May 1st, 2008


bikes and naked ladies

Happy May DPers-

I have a few "shout outs" if you will. First, if you live in Brooklyn area and happen to be a cyclist, go to the guys at Brooklyn Bike Shop (3432 S.E. Milwaukie Avenue, cross street SE Rhine, I believe). They've done some minor tune ups on my bike, most recently they stopped my front brake from honking like a goose, free of charge. Plus they're just plain nice guys. I can't promise the free of charge thing, but hop in there if you need anything and check them out.

Secondly, if you like vegetarian foodstuffs and strippers, go to Casa Diablo (formerly Pirate's Tavern). As the owner, Johnny Diablo, so eloquently said, "we put the meat on the pole, not on the plate." Try the burger and fries combo or the taquitos and make sure to exercise proper strip club etiquette (one dollar per song, and any extra you feel the girls deserve)!

And thanks to all who gave me hair salon/stylist suggestions. =)
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i am looking out my window and there are big vertical (blank) red banners on either side of nw everett at 6th.  and it looks like they've put out some port-a-potties right there too.  anyone know what they are for?

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Posting for my boy who has no internet at work.

Any decent art supply type store in NE/NW that would have calligraphy stuff and also be open around 6-8pm?

And if not in NE/NW, other places in the city? We've got a car, we can drive pretty much anywhere.

Bicycle Shoes

So I'm seriously considering purchasing some clipless peddles and a pair of bicycle shoes. Unfortunately, I know just about crap-zero about bike shoes. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good pair? I'd like some that I can actually walk in. Not having to change my shoes to go into the bar and drink too much is something I'd greatly enjoy.

What is the relationship between the shoes and peddles? Do the peddles come with the attachment that goes on the shoes? Can any pair of bike shoes work with any pair of peddles?

I like the look of egg beaters, but I'm not sure if they're a good idea.

Bonus points if the shoes aren't vegan and don't look like retarded bike-dork shoes.

Portland related because May is Bike Commute Month.

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touch up paint Q

okay, this may sound ridiculous, but can i touch up a scratch on the bumper of my white subie with any 'ol paint? like perhaps some gloss enamel? there are like 50 cans of the stuff down in the basement.

anything will look better than the big ugly scrape that is currently there!

i would also like to cover up some rust on the rims with black spray paint. :) this seems like it would work just fine if the paint was rust proof. but i don't have any experience with this sort of thing.

any ideas?
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Portlanders, mark your calendars.

JUNE 7th, 2008. (6/7/8)

we are having it.

Chez geek, who brought you our infamous halloween parties, as well as our awesome 90's party.... is doing the

Porn n' Cupcakes party.

Hosted by the queen of cupcakes, baker extraordinaire, former dildo peddler,yours truly.

oh yes.


just as a teaser, we're inventing random sex themed drinks (obviously the standard slippery nipple, sex on the beach, etc...)

we are inventing a drink inspired by the two girls one cup video. it will involve chocolate pudding. *muaahahah*

anyways, more details to "come".

Financial Advisor

Here is a new request, one that makes me feel disgustingly responsible.

I am looking for a Financial Advisor.

Someone to help me get form here to my goals with minimum banging of my head on a wall.

I’m looking to start a side business, figure out how quickly to pay off my student loans, and 401k/retirement stuff with my new job.

Preferably someone that won't be retiring in the next 15-20 years.

Thanks in Advance
green turtle

Ugh, Stupid Dish Network!

Does anyone else have this problem and what can I do to fix it?

Do you:
1. Have Dish Network
2. Have HD DVR
3. Record Lost on ABC HD
4. For the last two weeks have the recorded program that has garbled blips off and on throughout the recording
5. it's only Lost, the other shows that are recorded at the same time are just fine.

This is driving me nuts and I'm about ready to switch to something else!