I vaguely remember someone here mentioning a while ago that they have a studio, but I can't for the life of me remember what their studio was called. Thanks!
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Gimmie gimmie gimmie!

Hey DP,

Do you drink any Coca-Cola products in either 1 litre bottles or 20 oz bottles? If so, can I have the red caps off of them? I need a shitpotload of them for a project that I'm working on.

Leave me a comment on how you would like to get them to me. I'll even come and pick them up if you'd like!

Thanks y'all!
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Iz No Gets It

I have been reading Schnapps recipes and it looks kind of fun to make because of all of the variety. Though I am still quite confused as to what Schnapps is. Is it the same as liqueur? What do you guys use Schnapps for (drinks, cooking, etc.)? Is it generally added to drinks or taken as shots, etc.

Thanks for your help!
Bored In Traffic

~*~ Spider-Man?... ~*~

I had one of my windows open and this little (big?) critter must've came crawling in sometime during the night. When I opened my shades this morning I think I jumped back about 10 ft. when I saw it...

Did a little research online and discovered that it's a "Common Jumping Spider". At least that's what I think it was as it matched several pictures of others (black, little white speck on its rear, about the size of a quarter, etc.).
I've been living in my current home for about 5 years. I've seen many typical brown house spiders (hopefully not the dreaded Hobo Spider), and even one or two Black Widows... but NEVER have I ever seen one of these big guys in my home before?!? Luckily, it crawled out the window and went on its merry way after a few minutes. As creepy as spiders and all other bugs are, I really don't like killing them unless absolutely necessary... I mean, ya can't blame a bug for being a bug, right? =\

Anyway... with the weather now warming up, I guess it's that time of year for these creepy little crawlers to come out to play. Any other DP'rs out there seen an increase in spider activity within their homes of late?
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Obama tshirts?

Okay, cue the *oh my god everyone is going insane with obama everyone is a sheep* comments...but I'm looking for an Obama tshirt.  I tried calling the HQ to see if they still have them (I know the offices tend to run out quickly) but only got the answering machine.  I'd especially love one that's on a nicer material, like an American Apparel shirt, really soft cotton, or one with kind of a different design.  Anyone know of any local stores that have good ones?  I'd order one from the website, but kinda don't want to wait the 1-2 weeks.  Thanks!

(no subject)

I'm looking for Amy Baker, she used to be married to a dude named Nate Baker who used to live with me.

If anyone knows her, get in touch with me, I got some mail for her that looks pretty important


I'd like to go camping for memorial weekend, but not car-camping.  Preferably, I'd like to hike about 1-2 miles before setting up camp.  Where would you suggest I go?  Bonus point for being near a river/lake/water. 

Tea whores unite secretly

Milk crates?

Anyone know where I can get a plastic milk crate for storing records in, I will smite you if you tell me to just go to the fucking container store and get a clear plastic bin or go buy one of those office containers similar to a milk crate.

No, I want a milk crate for my vast and quick growing record collection, ya dig? Or if anyone has one, wanna barter?

I might go garage sailing, but I'm not up for leaving the all that much to go look for pointless things I could bother the damn masses of portland to tell me directly where to go.

Trimet Toys??

Hi okay so, I watch my friends kid a couple times a week and during those days we go watch the cars drive by and he looooooves the trimet buses. I took him on one, one day just down the street and he was super excited. We were at the toy store on Hawthorne yesterday and we were playing with small toy cars and he grabbed a school bus and got super excited, he loves buses. I would love to be able to find him a Trimet colored bus because they are his favorite.
ANY idea where I can find Trimet merch?? It HAS to be out there, I've searched google and trimet website, no luck.

Thanks peoples.
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IT temp work

I know this has been asked recently in here, but the LJ search feature on the userinfo page is absolutely useless :P

Are there any IT-specific temp agencies for Portland? I've got quite a bit of experience in a bunch of IT fields, but I'm going to school for something else and one of my jobs has stopped paying me. I could really use some relevant work that would fit my schedule. Alternatively, I wouldn't mind doing generic office work or slaving in a datacenter if they would match my availability hours.

Anyone else been in a similar boat?
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Google, have you heard of it?

To: You (but no, not YOU)
Re: Learn the fucking internet

Google lets your restrict your search to a specific site by including the following in your search

Google also lets your restrict your search to pages that have a keyword in the URL by including something like this


So, here you go

Update: This is general snark, directed at the ongoing whining re: the search box on the community page, and not directed at any particular person.