May 18th, 2008


The Art of a Mix Tape

I'm making two mix CDs for a friend, and unlike usual, they're actual CDs rather than playlists. This means I have to really pay attention to song order. What determines how well one song flows into the next? How do you set up your CD? Does it have a logical progression, or do you intersperse genres, tempos and moods? What do you look for in the opening and closing tracks?

The "it was good, but I'm leaving you because it's not what either of us need" playlist has split into "quiet folky and indie soft" and "rock/loud country" discs. I'm sandwiching Death Cab between The Indigo Girls and The Postal Service, and The Silversun Pickups between Bonnie Raitt and Tracy Bonham. It seems wrong to have Maroon 5 on the same hour as Rilo Kiley, but that's the beauty of playlists, right? A friend once made me a CD with Picard's flute song from the Star Trek: TNG episode "Inner Light", Ella Fitzgerald and this funk remix song his older brother did, so my standards may be skewed.

Artistes, please share your wisdom.
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    yes, I am reminded of the Avenue Q song too

30 Rooms

If you're looking for something fun to do and you don't have any money to spend, might I recommend visiting 30 Rooms?

There are literally tons of great things to see and experience from many mind-bogglingly talented Portland artists like Eatcho, Sarah Cruse, Jennifer Mercede (info below) and, yes, even your's truly!

Go get lost in the hallways at Milepost 5!

Jennifer Mercede
Painting a room for the 30 Rooms exhibit at Milepost 5.
Influences: Basquiat, hip-hop, children

Also: I'm still looking for portrait subjects. If you have a job and live in Portland, please e-mail me at if you'd like to volunteer for my "Working Portland" project.

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I am in North East Portland.
How long would it take me to drive to the nearest ocean beach??
Okay,the nearest Beach,where the wind isn't going to be blowing so hard that you have to wear goggles to walk down the beach,
Or one where it will be nice and warm?
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Well, it looks as though the weather pundits are predicting cooler temps today, breaking our massive TWO DAY heat wave and probably saving the lives of some of our elderly, disabled, underprivileged, young, or middle-aged citizens. Yesterday got up to 347 degrees, just shy of Friday's incredible 359 degree record-breaker. People justifiably freaked out, and only those wrapped in foil survived any trip longer than a jaunt to the local 7/11 for more dry ice.

Me, I kinda dug the sunshine and warmer temperatures. If you're going to live in Portland and bitch about cool, wet weather, then you had better shut your piehole when the good stuff comes. That's what I'M sayin'.

The process here in Portland goes something like this:
-ah, the fall has arrived. I love these cool, sunny days.
-Oooh, winter. I'm here because I like the rain.
-It's rained for 6 days now. Fuck, where's the sun?
-Ah, April. I like April, except this kind of April when it rains the ENTIRE TIME. I really liked those couple days of sun in February.
-May... hey, it's going to be 65 today! I'm going to go to work naked!
-Hmmm... June. I'm tired of sun. Wish it was wintertime again.

Me, I'll take whatever ya got. Whatever is going on up above, I still get Portland under my feet.
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ArkanCouver Hair cutters

I need a referral for a good er great hair stylist in VANCOUVER. Washington. You know north of the river. That place you never go to...

Anywho--as always there are some criterion:

~in Vancouver, Washington
~good with cutting curly afro-puffy hair
~can get an appointment this month
~affordable (which to me is ~$20-30)

So hit me with your best shot DPers!

need lawnmower!

Is there some magical place I can rent a lawnmower today without spending all of my paycheck?

Or do you live near NE 10th and Jarrett and have a lawnmower to lend? I'll refill with gas and give you beer or something (if that's what makes you happy)

My lawn is beyond disgusting. I feel bad for my neighbors. I feel bad for my dog... she forgot all of her potty training because she's afraid of the lawn. Please help!

Reel Mower

I was wondering if anyone had one of those "reel mowers" that they wanted to give away or sell to me. Our lawn is to small to justify a big, gas guzzling lawnmower. We live in NE but can travel to pick it up if necessary.

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Just came from the Obama rally at the Portland waterfront.  mediaboy tells me that it was the largest Obama rally ever--estimated 60,000 people inside the gates, and another 15,000 outside.  The line to get in snaked all around downtown Portland up and back several times, ending up at PSU, quite a ways away from the waterfront.  Our early arrival allowed us to be really close to the stage--about 200 feet is my guess.  Also, the Decemberists played for free for an hour.  Awesome.  Unfortunately, I had only my camera phone, so the photos suck, but they are better than nothing. 

Me and PK:

Fuzzy Obama:

The crowd behind us:

Also, obviously not taken by me (we are about a centimeter above Obama's head, just down from the shadow on the tree):

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to the lady behind me in line for the Obama rally: your voice makes me want to yank your vocal cords out, but your boyfriend is hot. especially when he takes off his shirt.
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I'm looking to move to Portland by July or August, probably. I live in Vancouver. But I'm looking to get a job in Portland, and I dig the city so much more than Vancouver. I'm also looking forward to selling my car and walking and riding the max/busses everywhere.

I was wondering if anyone knows of some good, decent, cheap one, maybe even two bedroom apartments? Something affordable. Not looking to pay more than 750 a month for a two bedroom.

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I'll be in Portland for exactly 6 hours a week from today (noon - 6pm) after flying in from Buffalo NY.

I'll want to grab a bite to eat  (vegetarian) and do some quick siteseeing.  Suggestions?

I'd love to meet someone that keeps chickens within the city, if any of you do.
If anyone works for an insurance company in Portland, I'd like to meet you as well.


Kind of a repeat...

I asked this awhile back but didn't really get an answer:

I am getting married next April. I want an indoor wedding in a unique location (read: no churches or hotel banquet rooms) in Portland and accessible via public transit.

My dream site is the World Forestry Center. However they are A) Expensive and B) Only have a short caterers list and we have to accommodate vegans, vegetarians and meat lovers.

I'm trying to find a place that isn't ultra fancy (ie most ballrooms) and has a little something else that makes the wedding really memorable.

The pertinent details:
April 17th or 18th 2009
100 guests
Should either allow outside catering or have a way to accommodate the above dietary needs.
Must be TriMet-able and ADA compliant

At this point I think a big house rented for the day would be cool. Any idea where I might find a list of such places?

Thanks Portland!
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dunna dunna dunna dunna....

Anyone know where I can buy Batman stickers? Not tiny little ones that have a bunch to a sheet. I'm talking larger (at least a couple inches) old school Batman symbol stickers. You know the ones I'm talking about. I'm sure I've seen them in those 50 cent sticker machines before, but...yeah. One of those things you don't really think about until you REALLY NEED them.

Also, today I saw something really odd downtown. (In Portland? What's that you say? Something WEIRD??) There was this dude, wearing a helmet, white t-shirt, spandex bike-style pants, and he had... ski-poles. And...tiny skis? They looked like ice skates with the rubber protector part on them, or veeeeeery little skis. Unfortunately I didn't get to see him in action, as he was stopped on a streetcorner waiting for the walk sign and the light turned green for me. But...what is this? What does he do? Is this some sort of urban skiing movement that I'm totally clueless to? How does it work? Do you...just push yourself along the gravel with the poles? How do you move? I need ANSWERS!

Last Hurrah

This is my last week in Portland before I move to NYC to start a new job and for the next few days I have access to a car. I've only been out to the coast twice. Once to Oswald Cove and once to Cannon Beach. What are the most breathtaking spots on the Oregon coast that are within 3 hours (each way) driving distance of Portland? Give me something to remember DPers!!!
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where in portland, specifically Lloyd Center if possible, is a good place to get a water bra, someplace that'll have good quality, selection, and prices, and what kind of prices can i expect?

as you may have guessed my breasts are less than average size and i'm looking for something to make them noticeable, not huge, just big enough that someone other than me can see them, if you know of any alternative products that could have the same effect please feel free to suggest them