May 17th, 2008


Amateur Filmmakers Need Your Help!

Two fellow DPers need your help! We are looking for individuals who wouldn't mind singing "You're a Grand Ol' Flag" in front of a camera. The talent of the singer is unimportant. Everyone is welcome.

Once edited, the video of multiple people singing "You're a Grand Ol' Flag", will be uploaded to youtube, and of course it will be posted here.

This is for a contest, and not just for our own amusement, so any and all help would be much appreciated!

My associate and I will be in the Saturday Market/Skidmore Fountain area from around 10:15am to 12noon, and then we will move to Pioneer Square and be there from around 12:30pm to 2pm on Saturday the 17th of May.

I will be wearing a nataliedee tshirt that says "Will Knit for Tattoos" while my associate will be wearing her "FRANKIE SAYS RELAX!" [the back says "DON'T DO IT"] neon t-shirt.

We will have flags and a copy of the lyrics for those who need some support. And also, masks will be provided if your face does not want to be shown.


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Ok Portland, I need your crazy ideas. I am turning 24 on the 24th (next weekend) and have decided that I want to do 24 awesome things throughout the day. I'm sort of lacking in numbers on the idea front though. So I ask you this: If you were going to do 24 awesome things in one day, what would some of them be?
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The Bicycle Farm is a non-profit learning space run by volunteers who believe that bicycles are an ideal (and fun!) mode of transportation. Our mission is to promote the bicycle as a fun, safe, and accessible form of transportation, to foster healthy urban communities, and to provide a welcoming space to learn about building, maintaining, and riding bicycles. It is located at 1303 NE Roselawn, three blocks north of Alberta on 13th. Hours of operation are Saturday and Sunday from 12-4pm, and Monday from 4-8pm.
"When the going gets dark..."

Chemex Coffee Maker Wanted !

My trusty carafe/coffee maker is slipping away, after providing eight years of loyal service. It's cracked and being held together with duct tape at the moment.

I know there are a zillion online Megalo-Mart places that will sell me a new one and mail it. But I'll go out and buy one here if it's possible. If you know of a local java supply place that sells the 6-8 cup size, let me know. Or if you have one gathering dust on your shelf that you don't want, I'll come over and take it off your hands. Thanks !


Ani Difranco Fans I need your help :)

I am doing a paper on Ani Difranco for my women of rock and roll class. I would LOVE to speak to those of you who have seen her in concert. Also if any of you have any of the DVDS or footage of her that I can borrow for a couple weeks that would be awesome... I promise I will get them back to you in a timely fashion.

Thanks in advance,
one less car

What mountain is that!?

Whenever I'm on Columbia boulevard I can see Mt. Hood and then a huge looming mountain to my left that seems almost closer. It's still covered in snow, and in the distance between the two you can see another peak behind other mountains.

Everyone tells me the mountain I'm seeing on the far left is either adams or st. helens.. I'm not from here and I can't figure it out!

up the books.

benefit show for Black Rose Books and Free Store! we're a super rad, anarcho-awesome community center featuring a bookstore, a freestore, a lending library, and radical meeting/hanging out space. 4038 n. mississippi. come say hi!

drinkless in Seattle?

Okay, it's round two on the drinking questions. My good friend is here visiting and we are heading up to Seattle for a few days. For those of you who have traveled to or lived in Seattle, are there any bars, preferably gay ones, with no cover, cheap drinks, etc? Anything else you'd recommend for travelers on a low budget? Merci! Thanks!

River suggestions for all of you who asked

All right everybody, here are some river recommendations (both from the Portland Mercury):


"You shouldn't have to drive hundreds of miles, spewing toxic fumes, to commune with nature. If you want to be truly eco-friendly, ditch the Subaru and take TriMet.

Stuff a two-person inflatable kayak, paddle, pump, life vests, food and beer into a duffel. Grab a friend who you wouldn't mind spending a few hours with to help you carry all that junk, and hop on the 31-Estacada to the Clackamas River. Get off the bus at Barton Park and hitch a ride or walk the quarter-mile down the hill to the water. Three or four lazy hours later, you'll find you've floated to Carver Park. An easy pull out, from here lug your stuff back over the bridge, up the hill and hop back on the 31, homeward bound.

Or, try the same itinerary, but without hauling your own equipment. Allstar Rafting will meet you at Barton Park with gear, and pick it up when you pull out at Carver Park. JB for bus schedules, no service Sunday.

Allstar Rafting, 1-800-909-7238. $40 for two-person kayak, paddles, life vests, and shuttle service."
House of Leaves

Sellin' stuffs

I'm heading off to vet school this fall and there's some things I have floating around I'm not going to need, such as my prom dress, my collection of Buffy and X-Files magazines, and some leather jackets (I'm going to southern California). If any of those things sound like something you could use, pictures are behind the cut. The clothes fit sizes 8-12.

I'm near SE 39th and Holgate and will be here at the house until 6 tonight, and then around most of the day tomorrow, so if you see something you'd like to stop by and pick up, leave a comment here with your e-mail and we can work something out. I check ye olde internets pretty darn frequently, so no worries there.

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So yeah, just leave a comment if you're interested in anything! I got no takers on Craigslist so if you're interested in something and think my price is ridiculous, lemme know and I'm sure we can work something out.
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tequilla days

Damned Portlanders, I was unprepared. The heat came and ... I had NO idea where to sit around and drink margaritas. What's the best place in Portland for a full afternoon of getting your tequila on.

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 If you were planning to buy some seashells in Portland, where would you go? (At $3.87 a gallon for gas, I'd rather not drive out to the coast, as it would make for some mighty expensive seashells.)


AMTRAK follow up!

Hey! Well I just got back into PDX from my trip to LA. As you remember (?!) I made a post about taking the train down the coast and I got back a ton of responses, including someone to report how it was after I got home.
Well, it was GREAT. Neither one of my trains were delayed at all, more than 20 minutes there and about 5 minutes back. I got a comfortable seat both ways and every couple hours the amount of people would fluctuate, I only had to sit next to someone a few hours total.
I decided, out of my own curiosity, to actually go to the dining car for dinner, last night. It was interesting. My "reservation" was at 7 but I didn't get to sit until 8 and I had to sit next to 3 strangers! Oh well. The food was good, and it wasn't TOO overpriced. Of course I got the gardenburger which came with chips, a salad a roll and unlimited iced tea (milk or water also available)
An outrageous $1.75 for canned sodas, the snack car seemed to be the only rip off.
I was super pleased with the views and the times we made. There were smoke breaks available every few hours, I don't smoke so I didn't get off. The staff was helpful and friendly, I got the same staff a week later when I was coming back home.
Overall I'd rate my trip a 9.5 out of 10 because on the way back a stinky, tank top wearing backwoods hillbilly cracked open a plastic jug of jim bean and was asking me questions about the "city life" in his southern drawl.

++ for train riding, I'll do it again but hopefully next time not alone.

p.s. missssssed you portland!!!!!!!!!
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Hey, you! Yeah, you. . .upcoming Zonewire show for all you industrial/rock/ebm fans!

Zonewire will be debuting new material and the "tour" lineup in preparation for the West Coast tour being planned for Sept. at the special Red Zone Electronic Erotic Ball on Friday May 30th!  We hope you will come out to see us with our new friends Monody and local industrial rock faves Ghost Motor!
This is an excuse to dress up in your sexy summer goth/industrial best! The night will also include a fantastic lineup from PanZen Soundsystem!

Doors open at 8:30 pm and Music starts at 9pm.  Sliding scale cover of $5-15 so pay what you can and enjoy a night of live EBM that will have you on your feet all night long!
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Hit me with your best shot

I'm slowly turning my boyfriend into James Bond.

Two years ago he got the fast car driving lessons.
Last year was motorcycle lessons.

This year: guns.

Where is the best place to buy a class or gift certificate for a class to learn to shoot? Group classes fine. I'm also considering taking a class myself, so if we could do it together, that might be fun. I know next to nothing about classes so I can either pick a random one online (yes, I can google) or go off a recommendation which is what I'd prefer. Closer to downtown the better, but now that he has a motorcycle (eep!) he can get pretty much anywhere.

eats, shoots, and leaves,
-Pandora [not a panda]

daycare recommendations

so I looked through tags and such but couldn't find anything relevant. forgive me if it's there. also, I posted this to pdx_mommies but no one responded. things are pretty quiet over there ... anyway, here goes:

We're looking at a new daycare for our 14 month old daughter. She's currently enrolled in a Kindercare facility that we love but we're moving to the Beaverton area (Murray/Scholls Ferry area) and need something either in that area or close to work near the 217/I5 intersection. We're looking at Learning Tree on Bonita. Have you heard anything about them? Do you know of any other good daycares? We're open to in-home if it were well established, licensed, and pretty structured.
I appreciate any feedback - positive and negative. Thanks!!


So does anyone on this list own a Shortwave radio?
AFAIK, the point of Shortwave is that you get global reception...but I still wonder whether it might be better or worse from place to place. Is Portland in any way special as far as Shortwave goes?

Stage designers?

Not sure where to ask but I figured I'd try here.

I'm trying to design the stage for my concert and my idea is to use the lotus flower for inspiration. I want to use mylar/silver reflective paper to build a giant lotus flower-like prop that will go from the stage and up. Right behind me so it will be kinda like a backdrop against myself. I hope that makes sense. Anyways, I am having trouble finding the right kind of paper, cause everywhere its way to expensive, I needa lot of it to make it big enough. I also am having trouble with figuringout how to design it. I mean I know what I want it to look like, it's just getting to that point and figuring out how to make it stay standing is the hard part.

Any help would be awesome!
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