April 29th, 2008

Rice Shortage

I'm wondering if Portland stores are feeling the effects of the global rice shortage?

I'm a damnportlander living in Fairbanks, Alaska and both of the Freddies and the Wal-Mart here are completely sold out of the large bags of every type of rice. I'm interested in seeing how larger markets are handling the shortage.

As I was finishing typing this out, I'm wondering if the sell out of rice stock in some markets (stores) is due to fears that there is a shortage? Restaurants and businesses who rely on rice come to mind as those who would buyout stocks of rice for fear of running out.
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Stumptown Comics Fest

Did anyone here go to the Stumptown Comics Fest? I'm on the planning committee and I'd love to hear what people thought of it.

• Guest list
• Suggestions for next year
• Trophy Award Ceremony at Cosmic Monkey
• Location (the potential of moving to the convention center)
• Table layout
• Portfolio Review
• Panels

I'd love to hear people's thoughts.

Nicholas Gurewitch signing the Perry Bible Fellowship at the show...
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Rainy Day

Curiousity killed the Elephant

Today was the last day to change party affiliations for this year's elections - and since Oregon doesn't allow cross-party voting, I bit the bullet and defected to the "other" side to vote for the candidate I think will do the best job. Apparently there were plenty of others who had the same idea, as the election office had a line out the door and from the murmurings, we were all there to do the same thing.

Out of curiousity, how many DamnPortlanders switched party affiliations to vote in the primaries or general election*?

*This is not meant to be a post encouraging debate on whether voting is necessary or even effective.**

**Which according to Stephen Leavitt of Freakonomics, individual voting is not effective. Those economists!

Favorite camping gear store?

I want to buy some camping/survival gear locally, but I'm not particularly fond of G.I. Joes, etc. Their stuff seems to be rather cheap (and they aren't really dedicated to camping anyhow.) Does anyone have a favorite camping gear store they can recommend that carries good quality stuff with a pretty decent selection?
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What's the name of that film...?

Yes I know I could IMDB it, but for whatever reason its just not popping into my skull. I'm trying to think of an early '90s movie staring Bill Paxton, Mark Hamill and Sir Ben Kingsley. Its a weird underdevloped science fiction film and Kingsley plays an android in a future where everyone flies on gliders.

No I am not making this up.

I can barely remember the film, and I can't figure out if its just because I saw it so long ago or it sucked so much my mind isn't allowing me to remember it. Just like all those murders.
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Allergy season? What's that?

Everyone around me has their allergies flaring up.

That must really suck.

I have no comprehension of what it must be like to have allergies, except that it must be like having a really bad cold.

Best of luck to everyone who has allergies during this spring season.

As I told a friend, eat a handful of habanero Chili's or some really spicy Thai or Chinese mustard. That should clear you out instantly. I know it does for me when I have a really bad cold and want to be unplugged for about 30 minutes!


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Screaming Spots

Hi. I am fairly new to Portland and was wondering... what are some good spots to scream one's lungs out without freaking people out in Portland? In particular, I am looking for a place that is readily accessible on foot or via mass transit and that isn't too busy but is still safe.

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Who wants a kitty?!!

So long story here, basically a close friend of mine recently broke up with her ridiculous boyfriend. He had taken her cat as his own, and was going to keep it, but since he's a 35 year old baby now he decided he doesn't want it anymore. My friend has since moved into a house where she can't take her back due to allergies of roommates and other excuses. I was originally going to take this cat, but since he insisted he wanted it to keep I got a kitteh of my own. So now he decided he's unable to take care of this cat or some bs and is going to take her to a shelter. I wish I could take her on my own (or that I had just got her in the first place!) but I don't have the space or time for another one.

Anyway... I'm working as a mediator since both my friend and her ex-bf don't really understand the "internets" (or how to take pictures apparently as you'll see after the cut) and I'm looking to see if anyone would be interested in this sweet little girl.

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Thanks for looking guys! Hope you're having a great rainy Tuesday!

EDIT: She is fixed but not declawed... would prefer it stays that way as declawing is, to say the least, rather unpleasant for a cat, although the choice would ultimately be up to you. http://www.declawing.com/. Also she is indoor-only.

My cat is up for adoption.

I cannot keep her anymore because my new job requires traveling and I spend weeks, sometimes months, between different living locations including out of the country.
I really don't want to get rid of her but it would be in her best interests to have someone to play with her and show her attention as i NEVER do and don't plan on it so long as I work the way I do.

She turned 3 this spring, her name is Miss Bentley.  Her name is Bentley because i adopted a male cat but it turned out be female!  I've had her since she was a kitten.  She's a very sweet cat.  Well trained, does not climb on counter tops, does not scratch furniture , does not claw at people either, she is VERY GENTLE.  I never cut her nails yet I never have scratches.  SHe gives you plenty of warnings before using her nails.  She loves to play and loves attention.   She loves being pet, brushed, and sitting in your lap.  She does not stray from home, she is not overly shy nor overly friendly, if you let her out she stays close to home, but she's mainly an indoor cat.  Never had to worry about her running off.  Will come when called.   Everytime i have to leave the apartment and she is outside i just call her and she comes running.  Also she is not LOUD.  she does not make annoying loud cat meows for no reason, but more of muffled funny sounding meow now and then.

*warning* long haired cat = lots of fur.  Be prepared for lots of cat hair.  She has very fine long hair.

EDIT:  Willing to have people interested come over and meet her and then decide later.  Although we just moved into a new apartment so shes been a bit of a scaredy cat with the new environment.

I'm leaving in the beginning of June for a month and really need to have her adopted by then!  Thanks.
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Oregon Trail!

Hey guys!!

So, I'm really quite the nerd and am wondering if anyone knows where/if I can play the old old old version of the Oregon Trail game? Is there somewhere I can download it.... or anything? I miss that game like no other!

Thanks so much!
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Support Justia's effort to make Oregon laws more accessible.

Apparently, the State of Oregon is suing Justia.com for posting the laws of Oregon on their legal statute warehousing website. Justia.com doesn't charge for access to the information or anything like that. The state of Oregon contends that they meet all the requirements for access on the ORS website, but Justia.com has supposedly done a better job, correcting spelling errors, making the coding of the webtext better (more accessible) etc.

Here is a copy of the cease and desist letter Oregon has sent to Justia.com.

I figure that the law is public domain; the state of Oregon shouldn't be able to sue someone for making it cleaner and more accessible so long as they keep it up to date and don't charge for access. I'm not sure whom to write to about this issue that can do something about it. What say you all?


Can anyone recommend a good chiropractor in Portland? I think I may have displaced a rib or something. My ribs hurt when I breath or laugh and it radiates through to my back.

I've been to a few doctors who have done nothing. I'm thinking something needs to be popped or cracked or something. I can't stand the pain anymore. I know insurance doesn't cover it, but eh I don't even care at this point.

Fear and Loathing

My Dad pretty much communicates with me by forwarding emails he gets. Most are on a slew of nationalistic or conservative topics. Passing this one along for the heck of it.

Portland will launch a 21 day speeding Frenzy!

The state of Oregon estimates there will be 9 million made in speeding tickets.

1 million dollars will go to paying troopers overtime.

There will be 40 OSP troopers and local police officers on duty at all times patrolling these areas.
I-5 North and south from Woodburn to Delta park
I 84 Eastbound and Westbound from downtown to I205
I 205 Northbound from I5 to Hwy 84*
*this is where they anticipate highest volume of tickets.
Us 26 WB and EB Sunset Hwy from the tunnel to Cornell
Hwy 217 from Washington Square to I5
Hwy 18 from Hwy99 to Grand Rhone
5mph or over can justify a ticket and state troopers are instructed to pull over anyone going 5mph over the limit. OSP has issued 15 new unmarked Crown Victoria cruisers for this 21 day period. This new ticket revenue will help close the budget crisis they are facing. This 'ticket frenzy' has been confirmed by news stations in Portland.
Look out speeders!
Effective now!


With Love and Despair....

Oh my God, Portlanders.....I'm stuck at Sheppard Air Force Base, Texas, and I tell you....this SUCKS! I just had a huge, long, involved, philosophical argument about gays in the military with a tragically homophobic lad from Idaho and I miss Portland so bad. Not only because of the gayness, but mostly because of the generally far more enlightened atmosphere of the Pacific Northwest. People in northern Texas barely know what recycling is, and vegetarianism is "out there." I've found exactly one person who vaguely understands what indie rock is, and the general consensus is that Sevendust (???) is a "punk" band. Not to mention that no one here knows what a Dead Nazi shot is (had to instruct the bartender, who is actually a very kind woman), and I can't talk about pegging without sending some active duty Air Force bloke through the bleedin' roof. I MISS YOU, PORTLAND!! Please understand that you are a gem in the nation. And have a good night.