April 27th, 2008

Walking journal, continued

So today, in my continued attempts to walk just about everywhere around Portland that could be walked, I decided to see what Washington County was really like. And to these ends, I took the MAX out to Hillsboro and walked back East along Main Street/Baseline Road, taking a detour down 170th Ave to go through the Tualatin Hills Nature Park before getting on the MAX and going home.

The thing about all of our cool, hip, Portland stereotypes about Washington County is, they are all correct. Endless miles of featureless, boring suburbs, with endless sub-divisions and (in the trendier parts) condos, and a good assortment of the same chain businesses...yep, that is pretty much all there. There isn't much of interest to see between Hillsboro and Beaverton.

To be fair, there is some things worth looking at. Downtown Hillsboro is actually one of the best looking downtowns in the Portland area, especially if you go for big, anti-septic buildings. And the area between Hillsboro and Beaverton at least has preserved its original watersheds, in a somewhat natural condition.

Anyway, so with that walk completed, I have now walked all the distance between Gresham and Hillsboro. Next time, I will try to do something fun!

Say hey, DamnPortlanders!

I've been lurkin' around for the longest time and would now like to step out of the shadows.

For quite a while, Portland has been a personal "wanted place to live", up there with cities in Europe. I had lived in the 'Eug/Springfield area for 2 years in the late 90's ... during that period I visited Portland a couple times and thought it was a nice city.

I live in AZ now, and honestly the only thing keeping me here is a well-paying healthcare job. Although I'm (apparently) surrounded by a metro-plus of 4 million people, there's absolutely nothing to do here, no culture, no neat eats, no interesting people (the place is very transient, so the people you do meet generally haul-ass out of here), and with a thick cloud of dust and smog in the skyline, nothing to see. With temps in the triple digits, it's also no place to ride a bike for daily needs (I would love to not drive a car anymore.)

I know this is probably subjective, but are there any former Arizonans here who see an improvement with Portland/surrounding burbs?

Anyway, hello again! :)
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(no subject)

I need a new tire for my poor little Volvo.Just a new tire.Anyone know of any little places that won't try to sell me 4 new tires?
Non-Chains are preferred.Oh,and if it is in No.Po,that is a big +,as we are driving on one spare.

Thanks ya'll.

C & R Real Estate...

My SO and I have put in a application for an apartment that's managed by C&R Real Estate.

Does anyone have any experience w/ their application processes and requirements? I know they're going to pull our credit, and I'm fine with that. My credit is fine, my SO's is not so fine, but we are devoid of bankruptcies or collections/judgements to any landlords or property management companies. We also have great rental history and make more than 3x the rent.

I'm *hoping* that the worst case scenario is that we're approved and we have to pay the full amount of the security deposit, 'cause we're totally prepared to do that.


College courses

Hi all,

I'm 23 and have never been to college nor do I aspire towards a degree..
BUT!  I would like to take some music theory classes I'm interested in.
I don't know anything about how colleges work, never even set foot on a campus before.
Are you allowed to just go in and take some classes?
Is that possible?  Is it terribly expensive?  What college has good music courses in PDX?

I've tried taking private lessons from people on Craigslist but these people usually have no curriculum and its like an anything goes sort of teaching, which isn't what I'm looking for.
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Are there any places locally that sell Vibram Fivefingers, VivoBarefoot, or other "barefoot running/walking" shoes? I went in all the shoe shops on NW 23rd, and neither REI nor Signal Sports have them. I called Portland Running Co and they also don't have anything like that.

I'm aware of the existence of Nike Free/Nike Rift, but I'm looking for something not quite as garish right now...

SE Flesh

I am going to dinner with a friend tonight and was thinking about how I would like to eat a steak. I'm in the SE Stark and 28th area. I really don't know of any good steaks in this area. It seems that most of the good steakhouses are downtown. So, can you suggest one in this area? Also, I am on foot/bus.

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Songs about Portland?

So, coming back to PDX this weekend after a trip to San Francisco, the discussion of well known songs about the city came up. The list of famous songs was long!

We couldn't think of any about Portland - the closest we could come up with was one by Everclear about Nehalem, but I imagine they've done one about Portland too...

So DPers, what songs are out there about our town?

Volunteer at Cinco de Mayo

Hello all,

I am looking to fill up some volunteer shifts at this year's Cinco de Mayo fiesta at the Portland waterfront.  There are various things you can do to help out and you get free entry to the fiesta, a free t-shirt, and free water/soda/pop.  Check out the website for more info at http://www.cincodemayo.org/volunteer.html

It's a four-day event and the shifts that would be the bestest are late Friday night, late Saturday night, and Monday afternoon/night.  If you know some Spanish, that is a plus, but it is totally fine if you don't.

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Ok DP I need your help... I had a really nice hookah that was recently stolen by some kid and when it was returned the hoses and other random shit were broken. I've decided to just replace the whole thing, since it had 3 hoses and this bastard kid seems to have sawed off the tips of all 3 of them (WTF?). Trouble is I don't know where to go. I live in Vancouver, but can go anywhere to get what I really want. I've checked the tobacco place on Burnside and 3rd(?) and almost found what I wanted... so here's what I am looking for and I hope that you have some suggestions of where to go. I want a rotating base with 2 hoses w/ the ball bearing setup so I don't have to cap the one not in use. The color is also really important. I kinda want something girly, maybe pink, purple or red? Where should I look? (also, if the place offers a deal where they throw in the carry bag and some shisha that would rock)

Time for a change!

Alright DP, I have two questions....

The first!
I have been growing out my hair since the last time I got it cut. That was over 2 and a half years ago. The guy totally fucked it up and now I'm scared but I always make a mess of my bangs and I kind of want some styling. I don't want it short. I like the length, I like how it gets all chunky and wavy at the ends. I'm just kind of...bored.

Pics of my hairs is behind the cut. I don't care much for the picture, but it's (semi) recent and my camera is out of batteries, dammit. My bangs are now too long to put over my forehead at all and I /hate/ that XD
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So what do you think DP? Any suggestions on something not square that isn't like...18 billion layers and only chin length? I'm also thinking of dying it another color. I love the blackness, but now I've had that for quite a while. Any suggestions on that front?

AND second question. Is there any place in town that would do the aforementioned cut, plus cover up my roots or possibly do an all over dye AND wax my eyebrows? All at the same place? At the same time? For not very much? I have some money lying around but I'd like to not break into my bus pass fund if I don't have to :)

Thanks DP, you're my fave!
<3 -pb-

EDIT: I'm thinking about something like this:
Yes that girl is SO SCENE BLAHASKJFDLAKSJF:LN but I like the hairstyle. Would it work on my round ass face? Tee hee. I called myself an ass face.

exercise bike for my mom.

 I need a little help, and so I come to you, damnportlanders.

My mom needs an exercise bike. She's low on funding, so buying a new one isnt possible right now. Weve checked all the usual places like play it again sports and such. No luck.

Anyways.. I hear most people have been selling theirs lately...I just havent been able to find any anywhere. I'd go hunt for one myself, but Im still recovering from recent heart problems, and cant.

So, does anyone have a regular, not recumbent, exercise bike that they'd like to sell? It would go to a loving home and help a wonderful lady who would probably be able to afford  the brand new one she deserves if she wasnt nursing me back to health.

Thank you in advance!

(no subject)

Oh wise Damnportlanders, where would I find 30-40 8-inch lollipop sticks? (Unused please. I realize I could eat 30-40 lollipops and save the sticks, but that's a little gross.) The plan is to make these.

North Portland or Downtown would be preferable. Thanks.
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(no subject)

i am looking for recomendations. music. tell me what i should listen to. i dont get out much and i dont own a radio and i find that im not being exposed to any music expect what i see in movies and tv. so suggest some songs or bands that you like. doesnt matter if you think its my style. the more suggestions the better.
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The Third Sex?

So I was at the Stumptown Comic Fest this past weekend.  I went to pay and saw behind the counter a person who totally took me by surprise.  this person had a goatee and and sideburns and on initial thought I thought it was just another comic nerd like myself.  I then look down and see this person has breasts and substantial ones at that.   This person then spoke and had a low gravelly voice that put mine to shame.  Without offending too much more than I may have already, can someone tell me the situation with this person?  I'm not judging but I am curious as to what is going on aesthetically with this person.   Are there people out there who can't (or won't) decide what gender they are so they choose both?  Or in simplest terms, is this just a woman embracing her excessive facial hair problem?   This is Portland so once in a while you will see  these types of things and are at a loss as to an explanation as to what you're seeing.  I like to learn new things so maybe someone who is more enlightened can shed some light on the matter.