May 9th, 2008

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Okay, it's 12:51am and I've called my bank. No monies.. I got direct deposit and according to the info on the site I should be getting my money today.. Does it not go in at midnight? Am I freaking out, half asleep, for nothing? What time last week did you first wave people get yours?

Portland related because I'm poor, in Portland.

EDIT: Monies where there when I called at 7am. It was exactly how much they said too! I hope everyone else gets theirs! I'm thinking good thoughts for you all. Now I'm off to Black Hole for a new tattoo!

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Charity Bash

This October I'm running my first ever 1/2 marathon in San Francisco - to benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (blood-related cancer research, financial aid to families, resources etcetera!)

In addition to the amazing bod I shall once again have from all the free running and training Team In Training provides, I've also committed to raising around $3000. I'm in the process of sending out my first round of 100 letters and posting various emails to my faithful friends and family, but I'd also like to host a small benefit at a local coffee shop - complete with a couple of fun bands and crazy hilarity.

I have a couple of venues in mind already; however, I wouldn't mind hearing from you some suggestions of venues that you personally know would be great and/or receptive to a fundraiser (ie: 30% or more of nightly sales going to the cause) and some bands that you think would be great for this type of event.

The event itself would involve myself and friends helping to serve customers/clean up, some spoken words from my Honored Teammate (a cancer survivor who I'm partnered with), and in general, alot of fun.

Thanks for your ideas - and pass the word along!

For more details about what I'm doing, feel free to visit my website/blog at

credit consolidation

does anyone here have any experience with a credit consolidation service? i hear they can to things like lowering interest or putting all my payments onto one bill. i'm looking to get my finances in order and interest is killing me. thanks for any help.
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"That's an awful lot of police cars"

Little mystery here.  Around midnight, there was a stream of 12-15 police vehicles driving up Broadway.  I was closing up my bar, Tugboat Brewing, on Ankenhy and Burnside, and saw them streaming past.  Thing is, they all looked eager to get somewhere, but I can't find any mention of it on the news online.

Anyone have any insight?

The new recycling bins are here!

It's new recycling bin day over here in SE and I for one couldn't be more excited. Like Christmas morning they discreetly arrived while we slept (and by discreetly I mean loud as shit). They barreled down the street like a magical, bin-dragging parade, shouting and clamoring. And the best part: we get to keep our old recycling tubs! Aren't you guys excited?!?!

maybe I should ask Shakira

I need a black box where I give it input of money and dirty clothes and I receive output (after some processing time) of clean, folded clothes. It'd be nice if it was someplace close-in on the east side.

To be clear, I do not wish to make the dirty clothes clean myself, I want whatever is inside the black box to do it, powered by my American dollars.
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Riddle me stupid batman.

 I don't know if it was all in my head or what, but I was wondering if there's a place in Portland where you can do like a build-a-bear thing except with bikes. Since i seem to remember hearing or reading about just such a place.  At the very least I want to know more about the all the many types of bikes and fixed gear since I haven't had a bike in years.

 I've decided that its time for me to stop being lazy and to get back on a bike. Any helps appreciated, Thanks!
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A long week...

It's been a busy week for us. We've been interviewing for a new nanny, but have only found one *really* solid candidate.

I was genuinely surprised when one of the candidates missed her first interview without contacting us. She called later that evening to let us know what had happened (flat tire, no cell, etc.). I didn't think about it at the time, but her cell was ringing just fine when I called it to see where she was. I gave her the benefit of the doubt, however, and called her back to reschedule.

Last night, she forgot to show up again. I'm not sure if it was intentional or not, but it was downright crappy of her to do, regardless of the reason. Part of me wants to call her today and ask her what drugs she's on to think it's ok to screw people over like that. This girl woman is almost 30 and works in financial services. One would think that she would know better.

My question for you, damnportlanders:

At what point did it become ok not to call when one is going to miss an appointment, especially a job interview?
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Thankful Thursdays, Portland-Style! (a day late, again....)

There are lots of things to be grateful about while living in the city.

1. The Portland Vegfest 2008 tonight and tomorrow. I probably won't be able to attend, but it is nice that Portland is home to such awesome events. It looks like their webpage has a $1 off admission coupon, by the way.

2. The quaintly-shaped and funky-color-schemed houses along North Michigan street (a block west of North Mississippi), which was part of the Pinot Pedal ride route few weeks ago. It's always nice to find breathtaking and rousing sights around town even after 12 years of living here.

3. Friendly and inclusive strangers at the Pinot Pedal event--it was nice to have riding companions to socialize with and learn things from. They were so welcoming. I can't believe how friendly most of Portland is.

4. Speaking of being friendly and inclusive, having friends in established local bands who ask a neophyte band to open for them is nice. Can't wait to open up for The Prids at the Satyricon tomorrow night!

5. The Simpsons music as an earworm--having "The Amendment Song" (a parody of Schoolhouse Rock's "I'm Just a Bill") stuck in my head while studying for a U.S. citizenship naturalization exam last week actually helped a lot (thank goodness for native Portlander Matt Groenig!).

6. The surprisingly efficient and courteous people at the Citizenship and Immigration Services (formerly INS)--not did I only pass the naturalization exam and interview, but was able to attend the same-day swearing of the oath ceremony! My experience with the CIS last week was completely different than the bureaucratically-challenged, convoluted INS workflow that I remembered from a decade ago.
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Hey there Mr. Jailer

Anyone, by chance, work within the corrections system? I need to conduct an interview (can be through e-mail) with someone who is employed in some way with a corrections department. It can be community corrections or something with the state of Oregon (or any state for that matter.) Thought I might try this first before I start contacting people through the State Department.

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piston honda

email lists?


i'm pretty sure gmail has a mail list function but I was wondering if anyone had some experience and could show me where to find info on making one?

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Tri-Met monthly pass question

Wise DP,

I recently started a new job which really rocks in lots of fun ways ... except for schedule. The way it's currently set, my husband is pretty much going to forget what I look like. This sucks, but is livable for now. The emotional inconvenience aside though, we also have a bit of a problem in that he doesn't drive and will now need to turn to Tri-Met to get him to and from work.

My workplace offers monthly passes for 80% off, so this would obviously be a great way to go. But neither of us have ever actually bought (or closely examined) one of these passes, and I'm wondering if it comes with any sort of identification (photo, signature, name, etc.)

Basically, would it be feasible for me to buy a pass from my workplace and then just give it to him to use?
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Need a present for your Mother?

Perfect for Mother's day...

I'm sure most of you are unaware of Fabergé eggs (being a past fad), but your mom probably knows.. well this painting is a spin-off of that. :)

Fabergé Bouquet
22" x 28"
Acrylic on Mixed Media Canvas (layers of tissue/acrylic medium for heavy texture)

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So, is it wrong to be sexually attracted to Jenna Bush? And is it worse if, when squinting, you see her father's young feminine face and are still attracted?

Portland-related because somethings here are just...taboo.
Lego Castle Making

(no subject)

I'm looking for two things, car related. 

First off, a good place to get my windows tinted. I don't want the kind of tint that peels away a few years down the road (real classy!), I'm looking for a high-quality job if anyone has personal experience with a place. 

Second, a car painting place - custom jobs anyway. Not anything that's like MAACO. 

Anywhere in the PDX area would be neat-o!
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Hillary and her supporters remind me of how, based on past girlfriends, all girls argue. Even when they know they are wrong they still won't concede. I've realized with women that they care more about winning an argument than being right. I presume this has something to do with women feeling inferior to men, thus the urge to always overcompensate (ie: butches @ hawthorne fredericks)

toe-may-toe, toe-mah-toe

tomato soup. i want some. anyone have good recipes? i want: something a little creamy and to make it at home by myself. i don't want: something with lots of chunky vegetables because that is for different soups.

not portland related in the slightest way.

Absolutely need Nick Cave tickets for very sad wife

My wife and I were delighted by the fact that our favorite band of all time was arriving on our very first anniversary! Hell, half of out wedding reception playlist was Nick Cave. Alas, we didn't have the money at that moment. Now they're GONE OH GOD NOOO!

Name your price. In this situation I'm not choosy, as long as it's semi-reasonable. Where are you, scalpers?! If you are someone or know someone who has tickets they can spare, you will make my lady's face very happy. Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope...
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Old school Mac games

Portland-related 'cause we love our Macs...

Does anyone remember playing this game when they were younger on their old-school Macintosh?

This was the first computer my parents bought for us, and I played this game when I was like, 5 years old.

This past March, the first sequel in nearly 20 years was released (as a Mac-only) application. I am having a blast. You can download a demo (or pay for the real version) here.

Very highly-recommended as a good "kill-some time," simple platform game. I am happy as a pig in you-know-what.

wyndham timeshare

so, has anyone done those timeshare seminars where they try to get you to buy a timeshare and you get a free mini-vacation?  it seems like it might be too good to be true, so i wanted to check in here.  i don't want a timeshare, but i want a little vacation!  does it really work?  can i just go and keep saying no and leave with a vacation voucher?  any info is appreciated.  thanks!
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does anyone know the deal with the radio stations switching around? movin 107.5 is my favorite station (kinda like z100 but with more 80's and early 90's mixed in) but now jammin 95.5 has taken over that station. the website is totally un-helpful. i just want my movin back. sob sob sob.
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A Spider Question. - SOLVED

Any ideas on what type of large indoor spiders we have here in good ol' Oregon? The one in question has a 2" long, kinda shiny black, semi-hairy abdomen (that's the ass-end if I recall) and a leg span about the size of the mouth of a pint glass.

I know it's not a mouse spider, I have enough of those living in my tractors and barn. And at least they are kinda cute and don't bug me. I also know it's definitely not a black widow, or a hobo/brown recluse.

I'm thinking it's common house spider, but for fuck sake these guys are huge and aggressive as all hell. Like jumping at anything that gets near them aggressive. Maybe they all got hit by gamma rays or bit Barry Bonds!

Edit: After digging around the entire Wikipedia entry for spiders of North America I figured out what it is! It's a (Giant house spider.) The size and other attributes are spot on.

PS. I love how if you Google "Oregon spiders", "spiders in/of Oregon" or basically anything with "spiders" you get about a zillion exterminator sites tell you that whatever you might think the spider is that it could be a brown recluse/hobo/aggressive house spider and you better call them ASAP.
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Pokemon Majestic Dawn Prerelease!!!

Date 5/17/2008 
Registration Time: 11:00 AM  
Start Time: 12:00 PM 
Location: Guardian Games 
Address: 315 SE 3rd Ave 
City: Portland 
State: Oregon 

lets hear it for teh geeks out there :D!!!! 

   i hope to see some people there :D!

EDIT:  ok,  scince some people got their panties in a knot, heres the deal:
     i am not IN portland, id be maxing into portland from beaverton. it would be nice to know how to walk there,  or how long it might be on foot from the max stop? what places are around it to eat? i KNOW i can check trimet, but like i said its not always reliable, and its  more fun to talk t o people and make friends in the process~
     i cant be the only one out there thats going :<
SO. which way is easiest to WALK to it, from a max stop? are there any landmarks around it, like powels or lloyd center? im not to familiar with downtown streets, mostly just max stops, and even then only visually. i tend to learn by being places and remembering what they look like, rather than street addresses, so following directions by street name and number is and has always been very hard for me;