May 7th, 2008

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Is there a free online reverse phone number look-up service online? Seems like they all charge $9.95.

PDX cause some 503 number texted that they LOVE me... I'm trying to figure out if I should be flattered or creeped out. I am sure that it's not anyone at the Mercury.
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Plecostimus in dire peril!

we have five lovely plecos, but our rubber lip seems to be getting the worst of a wave of ick D:

  we are currently treating the entire tank, but above all the others ol' rubber seems to have the most sores, white spots on all fins and even showing up on his lip. three of them are new, and the other two from beforehand have been around for awhile and seem to be doing just fine.

    seeing as we are treating the tank for ick and finrot already, i cant really think of to much to do for buttercup (rubberlip :)  ), but i was wondering if there wasnt some sort of individual treatment i could give him for his sores, like maybe if i could put him in a seperate container of water and treat it differently so he wasnt in pain?

  also, none of the other plecos are showing any signs of ick, just the rubberlip.

does the all wise dp have any insights for our poor beloved suckers :< ? 
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my hamster is sick. has been for over a week. i tried some things i read online and i thought it was just stress from moving her cage to another room so i put her back but it hasnt helped.

i need a vet i think. i dont have a ton of money. is there a vet that deals with hamsters preferebly on the west side as i will need to take the bus with the poor thing and dont want to take it farther than needed. shes old and i know i should come to terms with the fact that she is at least 2 1/2 but i cant watch her suffer.
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So I was browsing the web this morning to check what the weather might be, considering I have no desire to watch the local news full of bull crap...

Accuweather might just be my new fave site, and a ladie's best friend.

What's your frizz index du jour?

I might just be the only one amused by this, but at 7am and in dire need of volume of hair, it might be useful!
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Game Night!

It's the first Wednesday in May, so another game night for all you single people in your 20s and 30s. Please come join us at the Lucky Lab NW at 1945 NW Quimby. The PDXers group will be there starting at 700pm and lasting until around 1000 or so, depending on when people leave. We'll be playing a variety of games; Uno, Bullshit, Fluxx... etc, etc. Depends on what people will be bringing with them. So, make your way to the Lucky Lab, have some beer, eat some food, play some games and meet new people. Hope to see you there!

chinese calligraphy, anyone?

My mom wants to get "healer" in chinese tattooed (she's an acupuncturist). I found the correct (confirmed) formal characters and printed them for her in an Adobe font. Now I - and her tattoo artist - are desperately trying to convince her that it would look much more beautiful in brush calligraphy instead of the boring printed Adobe font.

She has no patience, and apparently no concept of "this is forever," so she's just going to get the bland/fugly tattoo if I don't do something about it!

Can ANYONE do brush calligraphy if I email you an image of the characters? It's only 3 characters. Or can you refer me to someone?


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Odd question (suicide and apartment lease)

Last year at this time I moved into an apartment in vancouver with a great guy. A few months later I took off to seattle, but stayed on the lease at the apartment and left pretty much ALL of my belongings there. (My room mate had nothing to furnish an apartment and it was a deal that if I gave him everything in the living room and I could keep the spare bedroom. He would notify me when he moved out)

Well, monday I came to get some belongings from the apartment to find out that SOMEONE ELSE IS LIVING THERE. My room mate is gone, new person living there. I was never notified that the apartment was being vacated, or cleaned out.

I am not trying to make a big deal out of my stuff being gone because my Room mate committed suicide. It's not like he was going to call me and say "hey, I'm going to kill myself next week, can you come down and get your stuff." I just feel that the apartment manager should have told me. SOMEONE should have told me before they had an open house on my memories.

Someone please slap some sense into me. I am trying to work this all out.

I spoke with my roommates sister. She said that he paid the last months rent, and his moms church had the whole place cleaned out within 2 days. Someone out there has (or had) a trailer full of my stuff. I guess the land lords were very "cool and understanding" about the situation and didn't press for anything. Thank you for responding.

LJ Therapists

Hello DP,

Do you know of an therapists or psychoanalysts specializing in LJ issues? I fear my friend has LJ addiction and won't be able to deal with a friend's upcoming transfer to a non-LJ medium. Price is no object.

Thanks for your assistance,


Eternal Feminine

I heard the phrase "Eternal Feminine" in an old WW2 prop. film last night, and all of my Google searches have not been helpful in finding what it means.

Can someone explain to me in the language of the stupid what exactly "Eternal Feminine" means?

--Portland related, because there are a lot people in Portland who are smarter than me.
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Half mast

Does anyone know why flags all around town are flying at half mast?

I cannot find anything on the news or the internet explaining it. Our best guess is that it is all in respect for the dead in Myanmar. Is this why?
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two things.

i am changing my major and looking into career options working with animals. i am having trouble coming up with a comprehensive list. does anyone here work with animals? if so what do you do? if you dont work with animals what animal related jobs can you think of that i could consider?

second thing. has anyone here gone to apollo college? is it horrible?