May 14th, 2008

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PDX bound

hey. i just joined. i'm moving to portland in a few months. currently, i live in asheville, NC. i've been here about. it's ok, but my plan has been to eventually live in PDX. just curious... from an "insiders" POV, how's the economy? is it fairly easy to find a job? what's your opinion of the cost-of-living?

i've pretty much scoured scoured city-data and have a decent idea of what to expect just based on the stats and cold commentaries it provides. but what i'm really looking for is what portlanders have to say about their lives there.

this is a major move for me and i just want to get out of the southeast to a place that fits me better and seems more realistic. i'm originally from richmond, VA... a city that gets a lot of comparisons to portland. if you've ever visited RVA, then maybe you can tell me if there's any truth is that.


The joys of grave never end. I just had to call the cops at my hotel(Jupiter) because a knife fight busted out and then they had the audacity to ask me about my homosexuality when I had to break it up. How's everyone else doing right now?
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Going Vegan/Vegetarian

Here is a question I know a lot of you will just love to answer.

I'd like to go vegetarian/vegan. First, what is the difference between the two?

Also, what is the best way to transition in a healthy way without completely shocking my system? What should I do about making sure I still get all the proper nutrients and protein etc?

Books, websites, recipes, vegan restaurants in Portland (lolol)?

Okay thanks!

Please Help! Legal Questions

Hi, guys. I'm new here and I need some information. I've been accused of a greatly serious crime. Though I spoke with a lawyer yesterday, I used my $35 initial consultation fee and neglected to ask a couple of questions. There's no way I have the kind of money needed to retain a lawyer. Maybe you guys can be kind enough to help with a couple questions.

The lawyer I spoke with asked for a retainer of $10,000. What is a retainer, exactly? He said his fee on such matters is $200 an hour. Is that over and above the $10,000 retainership?

Also, what I've been accused of, I was accused of back in the early 70s, as a minor. It never went to trial and the police officers found no basis for the accusation. I had my records expunged when I was 18 or 21. How far back does the police files go, and are potentially felony criminal offences expunged?

I'd appreciate any help. Thanks. 

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beast boy

I am a little afraid....

SO as we may remember, I am moving to portland in ten days.

My longtime mental picture of Portland was crusty punks camping in parks, earthy gays, Ultra Liberal people just kind of co-existing . They would hold Barbeques and drink beer and have a good time. Basically somewhere that I (SUPER laid back gay guy) might want to live.

My more recent experiences via my longtime friends who have been living in Portland for a 6/7/8 years were on the same level, so no worries.

Now that I have been cruising Craigslist for a place to live and watching this community, and trying to ask questions about Portland ( some have been helpful (( Thank YOU!!!)) , but for the most part not so much) I am starting to worry that the PDX is quite uptight and full of angry lesbians and people that are so far left that they are back on the right. I am REALLY NOT trying to offend anyone, but I need to know that my carefree "live however you wanna live" attitude is going to accepted and that I may be able live a low stress life.

Although my decision to move is mine it is also a work move. and I don't hate lesbians I have A LOT of angry lesbian friends ( I am practically the league mascot of my local roller derby chapter ).
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it's not that hard to find a place to stay on your own

Dear damnportlanders,

I've noticed in the past few days a number of posts seeking cheap places to crash, hostels, etc. Wondering if mods would be so kind as to put links to couchsurfing and Hosteling International on the userinfo page so that community members can talk about other stuff and not be subjected to random stranger's travel plans.

Some of the comments have been pretty good, maybe there could be a category added to memories for this type of stuff? I'd also love to see the tagging feature utilized - I've been super into saucydwellings lately and am definitely wishing for more tagging on DP. If y'all don't have the time, I'm sure there're folks on here who'd be willing to donate some time to make this a better resource for all of us. I get kind of bummed out seeing coffee requests every other week, and not having an easy way to click and go back to all the other coffee request posts that got slightly different answers that I meant to check out. I don't want to bog down my personal memories, but it seems that stuff like that would be ideal for LJ's tag features - we've got years worth of recommendations for vegan places in NE, and no really easy way to find them.

I'm in this community to talk about nominally PDX-related stuff with my friends and neighbors, NOT to be solicited for a place to crash. And I don't mind people asking the same questions over and over, but I know when I'm asking a question, I'd love to be able to click a link and see other recommendations (like, maybe someone else in DP history has recommended a handyman, but no one responded to my last post? COME ON GUYS MY BASEMENT IS FLOODING).

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Döner kebab?

Anyone know when the new Döner kebab restaurant on SW 4th is opening? It's between the Rialto and Peterson's. No sign's up on the windows, but the front section looks almost ready for business.

here fishy fishy fishy

Where in Portland would a person find the freshest, bestest, tastiest fish? (Not a restaurant but where to buy and take home for cookin'.)

I know we have loads of great butcher's and deli's in town but what about the fish mongers?

Thanks DP!
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No No

No more Taqueria Nueve!

I do not think this has been posted here yet, but Taqueria Nueve on NE 28th, just north of Burnside is closed. A small, hand-written sign in the window reads, "Nov. 28th, 2000 - May 10th, 2008 Thanks for all your support over the years. Taqueria 9 Staff.
*sniff* We LOVED this place, my family and I. It is a shame to see it go.
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I'm sure this must have already been asked...

... but what the hell is up with the Sleep Country TV ads using the Sleep Country lady's voice with someone else lip-synching the words? That's weirding me out pretty bad.

Bet the Sleep Country lady isn't so hot about it, either.

Industrial accident? Eczema flareup? Random makeup disaster?

If you're gonna go Stepford Wife style, go all the way! Come back, Sleep Country lady!! Come back!

P.S. -- I don't believe any of this. I want conspiracy theories.

Pigs blood, anyone?

I'm woefully uneducated about butcher shops here in Portland, and the might Google has failed me in finding information, so I come to you.

I need about two pints of pigs blood for a photoshoot I'm doing on the 24th. I need to know locations of butcher shops (or anywhere else that sells animal blood), and pricing, if you know it. If not, just locations that I can call or visit.

I'm in SE, about five minutes from downtown, so I can pretty much travel anywhere as long as it doesn't mean an hour long bus ride or anything.
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Handy Solidarity

(no subject)

 I wanted to know what other damnportlanders, (in particular, of the female variety)  think about this:

Obama has apologized for the demeaning way he addressed a reporter recently, “Senator, how are you going to help the American autoworkers,”

Agar asked Obama.

“Hold on one second, sweetie,”

...reporter Jim Rutenberg pointed out this wasn’t the first time Obama used the word: “Back in Pennsylvania in early April, Senator Barack Obama took some heat for calling a female factory worker ‘sweetie,’ in Allentown.”

Obama apologized in a voicemail he left on Agar’s cell phone at 3:16 p.m:

In part:

“Second apology is for using the word ‘sweetie.’ That’s a bad habit of mine...”


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St. Helens Gifts

Does anyone know if there's anyplace around that sells Mt St Helens gifts anymore?  Not just magnets and keychains, but ash from the blow and things made from the ash.  Somewhere that's not 1 1/2 hours away?  Google fails me.
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The Death of Rock and Roll

x-posted from my journal in light of today's DP discussion of dead restaurants

Mark Lindsay's Rock N Roll cafe is DEAD. Long live whatever the fuck they put in its place.

051408 closed for business

There was much anticipation as the nice brick building was refurbished in the Hollywood District of NE Portland. What would go in that richly-colored edifice? An environmentally-conscious corporation? A cool bar, steeped in the local customs of divey atmosphere and great beer?

Or, you know, maybe a poorly-executed "theme" restaurant, headlined by a long-washed-up 60's heartthrob pop star, maybe?
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I just happened to be on FOX when along comes the scrolly thing down on the bottom of the screen with this gem:

There is some sort of Police Activity at NE 82nd and Multnomah in Portland. There aren't a lot of details, but we do know that Portland's SERT team is involved. The scene is less than a mile from a SERT callout last night. We'll continue to follow the developments, and bring you the details, first on Fox News.

Somewhere, out there, in the night...shit is goin down!!!
Push Button For POPSICLES

Duh . . . hut.

Where are some hip places to go on a Wednesday night? I'd prefer to stay away from pretension if I can. I want a place with some good dancing music. Good prices on drinks would be nice, but not entirely necessary 'cause I might not be drinking. Please do not recommend establishments that charge an entrance(cover) fee. That shit is ridiculous.