April 30th, 2008

For those who live, work, or study downtown.....

Hi everyone! I'm a PSU student majoring in Community Development, and I'm currently in USP 303 where we implement our project that we planned the term before. Our team "City Slickers" is teaming up with the Portland Downtown Neighborhood Association to raise membership and find out what people's real thoughts and concerns are about living and working downtown. If any of you live, work, or study within the PDNA boundaries (roughly from Burnside to Lincoln, and no further than hwy 405) we'd love to hear your thoughts! We made an online survey that asks some specific questions, but also leaves room for more general comments. Check it out here: tinyurl.com/6frch3

Thanks much! -Eireann
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I just can't wait to get stimulated!

Hurry! I wanna buy stuff!


Here's my current economic-stimulus-junk-list:
Garmin Nuvi GPS thingy
Canon 100mm f/2.8 macro lens
DeArmond Ashbory mini bass
New bike
A good quality 12" nonstick frying pan (Cuisinart?)
Weber Spirit or Genesis gas grill

Decisions, decisions...

What frivolous junk are you buying when you get stimulated, oh DPers?
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staying in Eugene

Want to get outta town next month and Eugene sounds like a fun place to escape to. Just looking for recommendations for hotels (we'll be bringing our dog!) - that you guys have stayed at.


Event promotion

If you wanted to promote a talk and recital by Jacob Needleman and his wife, how would you do it? My dad is asking me where people look to find out about events going on in town, and I couldn't come up with much beyond dp, of course. And I think he wants to reach a broader audience.

Thanks, peeps.

(Needleman is a philosopher who has written several books influenced by the teachings of G. I. Gurdjieff. His latest book is called Why Can't We Be Good?)
"When the going gets dark..."

Dear Phone Solicitors,

Hanging up on people is rude. If you don't want to leave a message because my boss doesn't have time right now to listen to your stellar unsolicited sales pitch, just say "No Thanks" when I offer to give you his voicemail. There's really no excuse for that kind of rudeness, particularly when YOU called ME in the first place.

Honestly, I know everyone's gotta' work, but OTOH-- eat my shorts if you can't learn some fucking manners.


ms_xeno, office phone-drone

Pillow Fight Time!

Pioneer Square, May 1st, 6 pm.

Rules: keep your pillows hidden until the whistle blows, don't aim to hurt, and have fun!

As I told Brian, I'm only one crazy person, so pimp this to your heart's content. Really, tell every group you know.


What are your favorite places for soup in Portland?

How about for a good bisque or other smooth-style, pureed soup?

I have a bad cold and am looking for something nutritious, hopefully high in calories and easy to swallow. Ow ow ow!

Thanks in advance, DP! :)
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last minute costume accessory needed

hello all!

i am in need of a piggy nose and a piggy tail before this saturday.

does anyone know anywhere in portland downtownish where i could buy such a thing?

there is hollywood costumers, which i will definitely check. but i was more looking for a back up plan in case they didn't have what i needed.


Astronomy sky nebula 2


From Overheard in PDX:

In line outside Lincoln High waiting to hear Bill Clinton speak for Hillary for the upcoming Oregon primary:

Early 20's Young Man: I mean, the Democrats have two candidates running but the Republicans have only one. How do they expect to win with only one candidate?

His Mom: I know! It's hard to believe how incredibly stupid people can be sometimes.

Well, it is common knowledge that Democrats are generally smarter than Republicans.
Xmas Socks

Help my mom and me win some cool stuff!

A few weeks ago I entered a contest for Mother's day on behalf of my mom. You had to answer in 25 words or less why you and your mom deserved to win. Well, we made it as one of the 10 finalists.

If you go here and vote for us, you would SERIOUSLY rock!

Here's the prize and link:

One of these lucky Moms (and daughters) could win a giftcard from Lloyd Center for $200 for new outfits, hair done by at the Toni & Guy Salon, have lunch at Paradise Bakery, catch a movie and Regal Cinemas, and even get it documented by having pictures taken at Super Shots!


someday b/w


anyone have a great cake recipe?

I'm making from scratch

(edit) the reason is that the last one i made from a cookbook was barely edible. last time i trust that cookbook! (i've been assured the cookbook as a whole sucks so i'm good)


Filemaker training?

Hi all,

Have any of you taken a local Filemaker Pro training class? Their web site seems to indicate that Oregon has no training facilities but I find that hard to believe. If you did take a class, where was it and what did you think? I'm an intermediate-advanced user and want to train for the certification test without sitting through "How to Make 3 Field Layouts 101"

Alternately, have any of you used the official training materials to study for your certification? What did you think? Did it adequately prepare you for the exam?

Thanks! =)
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Online TV/Movies

Hello Portlanders and anyone else who may be paying attention.

I have a question. Movieforumz.com and tvlinks got shut down.

Can someone please point me to a similar collection of amazing online media that is free?

We are talking whole television shows and whole movies streaming or posted online for our pirated viewing pleasure.

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More exciting rideshare opportunities

Tomorrow at 1:30 pm, all applicants to the Oregon State Bar who passed the February Bar Examination are to be sworn in to practice at the Willamette University campus in Salem. I'm going to be driving down for this (probably leaving about 9:30 to 10:00 am, to have time to handle the paperwork, as they suggest). Does anyone else want a ride?

Help me if you live in SE!

I moved to Portland in August and have yet to explore much in SE Portland, where I live and work. Do you know of any good coffee shops with WiFi that are not a Starbucks. I would prefer something with a comforting feel to the inside that I can sit for a couple hours at a time. Excellent espresso is desired, but I would be willing to compromise for a really good atmosphere.

The veterinary clinic I work for is having an Open House this Saturday (May 3rd) from 1 to 3 pm. It's Mt. Scott Animal Clinic (8401 SE Ellis St. Portland, OR) www.mtscottanimalclinic.com
Lots of free stuff and demonstrations. Plus you can meet our awesome doctors and staff :) Pets are welcome to attend. My little 6 lb dog will be there with me greeting people as they come in.
We're raffling off a bunch of awesome stuff and you get free raffle tickets when you come in. Please come!

Clarity in a world of sound bites

For an Obamite disturbed by the reported comments of Rev. Wright of Chicago, I recommend listening to the podcast of the Bill Moyer's Journal.

  It reminded me of just how easily we just take in information, without having the time to fully digest what is being said ; and how the media loves to print only morsels.

if you are 21+....

...you should go to this show on may 1st. MAYDAY! (this thursday). it's going to be a ton of fun... and in case you were wondering why i want you to go, it's because my band MONSTER-SIZED MONSTERS is playing! but the other bands are rad too.
dunes show

you can check out our music to see if you like it at myspace.com/monstersizedmonsters