May 16th, 2008

here's another one.

is there an honest to god (pun intended) megachurch in portland?
where is it? i've heard the foursquare church in SE is as close as we've gotten, but i don't believe it.

i know i'm asking for a lot of anti-christian rhetoric here, but what's the weirdest christian church you've been to or know of around town that's welcoming of "outsiders"? i'm asking because i'm interested in this fringe christianity stuff and i'd like to actually see it for myself. the pentecostal church down the street from my house isn't too exciting and the pastor's wife wears pants and makeup. the slut...

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i would like to find a bike basket designed specifically for carrying little dogs.  i have found some online, but i would really like to find one locally so i don't have to pay for shipping and so i can test it out on my bike to make sure it fits and won't drag on the front tire.

here is an example of what i am looking for:

i already have a regular basket, but the dog ones are bigger and padded and have a harness and thus are much safer for pups.   i don't know if i should be looking in bike stores or pet stores, so i don't even know where to start looking!  has anybody seen one of these around town?

olive the mutt and her mom thank you.

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A Poll Question and a Shout Out

Do you find Jo Frost (Supernanny) attractive?

Emphatic YES!
Sure, uh-huh.
No, not really.
Emphatic NO!
I decline to participate in your puerile poll!

This is she:

Secondly, does anyone else like Buffalo Wild Wings as much as I do? I've been going there for dinner most Thursdays ($.50 boneless wings) and I really like the food and the atmosphere. What do you guys think of it? It's downtown right next to Pioneer Place. 
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I need help !!!
A good friend of ours just graduated as a nurse, I’m looking for a small charm (like to go on a necklace or bracelet) that is nurse related. ( I’ve seen charms shaped like a band-aid and I thought that would be super cute)
So I guess im asking what would be a good idea for something “nurse-y” and simple and 2.) Where would be a place to look for charms? I’m also looking for another gift.
I live in Gresham, but have to go to Beaverton Saturday morning so location is not an issue, I just want to make sure that the place im being referred to actually has charms J
Thanks your all great
Oh and Happy Friday
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To everyone who was worried about my neighbor - today his newspapers (at least a week's worth) were taken off the porch, there was a car our front and some movement inside, so whether things are OK or not at least someone is there. The lawn still isn't mowed so I may go over and see if they need a hand and offer to mow it for them. Maybe tomorrow when it isn't like 100 degrees.

If you don't know what I'm talking about it started here:
drinks The Sims 2-style!

(belated) Thankful Thursdays, Portland-Style!

1. Enjoyable al fresco dining with awesome friends at Wild Abandon restaurant. Leisurely food consumption, peppered with delicious food and excellent conversations, in the cozy back patio on a warm spring evening is simply lovely.

2. Plans to spend a weekend evening enjoying yummy dinner with a cool DP friend! Yay for meeting awesome people through this group.

3. Feeling the warm wind air against my face as I bike over the Hawthorne Bridge.

4. Artisan chocolates with dried dark cherries, from the Portland Farmers Market. They make a perfect gift!

5. A picnic-friendly weather over the weekend (time to hop on my bike and scout some potentially good picnic spots for my edification)!
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How far out of town would I have to go to find a nice river/creek for a nice day of swimming and relaxing? This sunny weather is really making me want to swim :) Thank you much!

Renter's Insurance

Hi all!

Some friends and I are renting a house in SE, and want to get renter's insurance. However, this is our first house and we're completely new at this, so we know nothing. What is a good company to get it from? I've really never dealt with insurance before, so I don't know anything about which companies are good, and which are bitchy. Which is why I've come to you lot!


Hey Trimet riders and other poor people

MetroFi threatens to turn off Wi-Fi in Portland

04:10 PM PDT on Friday, May 16, 2008

Associated Press

PORTLAND, Ore. -- MetroFi Inc. has informed the city of Portland it will turn off the free Wi-Fi network it is building if the city or a private company doesn't step in to buy the network.

Portland contracted in 2006 with California-based MetroFi to build a Wi-Fi network that would provide free, wireless Internet service for nearly the entire city.

But the project was troubled from the start by erratic service. MetroFi stopped expanding the network last fall, with the project less than 30 percent complete.

Background: Problems stall citywide Wi-Fi

MetroFi has offered to sell the network to the city for $894,000. City officials say they are considering it.

Help me find a studio! NW or SE , close to downtown

Hi all,

This has probably been asked a billion times, however I can't figure out how to do a "search" within this community.   ...I'm having a heck of a time trying to find a studio that is less than $650 and will accept an indoor cat.  I've obsessively checked Craigslist, walked around looking for signs, etc. and I'm losing hope! Darn things are rented out in what seems like 2 hours or less.

Anyone have any tip-offs regarding a studio that is going to open up soon? If you love where you live, where is it ...I would like to try to contact the leasing office or landlord to be put on a list, etc.

My ideal place: within walking distance of the streetcar or a bus that goes to PSU without having to transfer; wood floors, older building, less than 20 units in the building, water/sewer included

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Me and my hoodlums need a place to camp between here and the Gorge Ampitheater (yes for sasquatch) next weekend. WE are hoping to get closer to the ampitheater for Friday night. Any suggestions DPers?

Tell me!


Update to that Obama rally announcement

So I just got this in my local MultCoDems email:

Barack Obama in Portland, OR


The Bowl, Waterfront Park, Corner of SW Columbia St. and SW Naito Pkwy., South of the Hawthorne Bridge

Sunday, May 18th, 2008. Doors Open: 12:30 p.m.

Special Guest Performance by: Colin Meloy, Chris Funk, Jenny Conlee, Nate Query, and John Moen...

I didn't know that the five main members of a certain band were going to be playing. Interesting that they're not promoting this by the band name.
kurt che

Also going on this weekend:

Milwaukie Solutions for America Event with Bill and Chelsea Clinton

Event Details:

Saturday, May 17, 2008 at 4:30 PM - 5:45 PM

North Clackamas Park

5440 SE Kellogg Creek Drive

Milwaukie, OR 97222

General Area: Rose Garden


Leave a comment if you would like to volunteer at the event. It is going to be hot--bring hats and water!


Oregon For Hillary

So there you go, something for everyone. We all get a chance to dehyrdate this weekend!