May 5th, 2008

fuck you anyway.

In praise of:

One more post in praise of Eyes on Broadway.

Seriously, I want to give every person there my firstborn child. They're that good.

I ran over my glasses two months ago. The left arm broke off. I called EOB and they told me my glasses were under WARRANTY and they'd just get me a new pair.
Didn't realize getting crushed by a Jetta was a warranty issue, apparently I'm wrong.
My original frames were on back order, so I've been rocking duct-taped glasses since the end of February.

This Thursday when my broke-ass glasses flew off my head while riding on the back of a speeding motorcycle over the Fremont bridge.


I went to EOB, a pathetic, hungover mess.
I left with a brand new pair of glasses- same as my old ones, only a slightly different color.
They told me when my original back-order comes in, they'll switch them out so I can have my favorite frames back.

Seriously? They just gave me a LOANER pair of glasses? I'm going to just keep these, out of 100% gratitude for their unparalleled awesomeness- but they were prepared to take back the pair they just lent me even knowing they'd come back with stained arms from my red hair and would therefore be rendered totally impossible for resale or display.

If you need glasses or contacts or an eye exam, go to them. They're amazing. The end.

Practice space?

Does anyone here know of anywhere that offers practice spaces to bands at a monthly rate? The ideal conditions would be unlimited practice lengths and 24-hour availability, or somewhere very close to those conditions. If anyone has any ideas please let me know.


Healthcare question

I feel a bit silly for asking this and humor me if you will...
Come this fall, I won't have health insurance coverage. I have never been
without health insurance in the US and I honestly have no clue as to what the
options are (if any) in Oregon for people who are not covered.
Can someone enlighten me on the issue? Point me to a right website?
My google skills aren't shining through this morning

thank you so much for the info everyone and for edumacating me on the options out there.
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Another Vet Request?

I did some digging, but couldn't find anything to relate to this in my area...

I just got myself an adorable tiny kitten and he's going to need his next round of shots around the end of the month. I just moved to NW (19th + Johnson) and don't know anything about the vets in the area. I'm looking for someone who preferably specializes in cats, although most vets are pretty much comfortable with the typical gamut of pets, and (ideally) works on a sliding scale. That being said, I'm perfectly willing to pay reasonable prices to get my pretty kitty good care.


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I need a copy of XP

Hey all,

My mum's just got a new computer, and it came with Vista on it.  She hates it (so say we all) and wants me to install XP on her machine instead.  I can't seem to find an XP disk anywhere (and I certainly don't want to pay for one).  Any chance there's a friendly dp-er who might be able to loan me a copy so I can install it on her machine?

I'll happily offer you some free beer at Tugboat Brewing, where I bartend, in trade.
Man Ray: Violin d'Ingres


Be sure to get tickets they are going fast!:)

This week,Baron Von Goolo (of FrightTown and PDX Zombie Prom M.C.)

will be interviewed on
105.FM by Daria O'Neill next Thursday at 4:45 about Zombie Prom!
Be cure to check it out!

You can buy tickets online or at any tickets west outlet;

Ticketswest Outlets

Ace Hotel
Music Millennium East
Portland Center for Performing Arts
Roseland Grill
Rudy's Barbershop - Division St.

Rudy's Barbershop - Pearl District

39th & Powell
Cedar Mill
Downtown Portland
Glisan Station
Jantzen Beach
Lloyd Center
Martin Luther King
Raleigh Hills
Rose City
St Johns

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(no subject)

Em and I have been asked (really more Em than me, but still...) to write a piece on "Working with a Photographer" for a local blog. The readership is primarily women under 40, most of them mothers, and so I will probably direct it toward family/child portraiture, though the actual genres of those being represented will vary. There's a series of faq's about working with different industries that the main blogger has been working on.

For those who have worked with event / portrait photographers in the past, what questions do you have? What would you most like to know / understand about the industry and how to get the most out of your investment?

tats and bike names

Hello again darling DPers-

All righty, a new query for you all. My boyfriend is searching for a great tattoo artist and I thought I'd ask here too since you're all pretty darn helpful. He's looking for someone who is great with vibrant colors, can do fabulously with Japanese style art, and/or cherry blossom trees (his tat won't be either of these things specifically, but that kind of style would be helpful), and most importantly, is just super friendly and would be willing to work with him on the piece.

And out of my own curiosity, do any of you name your bikes?

Feliz cinco de mayo!
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(no subject)

Does anyone know where Jesse from Capt. Jack's went ?
I dropped in many times to talk to him and he hasn't been there, and it looks like he doesn't have a station anymore.
I'd really like to know if he's gone to another place, or is just gone, as I would like another tattoo and am not real comfortable with people I don't know getting all needle-y.
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Join Anonymous May 10

Want to protest the "Church" of Scientology's policy of Fair Game?

Join Anonymous on May 10th for a world wide protest. In Portland we will be meeting at the Umbrella Man (Pioneer Courthouse Square) at 10:30 and outside the Church of Scientology on 7th and SW Salmon at 11:00. Bring a mask or bandanna (extras may be available from other Anons).

This is a peaceful protest against the Co$'s policy of harassing critics--both inside and out--of Scientology. For more information about local protests check out:

Or National and International:

Also, we are planning Anon-O-Prom to take place in late June, all ages welcome.

Amsterdam bikes.

Soo, I read as I was on my plane to Amsterdam in the Merc that Portland had won best bike city or something.

But man.

After being in Amsterdam for a few days...that's kind of sad. I think the bikes here outnumber the cars at least 20 to 1.

And I swear there's a 3 story tall parking structure here....for bikes.

Anyways, I'll see you later this month, DP! Cheers!
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love's a weed, trust is rain . . .

Open letter to Deb Talan:
Dear Deb,

I have a serious proposal. Let me have your babies. A lot of them. I'll make it happen. You're likely skeptical, but science can work in our favor.

If you should respectfully decline this open ended offer, please, do us all a favor and make as many copies of yourself as possible. We need you.


Nine Inch Nails released an album for free this week and I downloaded it. That's great and all. I haven't listened to it yet though. Shit, Radiohead's In Rainbows is still in my "hurry up and listen" folder.

However, I fired up tonight and found that The Weepies just released a new album called Hideaway a couple weeks ago. I'm bone tired but I'm staying up listening to an ... advance copy while waiting for my online order to arrive.

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Portland-related because Deb was in a Portland based band called Hummingfish a number of years ago when my personal anthems were voiced by Marilyn Manson and the aforementioned Trent. (If anyone has copies of either Hummingfish album please contact me, my computer would like to borrow them for a few minutes.)
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