May 12th, 2008

How 'Bout A Cold One?

Rooms for Rent?

All right, so I have a roommate who is desperately looking for a cheap room to rent(~$300-ish a month) ASAP. My GF and I are moving out of state unexpectedly soon, so the timetable kinda got pushed up for everything, leaving us in a hasty/frantic/stressful state of mind. We've been checking Craigslist but without much success. Dude is really low key and nice and I really want him to land on his feet before we're outta here.

Any ideas would be insanely appreciated.


So I moved to Portland several months ago to stay with some friends here while I got myself established and found a place to live — they've been more than hospitable and I've had plenty of time to find work (currently part time at Office Depot), but now they're planning to move out of state, and sooner than originally planned. I'm supposed to find a new place to live by the 15th of this month, though the 16th is more realistic for me since, uh, I'll be getting another paycheck on that day (the end of the week). My part time job hasn't given me much of a chance to save a lot of money, so...

What I'm looking for is a room, couch, basement, basically anything I can consider a place to rest my head and grab a shower for a month or two. For the first month I could offer $200-300 in rent. A tiny bit of space to set up a computer and have access to wireless internet would be ideal, but obviously beggars cannot be choosers, and that's kind of the position I feel I'm in.

I'm a friendly guy, quiet and a bit shy. You could pretty much expect me to keep to myself, though I'd also be up for hanging out and making some new friends. If you want any references I can provide phone numbers, and of course you can meet me any time. Any offers or suggestions would be welcome here. Thanks very much for reading.

EDIT: Heh! I hadn't even noticed, but my friend posted something for me just a bit ago: That would be me.



I got a wild hair this weekend, and cleaned out more than half of my wardrobe. I used to work in a fancy office and wore suits and crap, and now I work from home. So all I really need are pajama pants and boobie shirts for Friday night.

So now I have 60 gallons worth of nice clothes, just not nice on/for me. Most of the clothes are in the 22-26 range. There are suits, skirts, sweaters, lotsa stuff! And I want to give you fine feathered fatties a chance at it before it goes off to Dress for Success.

So email me at my username at gmail dot com to set up an appointment with me to come look at it! I'm close in SE, and I enjoy iced lattes if you happen to go get coffee before you come over. YES. I'm available all week, folks! I'm thinking maybe $3 an item, but I'm willing to strike up deals.

rock out

permanent cosmetics + espresso = PDX?

for the first time yesterday I noticed a salon on belmont that claims to sell espresso (absolutely you, I think). I AM SO INTRIGUED, YOU HAVE NO IDEA.

I have zero interest in eyelash tints but I kind of want to get some coffee there just for the lulz/ is it worth it. I mean I know red square is across the street, BUT RED SQUARE DOESN'T HAVE TANNING BOOTHS

faithful handymen

sorry for the two posts in the past 15 minutes but I also need recommendations for someone to do stuff around the house - the basement keeps flooding when we do laundry, some light circuits don't work, outlets need replacing and if I can get my landlord to pay someone else to do it, I AM ALL ABOUT IT

also, there's a guy somewhere around 35th and main that runs a lawnmower repair business out of a house garage. I have forgotten the precise location and am also wondering whether any of you have used his services and can give a recommendation one way or the other.

Noise Permit?

I am going to be hosting a rock show in my basement in about a month and it will go to about midnight and it will be LOUD.

will i need a permit for this? and if so where do i find info about it?

thanks in advance!
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You don't have a trike my dad could borrow, do you?

Another one of those long shot posts, but hey!

My dad suffered a pretty severe mini-stroke right after Christmas. I've been trying to figure out a way to get him to be more active. He's never been a driver, and I'd like to get him on a bicycle, but the blood thinners they have him on sometimes give him dizzy spells. So we were thinking a trike. He's not exactly opposed to the idea, but a good trike is a considerable investment and he's a bit wary. What I'd like is to get him on a trike, for a day, on one of our wonderful bike trails. Have a picnic, show him his body is capable of it. I think part of it is that having this crisis has sapped him of a lot of his confidence in his body and I'd really like to help him get it back.

I have not been able to find a commercial trike renter in the Portland area. Waterfront Bicycle Rentals used to have them, but they're difficult on rental places - they don't get a lot of use and they're a storage challenge. Coventry Cycles (our likely eventual dealer) would let him try one for the day, but not without the super hard sell.

So. What I'd like to do is figure out some way I could find an owner of a trike (recumbent or upright) who would be willing to let my dad try it for a day. We could write you a check for a standard day's rental, we could work out some kind of barter, you could just donate the use of your tricycle for the good cause of lengthening my dad's life.

If you'd be willing to think about your friends who aren't on damnportlanders and shoot them an email, I'd appreciate it. 

Funny Face

Dumbass moment

I have a very excellent "I'm a dumbass" moment to share with you. We'll have a laugh, then discuss.

So as some of you know, yesterday was mother's day. On Friday morning, I finally mailed out the card. See, I had been working practically nonstop from Tuesday afternoon through Thursday afternoon. Thursday night, dead tired, I finally got around to signing and addressing the card.

Saturday, I find the card in my mailbox. I had addressed it:

[My mom's name]
424 Blair

and that's it. No "Rd.," no city, no state, no zip. Aren't I stellar? I thought so. When I called mom yesterday, I shared the story with her. She was amused.

Looking at the card, though, a question occurs to me. The post office, before sending the card back to me, stamped my stamp so I couldn't use it again. Why? Is this so that they can keep people from mailing to undeliverable addresses so they can be "returned" to where the sender originally wanted it to go? Frigging lame.

You guys rule.

Thanks for the hotel suggestions. The next little scavenger hunt I would like to send all you damnportlanders on? Polaroid cameras. I can haz one nao plz? Preferably circa Molly Ringwald and the Brat Pack.

(Yep, a hotel, a polaroid camera, and a bottle of mad dog 20/20. We've got a wild weekend ahead.*)

*While the management takes no responsibility for this validity or general nature of this statement, we do hope it made you smile. If not, you really should lighten up, eh?

kthanks. you're my hero, kinda.

mmm, politics

So this is the first year I'm going to be voting in government elections, starting with the primaries. Of course, there are more choices to make than just Black vs. Vagina, and a responsible voter is an educated voter.

Pity education doesn't come in easy pill form. I figure that by the end of tonight, I'll have decided whether to endorse a bland politibot or a cybernetic lunatic for our next Democratic senatorial candidate. After that, I still have to decide if I like any of the potential House representatives, whether I actually care about any of the other positions waiting to be filled, and whether Satan would make a better mayor than the guy who gets credit for what I see when I leave my house.

Naturally, the majority of the information on the internet, once you've knocked out the public stances on major issues, boils down to liars calling each other liars and blogging net pundits calling each other liars.

I propose a new measure: free drinks for voters. Not so much to help turnout, but just because I think I'll need one soon.

gmail: limitless?

I assume that just about everyone here has a gmail account.
I have one, and after about four years of using it, I am only at 5% of capacity. And I don't think I have ever deleted anything off of it.
Has anyone come close,or actually filled, their gmail to capacity?