May 2nd, 2008

Tea whores unite secretly

Purely curious...

Is it like 'rid yourselves of a cat' month? I've seen three posts or more as of recent!

Not that there is anything wrong with it, and frankly my first instinct is "WANT CAT" and I would love to adopt another, but is there something in the air that is making everyone give cats up?!

I'll give mine up, it's old, cranky and does nothing but try to kill the rabbit!
Funny Face

Clowns Without Borders

A week ago, I posted about the show, "Clowns Without Borders." I thought I'd make a note again on the off chance that one of you DPers would be interested in helping out. We'd love to have an extra hand or two to direct traffic, usher, or whatever else we may need. You would of course get to see the show for free.

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SAT: DAYDREAM NATION with Matthew Stearns & Secret Highways

A Reading & Signing with Matthew Stearns
& musical guest Secret Highways

Saturday, May 3rd, 7PM

Reading Frenzy
921 SW Oak St.

Dear Readers, 

This truly is a busy weekend, but I think you can squeeze in this extra special event we've got going on this Saturday. You can take in the reading and musical performance and be off to your next stop before 9PM!

Sonic Youth's Daydream Nation is the kind of gorgeous monstrosity -- born of extremes, rife with difficulties, and mythic in proportion -- that can crush the will of the most resilient, well-intentioned listener if the necessary preparations haven't been made. In his recent book, Daydream Nation (33 1/3, 2007) Matthew Stearns explores the album from a range of angles, including a track-by-track analysis and a look at the historical and cultural context within which the album was made. Featuring a foreword by Lee Ranaldo and exclusive interviews with the band, this truly is the definitive guide to Daydream Nation.

Matthew Stearns is a regular contributor to Resonance magazine. A onetime graduate student in comparative literature, he has also held down jobs as a seasonal construction worker in Alaska, black-market babysitter in Paris, bookseller, editorial assistant, and record store clerk.

Secret Highways, a stellar indie rock outfit from Seattle that specializes in soaring guitar-based melodicism, will provide musical accompaniment. For this unique engagement, Secret Highways will perform stripped-down, instrumental versions of selected tracks from Daydream Nation.

33 1/3 is a series of books written about important and/or seminal music albums. Written by one author per album, the series is published by Continuum Books, and is edited by David Barker.

Fatty Goldfish


HEEYYY who else out there got mariokart for the wii last weekend, hmm?

i like the online play. it rocks.  not a fan of some of the handling, though, and the game is much better  with the gamecube controller,  but eh whatcha gonna do.

 PLAY WITH ME, THATS what :D~!!!

 mariokart code:

Peeved with pillow fight

So, I'm pretty disappointed that the whistle-blower didn't show or kick things off.  There were quite a few of us armed, poised, and waiting.. and waiting.. and waiting...  until finally people got fed up and wandered off.  Needless to say I'm a little underwhelmed by the commitment of the original idea poster for not following through on it.
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road to morrocco

Bike boxes aren't a panacea?

Not all cyclists go bonkers for boxes
By Nick Budnick, The Portland Tribune

Some cycling advocates are trying to stick a wrench in the spokes of Portland’s new bike box program, saying they’re confusing and inherently unsafe, and should not be approved by the federal government. The challenges they have filed to the new designs, which are intended to improve safety, could doom the city’s request for “experimental” federal approval of the already installed designs – thereby making the city more vulnerable to lawsuits stemming from future fatalities.

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What say you, DP? Bike boxes: good or bad?

Portland related, because saying "Portland related" pisses people off.

Anyone else?

Anyone else excited about the new Muchas Gracias opening on Weidler and 9th? I sure the fuck am. They closed the KFC and that damn BJ's down there which is crazy but I am more than happy about more 24 hour MEXICAN TREATZ opening up. I love Javier's...but man I've had too much of it.

Here is a funny review of Muchas Gracias from citysearch

"There once was ancient Aztec tribe who didnt have any food so they prayed to the food god and he or she, we are not sure if it was man or woman, gave them the OREGON BURRITO. The Oregon burrito is the most superior food to all other foods. Picture this a warm piece of tortilla with lots of good meat chunks and cheese and sour cream. It is so good. I like to eat my Oregon burrito in the shower. Where do you like to eat yours. PS i married one! The honeymoon was AMAZING. I order my Oregon's with no salsa and sour cream. Just like my honeymoon. The best decision that you could make right now would be to go and get you a big fatty Oregon Burrito Mutha Licker!"

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Did anyone read the I, Anonymous in the Mercury about opening windows on the bus? Have they ever tried to open a window on the bus? I CAN NEVER GET THEM OPEN! oh and that person is a jerk... public transportation has smelly people get over it or walk your ass somewhere.
fuck you anyway.

Bar with a piano?

Hi Portland.

What bars or restaurants in this city have a piano in them? One that is available for patrons to play, I mean.

I know Holmans has one, but the sustain peddal on it is broken. The Lucky Labrador has one, but it's not tuned.

I'm curious.

Where do food and booze and pianos coexist around here?

tv alerts?

This is what I am looking for: ----A website that will email me when a new episode of a tv show is on (or was just on).

I don't have cable, but I keep up with many cable shows. Even the non cable shows are hard to keep up with! I get all my tv through bit torrents. I know of a Firefox extension that automatically downloads them, but that wasn't working for me. I just need to know when they air.

Bonus: If it can email me when certain movies I pick are released as well.

oil change

So I'm rather leery of Jiffy Lube, after hearing about that expose that showed that they're not even performing the services you're paying for. Here's a link, in case you want to know more. I used to always go to the dealer to get oil changes because I would buy the prepaid ones where they include it in your monthly payments. Then I always went to Jiffy Lube. Now I don't know where to go, and I don't want to run into another Jiffy Lube type situation. What do you guys think about Oil Can Henry's, despite the truly obnoxious ad campaign? Where else do you go to get oil changes? If anybody cares, it's a '96 Geo Metro with crazy-high mileage, and I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT carry a car payment just now so she HAS GOT to keep running. Which includes regular oil changes.
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Million Marijuana March

So apparently there's a big march tomorrow in protest of marijuana, er, I mean in favor of it.  It's at the Pioneer Courthouse Square starting at 11AM and traversing at 12 noon.  HIGH noon if you will. The website I looked at for the event said that there will be no drugs there but is that something one can really enforce?  You think the law will look the other way if you light up?  Also, do you think something like this is a good place to get some of the green stuff if you don't have a way to get some otherwise?   If so, where or who can i turn to?  Do I ask too many questions?  Yes?  *Sigh*  ;)