May 15th, 2008


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Hi guys.

Sorry, but you all are my go-to for everything Portland-related since I don't really live here yet.

My best friend and I are in town from DC looking for a house. It is her birthday today (and my honorary birthday!) Therefore, we're in desperate need of a place to dance. A lot. Preferably late and with the possibility of alcohol. Queer-friendly and pop-oriented would be awesome.



Granted it was beautiful last night, so the trivia-goers are out in full force. It was my fault for getting to 5th Quadrant on the late side and not securing a table. However, the server was pretty rude to me when I tried to figure out what the deal was, and the food's not that great, so I'm not inclined to patronize their establishment again.

Unfortunately, I don't subscribe to Portland's trivia trade industry rag, so I don't know where are the cool alternatives are. Where do you like to do when you want to test your knowledge of 70s TV shows and how many horses of the Apocalypse there are?

Bonus points for good point and outdoor seating. Negative points for rude servers.

Thanks, peeps.
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Hello! It is such a nice day and I'm off from work today and tomorrow! I'm so excited because often on nice days I'm inside watching the nice weather through the window.

Normally on my days off I stay inside and watch movies for two days because my friends work normal jobs and obvisouly are working. But seeing how nice it is/is going to be, I'd like to go do something outside.

Does anyone else not work a normal job and want to hang out at a park or something? I really need to make more friends. Maybe we could play tennis even though I'm not good at all whatsoever and just play for laughs. Tanning in natural light would be fun too. Whatever, just sitting outside is good.

I just don't want to be stuck inside all day even though I got blockbuster in the mail yesterday.

So yeah, I'm pretty much done rambling. I'm in the Cedar Mill area and free all day!
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that darn cat

My neighbors cat keeps getting into my garden at night - I assume it thinks it is its personal mega litter box. I am not positive which neighbor it is because there are SO many cats in the neighborhood. However, I do know which cat it is as I have witnessed him/her in the act.

I've tried water, sprinkling tons of cayenne pepper, some expensive spray (critter ridder) around the garden that was supposed to work and even some barriers/fences. I can't afford a motion detector sprinkler or the 3' tall fences, unfortunately. This cat is driving me nuts. Anyone know of any inexpensive remedies or if there are any "leash laws" pertaining to cats?

I love cats but this one is digging up all my veggies and trampling on my hard work. I am debating spending a few hours going door to door trying to find the owner but I don't think they can do much besides keep the cat in at night - which I can't imagine they would do.

Ahh, what should I do?
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Web/Graphic Designer?

Hi All,

I am working on a web application project which is going through the initial specification phase, and within a few weeks-to-months (i.e. probably by the end of the summer), we're hoping to show some prototypes to a core group of client-investors.

Normally, when I work on these projects, I focus on functional prototyping, making it *work* as quickly as possible, and build hooks in so that the client can hire someone to make it look good after I deliver it.

This project is a bit different in that the client-investors are not heavily technical, and would be more interested in seeing a fleshed-out and *somewhat* polished design before committing to funding the application.

So I'm wondering if there's anyone out there in DP land who's got design experience who can make nice, clean, corporate-looking pages which illustrate functionality, having just been given some specifications and a handful of design elements? At this point, it looks like it'll require 20-25 pages, with some overlapping content.

Anyone interested? Submit questions, bids and links to portfolios to readyassist at gmail dot com. Don't be shy; if the project goes big, we may need your help through to its conclusion.
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Dear Double Penetrators:

it's that time of year again, and craigslist isn't doing anything.

Where's your go-to place for a summer gig?

(and no, I'm really not interested in recieving DP or giving BJ's, but thank you very much for the offer.)

Gosh Darn Tenants

Because I know how resourceful you guys are, I thought I'd ask here because we seem to be in a little bit of a pickle.

So, we have a house that we're renting out to people. This is their last month at the house, but they've decided to move out a couple weeks early. Now they're asking to prorate the last month because they're moving out earlier than expected. From what I understand, this isn't normally done. I know that whenever I've moved out of a place early, I've just had to suck it up and paid both places for a little while. The thing is, now she's talking stuff about bringing lawyers into the mix (which is totally unnecessary).

Does anyone have any experience with this? Do you know where I could find legal mumbo jumbo that I could have in my pocket in the event that they want to take it further? Nowhere in the contract does it specify prorating if they move out early.

If it makes a difference, the property is in Vancouver.

Thanks in advance!
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Local Host with the Most

I'm looking for a local web host with dedicated servers. I going local because I don't want to have to upload all my content (100GB+) using my home connection. That means the local company needs to be cool with me dropping by once a week in person to load new files on my server and won't charge me a fee each time I do.

Although I'm tech savvy, this is my first time building a website so I'll need a little hand-holding. Not with the front end design, I got that covered. I just need to make sure the back end PHP doesn't break when I load custom software.

Any suggestions? Extra points for Downtown, Beaverton and close to the MAX.
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Wedding dress hunting/Which reviews to believe?

I'm beginning my hunt for a wedding dress, and am reading through reviews on citysearch. There's at least two stores where it appears the owner of a competing store and the owner of the listed store are making fake reviews. I can't figure out what is real or fake. This renders all the reviews useless, and are thus not helpful! (The fake reviews are actually making me a bit worried about all bridal shops whereas I was previously excited.)

Since I can't trust the reviews now, I'm asking here.
It doesn't need to be a traditional wedding dress. (I would like a light color dress, but it does not need to be full-blown princess gown. Simple style preferred for a garden wedding.) I'm aiming for under $500.

What stores should I believe the hype about? Non-bridal shop options would also be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!
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I have this neighbor. He's a middle aged guy, overweight, I think he is on disability, clearly not a very healthy dude. He doesn't go out much and doesn't have many visitors. But one thing he's always been really regular with is mowing his lawn. Since the grass started growing this year he hasn't mowed his lawn once. His newspapers are piling up on the porch. He clearly hasn't moved since all his stuff is still in the yard. I'm worried he might be dead in his house or something. And he had a dog, so if he is, someone should go get the dog.

I wonder if there is a city or state agency I could call that would go check on him? I could go knock but if there is no answer that doesn't really resolve anything. Maybe I can just call the police non-emergency number.

An email I just received...

Join Barack Obama at a rally in Portland on Sunday, May 18th.
Rally with Barack Obama

The Bowl
Waterfront Park
Corner of SW Columbia St. and SW Naito Pkwy.
South of the Hawthorne Bridge

Sunday, May 18th, 2008
Doors Open: 12:30 p.m.

The event is free and open to the public. Tickets are not required, but an RSVP is strongly encouraged. Admission is on a first-come, first-served basis.

For security reasons, do not bring bags and limit personal items. No signs or banners are permitted.


So, missed the last Obama rally? Here's your chance! The "RSVP" is to get phone numbers to solicit volunteer work, that's great, but NO TICKETS REQUIRED for this one...just get yourselves down there! (This last bit is my own comment, not from the email.)

I was I'm not. i'm sad.

I was in PDX last weekend and had a super time! Thanks to suggestions from you guys we...

1.  ate fairly good food and saw a great movie ( In Bruges ) at The Kennedy School.  We attempted a movie at the Baghdad but the projector "was in flames" fifteen minutes into the movie. Got money back and drank more beer. Mmm...the beer! 

2. rejoiced because no one honked at me while driving a monstrous rental car down one-ways the wrong way.

3. drank the BEST coffee we've had in Portland so far at The Coffeehouse NW. 

4. toured the Elk Rock Gardens. OK, not the most fun we've had but hey, it's free. Nice views despite the rain.

Wow. That list doesn't sound fun at all. But it was. For the most part. The whole "being married and trying to compromise when I want to go out and he doesn't" deal got REALLY tiresome. Anyway.


PS Did anyone go to the Best Bands of 2008 at Berbati's last Friday? How was it?
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who's going to see nick cave in september? how much did you pay for your ticket, including service charges?

i need to know how much money to set aside because i'm gonna have to buy somebody's spare on the day of the show.
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Karaoke Question

Hey Ya'll!

I've searching for greener karaoke pastures...something a little seedy, cheap stiff drinks, no attitude, and hopefully super fun. I've hit all the hip spots and found them lacking for various reasons (Chopsticks, Boiler Room, Alibi, Galaxy, etc.)

I was thinking about trying out Legin on 82nd and Division within the next couple of weeks. Has anyone been, and if so how is it? I just don't want to waste a precious weekend night on a completely craptastic place.

Selling artwork at cafes - anyone know some good ones?

Hi! I recently printed out a photo that I took, and framed it. I'd like to sell it at a cafe for really cheap (probably $30-50 or so) because I'm just starting to do this.

I need your help with some recommendations, however. I just moved to Hillsdale a couple months ago, so I'm not very familiar with the area yet. It seems like a lot of the cafes displaying local artwork are in SE or NE instead. Areas I'd be interested in are: Hillsdale downtown, Beaverton-Hillsdale HWY, downtown Portland, NW Portland. Know any good cafes/local galleries around those areas?

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Sorry...Thanks... Whatever.

I would just like to say that I am sorry for burdening you all with my issues about moving. After thinking about "WHY" I am so scared I have realized what it is. It certainly isn't the whole "change" thing in and of itself. SO SORRY.

Also I would like to say "Thank You!" to everyone who remained positive and also to everyone who has given me helpful tips and suggestions. I really do appreciate it. Perhaps one day we could get together for a beer sometime.
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Deleting your lame "I am extremely phobic about blood and needles. I need to have a blood draw to ok me for surgery in 2 weeks at a local hospital. How difficult would it be to get someone to impersonate me to do this? If I show my Id to get the paperwork and then send someone else in to do the draw for me." whilst I'm replying to you is very poor form.