May 11th, 2008


I am not a cool person.

How do you feel about your neighbors' loud parties? How do your neighbors feel about your loud parties? What constitutes "too much", wherein the door is knocked upon, a note is left the next day, the police are called, or flaming dog poop comes into your possession?

I am currently awake because Muse was blaring through the windows and some drunk girl was squawking "oh my gawd, i kno!!!1". (Now my mantle is rattling.) I'm kind of wondering if I'm the only fuddy-duddy that believes that 4 a.m. is time to go home. Apparently no one else on our block agrees with me. Or are we all just waiting for each other to ask for some quiet?

So, tell me about your mother party policies.
Gurren Lagann


Just so you all know, the zoo has opened the Dinos exhibit a little early and is currently charging $2 for entry to it right now up to the 17th (the grand opening) when it will become $4 for entry.

I got to walk around it yesterday during training and must say, it's freaking awesome. Not cheesy at all like I thought it was going to be. GO ON THE DINO SLIDE :D
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1920s-1930s-style hair fashions

Does anyone know of a good hairdresser here in Bridge City or the surrounding burgs who can cut a good (sleek, accurate) late 1920s-1930s bob? If s/he is still attending cosmetology courses, that's a-o-k by me.

Also, on a completely (?) unrelated note, is anyone here attending the UFO thingy in McMinnville?



Where are some good places to camp around here?

We want the site to be not too much further than an hour away and it to have water spigots and flushing toilets a short hike away would be snazz. On any sort of water would be rad. Really just looking for a pretty place where we can chill out, maybe do some little hikes.
There will be about 10 of us.


Yeah I'm that dog that ate the moon

Happy Mother's Day

I hope all of you are honoring your mothers for not only having to put up with delivering you but raising you snarky bunch. *toasts*

On a side note, does anyone know of a good t-shirt company? I'm looking for a local company that would be able to create about 20-25 t-shirts for one of my school clubs. The design is really simple line art; it's under the cut. The cheaper the company the better, as long as it's reasonably good quality.

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registering pets....

So i am a bit confused about registering pets in Oregon. I moved here from out of state with an unregistered cat. He is indoors only, healthy and well taken care of but never been registered anywhere except with my landlord. After moving here i adopted a kitten from Multnomah county shelter who was chipped and registered. I just got a card from the county to renew his license. The question being: do i have to, and/or why should I? Very short on cash right now, and kitten is also indoor only. Why pay to renew a pet license? Do i need to? Is there a law, or are they just trying to get more money out of me? It doesn't cost much, but i'd rather put the money towards updating rabies vaccinations!

Portland Health Insurance for Small Businesses

I am a freelance artist/independent contractor in Portland who is currently uninsured. I had insurance through the Freelancers Union a few years ago in NYC. Does anyone know of an affiliation for artists/small business owners that I could obtain health insurance through here? I don't want a $1000 deductible, or a $400/month premium. I am looking for group insurance rates, not individual. HMO or PPO is fine. Any leads?

Go Fish!

So, the wife and I picked up some of my old fishing gear this weekend with dreams of drowning some worms this year. Just finished restringing the lines and inventorying the tackle box...

Anyone on DP willing to give me some suggestions on where to go? She's used to fishing off the shore, and i'm used to docks or boats. So, if it's got a dock that'd be a bonus in my book. Have light weight gear, so we're just looking for trout and bass for the most part (though we've had plenty of fun C&R'ing panfish...)
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Fried pickles

Where in this damn city can a girl go to get fried pickles besides Hooters (which are actually decent) and Applebees (gross)? Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

Also, I just wanted to give a huge thumbs up to the Tiger Tiger Salon. Someone recommended it in another post, and I just got a great haircut from a really nice stylist. Yay!

Puppy School Reccomendations, Please.

This week, I will most likely be getting a mini Dachsund. I have an indoor cat who is almost 7 years old and has lived with only one dog, a hyper pomeranian. Luckily, that was for only a couple of months but she was not happy.

Since this dog will be a member of our house, I would like to make the transition as easy as possible. I am wanting to find a good obidience school for the puppy.

I live in Saint Johns but would be able to drive for puppy school.....Reccomendations?

Also, any suggestions for making this easier on my kitty? I don't want her to feel like we are replacing her or don't love her anymore.