April 28th, 2008


Art supplies for sale, CHEAP!

I am moving and paring down on art supplies, so I put together 2 small starter kits for anyone who is into printmaking or photography and needs a few essentials. Everything is in good used condition.

Photography kit includes:
Developing tank with 2 reels and lid.
4 pairs of new tongs.
Canon loupe (for viewing negatives).
Set of filters.
Spotone 3, negative retouching liquid.
Clear push pins.
Clear plastic protective sleeves for prints.
Dusting cloth.
Dust gun.

I am also including some free paper, because I didn't store it as well as I could have and I am not certain of its condition. There are no guarantees on the paper, but it would be at least worth a try.
Arista Classic VC Fiber Matt Paper, 8x10 (about 1/2 a box)
Ilford Multigrade FB Fiber Paper, 11x14 (less than 1/2 a box)
Kodak Poly Contrast RC Semi Matt, 8x10 (about 1/2 a box)

Printmaking kit includes:
Woodblock support.
A few wood blocks in varying sizes.
Several small zinc plates.
Set of Niji Carving knives, assorted shapes.
Stippling brush.
Leather for sharpening.
Tube of Speedball white ink.
Ink knives.

Other handy items:
Water dish, sponges, scissors, utility knife, homemade nail tools for etching, wooden spoon (can be used as a baren).

Please comment if you are interested.


The Portland-Seattle Trans-Cascadia carshare commune strikes again

Some time this week, before the first of next month, I have to drive up to Seattle. (I have to return some books to the BarBri office there, to get a deposit back. The value of that deposit is substantially more than the cost of driving up there, which is itself cheaper than the cost of shipping the books back by mail. But it still feels silly to drive all that way for only one errand, and all by myself.)

So: does anyone in Portland want to go to Seattle in the next few days - or does anyone in Seattle want to come down to Portland - and, if so (to any of these), when exactly is a good time? I can leave any time after tomorrow (i.e., Monday) afternoon, and have to be back by Wednesday evening. Within these constraints, I'm genuinely happy to adjust my schedule, if it'll make someone's life a little easier (and especially if you want to kick in a bit for gas).

Late night snax

Per usual I am up late. It's just how I am. Or as Fiona Apple says "the way things are". Anywho I just indulged in my favorite late night snack: a slice of toast with butter and peanut butter alongside an ice cold glass of milk. Tell Dannybear what your fav late night snax is?


*nom nom nom*
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May 4th (that's a Sunday, ladies and gentlemen) Opeth is coming to Portland.

I very badly want to go see them, but all my friends are working and can't get it off because of our impending trip to Seattle, or are broke ass fuckers.

Anyone going? Anyone interested?

They can best be described as 'Extreme Progressive Metal'.

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(no subject)

Anyone have any luck renting an apartment from afar? My idea is that it would be awesome to already have an apartment to move into when I get to PDX after traveling from across the country. I've rented apartments before, but always in person. So is this possible?

I figured going through a property company would make the not-in-person thing easier, but I really have no idea. Anybody tried this before?

EDIT: The only property company I've really taken a liking to so far is Round Hill Pacific. If anybody knows about them, or any other pet (dog) friendly companies, that's great too!

Vanity: Yours for $15

Not one of the seven sins, rather, but a wooden thing with a mirror. Though if I go through the rest of my packing, I very well may be able to sell you some Pride and Prejudice.

I seem to recall someone asking for one of these a while back. Leave a comment and let's make a deal! I promise there are no goats or zonks inside drawer number #3.

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Cleaning service

I am going to be moving out of my apartment, and I am thinking about hiring a cleaning service to come in. Are there any low budget cleaners out there that do a good job?

Any help is appreciated.


heyyyy. monday food not bombs is gonna kick off next week! cinco de mayo!

if ya don't already know, food not bombs is a kinda awkward name for a really cool thing: a world wide decentralized movement to feed people using food that would otherwise be thrown away. we get our food from donations and dumpsters and turn it into cool culinary creations. fruit salad and tofu scramble and stuff.

we're non-hierarchal and everyone's welcome to help out! if you bring food, bring an ingredients list, please. non-vegan foods are okay.

we're serving at 5:30 at the peninsula park rose garden, located at n. albina and ainsworth!

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Okay so I've been quite addicted to zombie movies lately. I have one crucial unanswered question, how come all the zombie movies out there are so cheesy? Why can't they pump any LOTR money into a quality and scary zombie film? Do you have any reccomendations for movies? Muchly appreciated!
ophelia by nivi, 2012


Where can I find a joint that offers .05 double-sided b&w copies?

Less than that would be awesome, but I doubt it is possible.

Thank you in advance <3
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I am looking for a really good sign company to amke some signs for my new store....

Has anyone had experience with signs? Wooden, metal, neo, sandwich boards, and window decals?


There are many, I know how to Google, just want to go with a company that is reccomended from experience. Thanks!

Microchipping your pet

Any feedback? Problems?
My vet will do it for 54.16 per pet. and they use the AVID microchip. I want to do the right thing for my animal but I don't want to hurt him.
Also, I've heard there's different kinds of chips. Has anyone had any problems with AVID scans in the Portland area?
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Hey dpeeps,

Just a reminder that tomorrow (April 29, 2008) is OMG FREE CONE DAY at participatin' Ben & Jerry's scoop shops.

I never, ever, EVER tell a lie in here because I love each and every one of you, but if you suspect something is amiss in this announcement, because who would give away billions of dollars of free ice cream, check out the B&J website.

I work in the building that the downtown location is in, so if you stand on the sidewalk across the street and scream "I LOVE LITTLE BLUE DOG!", I will hear you.
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Pot smoke and carpets

We are considering two potential houses for rent, and one house is currently occupied by potheads. The second floor of that house is all carpet, and so reeks of pot.

Our question: How easily will the pot smoke dissipate? The property owner would replace the carpets if we wanted, but he really doesn't want to do so.

Will the house smell like Reed or the Oregon Country Fair for months?

Duuude yes, forever
Maybe, it really depends
Longer than months
Weeks, maybe
Just open some windows
I have no clue


For all out there who are not aware, Radiohead is allowing folks to do remixes of their song "nude" (see radioheadremix.com).

I'm both hoping folks will enjoy my version of the track (a very dreamy, spooky track that builds to an explosive end), which you can listen to here:


or here, if the html works:

(I uploaded it with only a week to go, so I'm a latecomer - voting ends MAY 1st!!! - and am hoping you'll vote and share with your friends so they might vote!)


I'm also hoping to listen to remixes of other folks. So if you have one, message me with where I can listen to it. Specifically I'm curious what other Portland/Oregon/Washington folks have made, but ultimately I'd like to hear from everyone wherever they might live.

Most of all, I hope everyone just keeps music alive (both in listening and in creation) as a language, as a means of communicationg, as something beautiful for the soul.

Nevyn Nowhere
Sad Music for Happy Humans
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...and good will toward broke shoppers

Dear readers,

Should one of you have a subscription to carfax, I would be most grateful were you to run a VIN for me. I'm not in the area, but can offer mail or clever postcards as payment. I realize this is a long shot.

Your friendly eljay neighbor
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Free Bras to a good home!

Hey DPers! I have 7 36HH bras that are gently used (each used about 3 months but were rotated) they are Fantasie 0993 1 black, 6 Natural. If you or someone you know would be able to use these, please let me know. I hate to throw these away because I know how expensive bigger bras are.

FYI I had a reduction and that is why I do not need them
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(no subject)

if you found money on the ground (say more than 20 bucks, not like a one) would you keep it if the owner was no where to be found? would it matter where you found it? like if it was in a place where people tend to be more poor would you be more likely to leave it or turn it in?
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