May 13th, 2008


biking advice from an interbutts person:

Here is some biking advice from an unnamed author of Netscape. It's written for San Francisco but you may enjoy it anyway.

* * *

I posted most of this as a comment in someone else's LJ who was thinking of buying a bike, but perhaps it is of more general interest.

I've been using a bike as my exclusive transportation in SF for about ten years. I've always ridden, but that's when I stopped driving a car except under extreme duress.

Here's how to begin your adventure as a commuter-bicyclist in San Francisco:

1. Never take bike advice from anyone who owns bike shorts, clip shoes, a messenger bag, or a fixie. That's like taking car advice from someone who enjoys rebuilding carburetors.

(Update: If you are this person, you need not reply with your indignant "corrections". You are not the person to whom this advice is addressed.)

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Portland-related because I like seeing nerds of any kind get righteously enraged, including bike nerds.

copies + square dancin.

someone please tell me it's still possible to get 8.5'x11' B/W copies for five cents. if eugene can do it so can we. any leads would be awesome. update! documart has five cent copies for their self-serve machines, and they got a bunch of locations. winnar.

also, square dancing is cool. trust me. i was skeptical, but it really is. people's coop has a big square dance every other wednesday at 7pm, and a bunch of friends and i are goin this week. they ask for a small donation, but moneyfree folks are welcome, too.
little blue dog


Hey Damn members of Facebook -

If you're on Facebook and you live in or around Portland, you might also be a member of the Portland, OR network. However, Facebook's "networks" page carries an alert that the networks feature will be discontinued soon, and that the "groups" feature will essentially be taking its place.

Opportunist that I am, I created a general interest "PORTLAND" group on FB. I don't plan on instituting any rules or whatever, and I imagine the stuff posted there will be a mishmash of the kind of thing that's now on the Portland, OR network page.

Anyhoo, just letting y'all know it's there.
Ireland villiage

Quick Question for Ya'll

Of the three top candidates, whom would you rather have be president?

The black one
The woman one
The other one

Which of the following issues are most important to you in selecting a president:

War policy
Fiscal/Economic Issues
Social/Moral Issues
Other (please comment!)

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Hey, does anybody have a personal recommendation for an ear doctor otolaryngologist? Of course I could (and did) Google it but it's hard to tell who is good based on their web sites.

I'm in SE Portland so as close as possible to that would be great.

Montage, Self

She's a maniac, maaaaniac...

Anyone take dance classes, past or present? I'm not looking for partnered, pole, or perfect dancing. Something jazzy and contemporary comes to mind. My background is a bit of ballet as a kid (which I didn't like), some fencing and DDR most recently (which is more my style). I'm browsing studios, found a few that look OK, but am also seeking out personal anecdotes if you've got 'em. Bonus points for classes geared toward people who don't usually like classes. Snark away, and thanks much. :)

City Chiropractic?? Good, bad, great, fair?

Any one been to City Chiropractic downtown? What is/was your experience with them? Any guru's you\d recommend downtown?

Chiropractor's secret ingredient

Some times its hard to find that "diamond in the rough". I'm aware that some have gimmicks, programs, or devices they try to 'sell' you on, others are okay or good, and once in a while you're lucky and get a great one. And, some make you worse. =( I guess that's true with lots of things.

I was lucky and found a "miracle-worker" but she moved to Hawaii last year. *sadness*
I'd love to hear about any personal experiences you've had with City Chiropractic, as they are very close, but proximity and neon signs are not the best factors to make this kind of decision. =D

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long story short.

i have some dental gold. even some solid gold teeth.
i've decided i want to sell them. ive called some pawn shops and they all say they will only take them if there is no teeth attached. and well. a few still have teeth attached.

does anyone know of a place that even might take gold with teeth attached?

i really dont want to spend my tuesday evening with my dremel trying to carve these teeth out.

Women's Studies Student Colloquium

So, I'm in Women's Studies at PSU (as some of you may remember) and as part of the class I am required to help out with a Women's Studies Student Colloquium that is on campus this Friday.  I am part of the group responsible for finding food donations, and I have come to you esteemed Portland citizens to tell me if you have any hook ups (whether you own a restaurant or work for one, or other food establishment) for food donations for this event. Since it is about community, we'd love to have some local places donate, but we won't discriminate!

In order to make serving food legal, we need proof of insurance and a current restaurant license from wherever the donations come from. I can't guarantee that we'll accept your donation, since there are other people than me looking for donations as well and I don't yet entirely know all of what has or hasn't been confirmed. But reply if you have any suggestions!

Also, we were informed that about 100 people are expected to attend, so something to keep in mind. Since the Multicultural Center here at PSU will be providing boxed lunches for the participants and volunteers, what we're looking for are more snack-like foods.

Some ideas...
  • coffee (though Stumptown might possibly be donating this, so we're not sure)
  • other drinks, like sodas, juices
  • pastries
  • cookies
  • (other snack-like foods)
and necessary non-food things like:
  • cups
  • napkins
  • plates
That's about all I can think of... Thanks in advance!
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apartment hunting

Hi everyone,

I'm going to be moving to Portland mid-June and was wondering if there were any specific apartment management companies people would recommend or avoid. Does anyone have experience with KBC management? I'm specifically looking for a studio or 1 bedroom most likely in NW or SW, somewhere where i can feasibly catch public transport to OHSU. Also i'm trying to secure something while still living out of state and while i do have a friend in the Portland area to help me, i imagine not all landlords/companies will be okay with renting without meeting me in person.

Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks!
Safety first

Another Chiro inquiry....

I'm looking for a chiropractor. Ideally in inner NE (near Glisan and 28th) but i have a car and get pretty much anywhere for someone good, gentle, and who can deal with jaws (my jaw popped something awful yesterday and continues to hurt like crazy any time i try to open my mouth. Very inconvenient.)

My insurance sucks but pretty much everyone accepts it (Blue Cross/Blue Shield) so i'd rather find someone good and pay for it that someone cheap who can't help much.


Harassed by bums at the Portland Saturday Market

So I walked to the Portland Saturday Market and there were some "musician" bums making noise under the bridge.   In a very, of course, crowded area.   This is the picture i took:

I am snapping pictures here and there of the market and some of Portlands culture which includes many dirty drug addicted looking bum youths.  So after taking a picture of the group of bums, I hear the girl telling the guy to come up to me and i'm thinking "oh boy.."  So this guy with the hats and dreds comes up and says rudely "Hey, are you going to pay for that picture"  to which i respond "No."  He says "Well I think you should OK"  and I'm like "This is public property, I can take any pictures I want."   And he says "These are people ok, not just scenery ok".  Something very idiot sounding like that to which i say "That is a matter of opionion."  ANd then he grumbles some other nonsense about how he thinks i should delete it (very enlightening).

I was a bit annoyed at this confrontation.  Bums are usually nice, at least at first.  They usually ask for money nicely not as if you owe it to them, then they usually smile and say thanks when you refuse if they are somewhat business savvy and know perhaps tomorrow you'll be more so inclined.  But no, these ones were idiots, with the IQ of a 5 year old.  If he would have kept on I would have called the police.

Just wanted to share that story with you all and encourage photographers to keep taking any pictures they want on public property and not hand over property or succumb to assholes who think you have to pay them or threaten to call their lawyer.   I also just wanted to make sure this picture got on the internet :)
Fatty Goldfish

Moth inquiry!

i was in downtown tanasbourn today, and i found this delightfully large moth!

   it is about the size of my thumb, a bit longer than an inch, and rather thick, greyish brown with very vivid black and brown stripes.

the prettiest part, is that when it opens its wings, the undersides are bright maroonish pink, with cerulean blue eyespots!  i love moths, and really want to keep it, seeing as its  missing two legs on one side, and is also missing an antenna, i wouldnt feel right just setting it on a plant and walking away :<!

    my biggest dilema:  WHAT DOES IT EAT?   smaller moths? flowers? fruit? sugar water? dirt?  i have all of these things, but  i dont know what it might eat... smaller moths eat anything from fruit to cloth to other bugs, but this one is bigger and ive never seen it before, any suggestions :>?!!!

Xmas Socks

Career Clothing for Women in Need

So there's an organization that takes business clothes for women in need. It's a program for women who were recently on welfare and are now ready to enter the workforce. They're in need of business type of attire and can go to a clothes closet to get assistance. Any one know what company I'm talking about?

Upcoming field trips!

So, here are two ideas that I am floating, since our get-togethers at the East Side are so full of love, harmony and enchanting discussion.

First, I think that in this beautiful weather we are having, we should have a get together outside. I was thinking sometime on a Friday/Saturday afternoon we could meet for picnic-like activities at, say, Hoyt Arboretum. There is a viewing spot there that isn't that much of a walk from the MAX station.

Second, if you haven't been to the City Liquidators, it is a very interesting place to go! Especially if you like cheap office supplies! And odd discontinued toys! Would anyone in this group want to go there for an hour or so? Hopefully we wouldn't be so much of annoying ironic hipsters that they would have to kick us out!

Let me know if anyone is interested.