May 8th, 2008

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Mothers Day

Mommy's day is comming up and my dad, sister, mom, and I would like to go to brunch on Sunday. Best places for a brunch in Portland or Vancouver? Bonus points if they offer soy free menu items since my mom is allergic to soy. Thanks!
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Perfect Playlist?

One of the local radio stations, 94.7, has an afternoon segment called "Your Perfect Playlist". Listeners send in a list of five songs with some explaination of why you chose the songs... maybe each one is a reminder of an ex, or they were all bands you've seen live, or they tell a story about something in your life. I remember one where the theme was "grass"... like the stuff in your lawn. :}

You can send the list in and have the DJ (djgustav, actually) play the songs, or you can go into the studio and play them and chat. I really love the segment, I love hearing bands I had forgotten or ones I've never heard of, and I've always wanted to do it.

Problem is... god, there's no way I could decide on just five songs. Which theme? Argh! Too difficult!

My POSSIBLE Perfect Playlist might include:

Rev 22:20 - Pucifer
Paula's Spiel - Janus
Bullet - Covenant
Another Perfect Catastrophe - Firewater
Devil's Dance Floor - Flogging Molly

Theme is simply that they all make me want to dance.

If you could do the segment, what would your five songs be? And why?
hyd - pfft

Feminist organization....

So, for my Women's Studies class I have an assignment where I have to visit a "feminist organization" for at least a half hour and write a short paper about it. Unlucky for me, that assignment is due this coming Tuesday and I still haven't figured out where I want to go. Does anybody have any ideas? I am supposed to write about "relating the work they do and your experience there to one or more of the articles that you have read for class," so I am going to assume she wants me to visit an organization that is actively feminist.

Anyway, I need to do this visit thing by Monday, though preferably by Sunday... so yeah, anyone got any ideas of anywhere I could go between now and then?

Edit: I actually discovered it's not due till a week from today, so next Thursday the 15th, if that helps add to the list at all. ALSO, I would prefer the place to be somewhere within like 15-20 minute (though I could do up to 30 if I needed to) travel via public trans from downtown area.
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Morning news podcast?

I just got a new iPod and it doesn't have a radio, so I can't get my Morning Edition fix from NPR while riding the MAX in to work. Soo...

I am looking for a good news program I can podcast and load up in the morning before I take off for work. Any suggestions?
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good spirits

hey portlandia! how are you? aw who am i kidding, i don't actually care!

so here's my query:

what bars in portland, preferably on the east side, but anywhere within portland city limits carry more obscure liqueurs like becherovka, grappa, slivovitz, akvavit, etc.

and what about bars or hey, even good mexican restaurants, that carry good tequila (specifically looking for anejo tequila)?

thanks citizens!
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get this girl a haircut!

i need a haircut, DPers. i'm shaggy, and have resorted to wearing my sunglasses on my head all day to keep my damn hair out of my damn eyes.

i need someone to cut me a good A-line, preferably in the division/clinton area. anyone have a recommendation?

Stamp price increase vs. ballots.

edit: Of course the link won't work. Ok, go to, search for stamp increase and click on the Margie Boule article.

Basically what the article says is how come no one is talking about the stamp increase to .42 cents on Monday (5/12) and Oregon's primary is mail in ballot (5/20)? Toward the end of the article it says this, "Ballots with 41-cent stamps will get delivered to election offices with postage due in a lot of places in Oregon, including Multnomah County. The counties will pay the bill." What if some post offices don't accept them?

I'm also bored since there is a woot off killer by the name of Targus 90 Watt Mobile Power Inverter. Anybody a wooter? Get anything good today?

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(no subject)

Picture it. You are downtown waiting at the Galleria stop for your train back to Beaverton.

You see a bum across the street with his girlfriend hanging out.

How many cops does it take to prevent him from possibly smoking weed? (And yes, that was the charge that I heard from 20 feet away being screamed at him.)

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Oh noes more jets

When you're a jet you're a jet all the way
From your first cigarette to your last dying day...

I just heard them over SE again. Wonder what's going on with them?

Portland related because they're after us, man.

What has NASA FOUND?

I can has space?

Dark Matter
Earth like planet
Alien life

All of the options would be cool. They are holding a press conference next Wednesday to showcase their findings. Apparently they've been searching for it for over 50 years.


I can haz mowz?

I live in the NE close to Alberta and was hoping someone could help me out. My lawnmower is getting repaired, but in the meantime my grass is getting way tall- like you could swim through it- and I'm concerned that if it doesn't get cut soon it'll be neigh impossible to do it once I get my mower back.

So dp'ers in the NE, I beseech you- could I borrow your lawnmower? I'd be happy to give you $5 or so for gas.

I'll be home most of Fri. & Sat. so weather permitting, mowing during that time would be grrrreat.
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Rainy Day

Business Meetings...

I occasionally meet clients and have conduct business meetings in various spots of Portland. Since my position is still volunteer oriented, and our organization doesn't yet have an office - I rely on coffee shops etc. Sydney's in NW is great for that - spacious, relatively quiet, with alot of like-minded business professionals.

Are there any other spots you would recommend for downtown, SE, NE, and the Westside?