May 4th, 2008


bacon + baking = awesome


Today is the day! My sweetie Dave and myself, also known as Sweet Meats Baking, are premiering our delicious maple bacon cupcakes at the Star E. Rose coffeeshop (NE 24th & Alberta) and at the Waypost (N Williams Ave at Monroe).

We hope to make this a weekly thing, so let me know if you have any feedback. Or any more recipes incorporating yummy yummy meats into pastries.
It's tasty, and evil! Hurray!

way too much stuff for sale @ Sunnyside Environmental School

The second annual Useful Goods Exchange Rummage Sale is today (Sunday May 4, for the calendar deprived) from 10 am to 4 pm, inside the Sunnyside Environmental School gym and cafeteria and out on the blacktop area behind the school. The school is located 2 blocks south of SE Belmont, at SE 34th Ave and Taylor St.

Unless otherwise marked, most clothing, toys, books, and other small items are a buck.
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Because I need to share my frustration with all of you

For most people, accessibility is in the category of 'things you don't think about until you need them.' People who don't need it often have a skewed view of what it means.

In the past 10 years, I've noticed a return in some places from 'Accessible in reality,' to 'Supposedly technically accessible.'

Steep ramps, with sharp turns in the middle; doorways that are wide enough for a wheelchair to pass through, but not wide enough to push yourself through. I've even seen ramps that USED TO BE straight & short, changed into ramps with sharp turns.

Yes, I know perfectly well that lots of people, both disabled and non disabled, think that it's ridiculous and counterproductive to complain about things like accessible ramps being made far more inconvenient & hidden from view.

Apartment hunting goes something like this:

Q; "Is this building accessible?"
A: "No. Sorry."
Q; "Is this building accessible?"
A: "No. "
Q; "Is this building accessible?"
A: "No."
Q; "Is this building accessible?"
A: "No. "

Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Ad nauseum.
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Registered historic buildings open to public?

I used to live in an apartment building in Laurelhurst that was on the historic building register.  It was open to the public, like twice a year, for historic tours (not private apartments but the common areas.  Otherwise it was a secured building.  I'd like to check out some of the older buildings around town before they all turn into condos.  :/

I am wondering if you know WHEN the historic buildings are open to the public for tours.  Architects,  PPPM majors. Real estate folk,  etc?  Anyone? 

And if you know when these tours are available,, is there somewhere I can get a map of all the listings around town?


last hour- everything is free!

The Useful Goods Exchange Rummage sale is in its last hour. It closes at 4 pm. Everything is FREE!

Free! Free!

see my previos post for pigs. Lots of this stuff is still available.

Furniture items will bleft at the corner of SE 34th and Yamhill overnight..
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i need a job. i'm looking to work in the southeast or east part of portland. i'm open to all kinds of work. know anyone who is hiring? if not, know any job seeker websites besides snagajob, craigslist, or portlandjobfinder? thanks in advance!

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I’m selling my ipod, because I’ve decided that getting a bigger backpack so I can better avoid being inside is more important to me than being constantly plugged into media.

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Also, I have a job being a person who looks for bird nests, so I'm moving into a tent in Arizona on Friday. So DEADLINE.
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Monday nights at PIR

I've promised a friend that I would join her in the Monday night bicycle races at PIR. Has anyone here raced? I'm in fairly decent shape, but haven't been on my bike much at all since the fall. I have no idea what to expect.  She seems to think we'll be able to keep up with the pack. I have visions of being the loser in the back of the line being lapped over and over. 

Anyone else going to be there?

Free stuff - Belmont area.

The leftover furniture from the Sunnyside Family Swapshop Co-op Useful Goods Exchange is now at the corner of SE 34th and Yamhill, in the NE corner of Sunnyside Park. This is what was available as of 8pm. There may be more or less now.

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I don't have a pic, but we also had a bathroom sink. Alas, no kitchen sink. The bathroom sink is near the tent.

There are two other items marked with "hold" tags. Someone has already spoken for them, and paid for them. Please don't take 'em.


Where do I go, aside from Finnegan's, to pick up rad and somewhat cheap postcards?
It's not that I have anything against Finnegan's. I'm just curious. Sometimes their selection is um, repetitive.
Decent Oregon and Portland themed postcards are good, too. It just seems like everywhere I look for them, I find the same(ugly)ones. I likes a little variety in my snail-mail stuff.