April 26th, 2008


Moving Sale!

I am moving next week (across the country), so I am getting rid of a ton of stuff.

Books: mostly art books, text books, and fiction.
Kitchen wares: Utensils, gadgets, cutting boards, mixing bowls, bakeware, canisters, etc.
Yoga ball with pump
Bike helmet
Canon printer/copier/scanner
Sheets and linens
D-Link Wireless Bridge
Picture frames
Art Supplies: Canvas and paper, charcoal, beeswax, crafty stuff, etc.
Original art work
Camping gear
Polaroid camera
Decorative items

Everything is clean and in good condition, otherwise it’s free.
Most items are priced 0.25-$5.00.

Some of the larger items:
Microwave: $10
Headboard: $10
Plant stand: $10
Solid wood desk: $20
Solid wood futon frame: $75
Ladies Nishiki bike: $125
Darkroom photography equipment: $50
Printmaking materials: $25

This sale is indoors, on the first floor of a small apartment building. Please be respectful of my neighbors. 73 NE Stanton St. #1, 9am to 2pm. No early birds. Cash only.

You can email with questions, but I won’t be online much after 9am.

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Hi, I would like to have a journal inscribed with my significant other's name for a gift. Where might I be able to do this?
My significant other is a damnportlander. hence the anonymous account.

Pass A Drug Test?

Since I know there are probably several hundred of you familiar with this story:

I have to take a drug test Tuesday morning.  I need to know what I can go buy/ingest so that my test comes up clean.

Two days ago (Thursday), a friend gave me some Adderall to get through a long day. This was an isolated incident with horrible timing. I never do that stuff, so of course the one time I do is the one time I'm going to have a urine drug screening done. I haven't done any other drugs.

I CANNOT fail this drug test. So please, only recommendations if you've actually used a certain product and had it WORK for amphetamine clearance.

I'm an idiot, yes. But please help me anyway.

Email in private, if you prefer:
notrapyllod @  gmail dot com

Thank you.

Common drug tests screen for:
  1. Cannabinoids (marijuana, hash)
  2. Cocaine (cocaine, crack, benzoylecognine)
  3. Amphetamines (amphetamines, methamphetamines, speed)
  4. Opiates (heroin, opium, codeine, morphine)
  5. Phencyclidine (PCP)
Adderall is an amphetamine, a controlled substance for which I have no prescription.
The place I am getting tested at is for medical reasons, not employment reasons, so they're going to be more strict. They will not allow me to get away with this one just by saying "it's a prescription." If they think I'm abusing drugs at all, I'm out of there.

I'm aware of the facts and implications here. Can someone please just answer the question? :/


Thank you, everyone!  I'm feeling much better about this now. :)

Car People????

I am hoping that someone out there has a 'code scanner" that would work on a 2002 Honda Accord. I am car shopping and want to be able to figure out what the "maintinence required" code means on the car I'm looking at. I would be forever in your debt...

Thanks in advance.

(no subject)

Okay, boyfriend and I are looking for a restaurant. I know there have been ample restaurant posts lately, however our requirements are a little picky and everyone seems to love answering these things. Requirements are as follow.

Food. We're looking for a place that serves "different" types of food, but are fairly "normal" in Portland. I know I'm not making a lot of sense, but there isn't one genre we're looking for. If it helps, I decided to make this post after seeing someone mentioned spicy salmon hand rolls. My curiosity piqued and I know PDX has a good food scene. We're pretty adventurous eaters (he moreso than I, I'd prefer a "back up" menu with standards on it just in case), but we have issues with trying new places, which leads me to my next point. Meat, veggie, vegan... all of the above are fine.

Atmosphere. Preferably someplace that isn't slammed, but isn't dead. This may require you giving us time suggestions, so we can achieve this. I know that a lot of restaurants have different seating arrangements (maybe?)... and we'd prefer something that is comfortable (standard booths and tables are good) and has a nice relaxed atmosphere. Amazing customer service is a must... I won't bother going anywhere the service sucks no matter how good the food. It may sound ridiculous to you that we care so much about the atmosphere, but being someone who has anxiety issues, I'm looking for this to be a good experience.. I always hesitate on trying new places because I have no idea what they are like.

Price. I don't know what everyone considers to be expensive or inexpensive, but ultimately we're looking for some place that is comparatively priced to The Olive Garden, or cheaper. I'll take pricier recommendations but we won't be able to use them for a while. :)

I guess we're just looking for someplace different than Applebees, ya know?

Thank you. :)
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(no subject)

OK, so it's 12:30 on Saturday, our garage sale is going on UNTIL 4:00PM.

EVERYTHING IS HALF OFF!!!!! It was all cheap to begin with, now it's even hella cheaper than that, some stuff is even FREE

We have left:
-a violin. (was $100, now is $50)
- a surround sound system (was 75, now 38)
-tons of clothes (all half off)
- jewelry.(ditto)
- a grow light (only 38)
- a FREE futon frame - solid pine, double size, folds into a settee.
- a large folding dog kennel - was 25, now only 12!
- kitchen stuff
-artwork and posters
- a couple chairs (now $5 each)
- T0NS of stuff you did'nt know you'd need until you found out that it was all HALF OFF!!!!!!!!!

 - and some free stuff too.

Hurry up ad get here today before 4 pm.
1723 ne 50th ave
(2 blocks north of Halsey)
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foreign language classes?

Has anyone on here taken a foreign language (I'm thinking Spanish) over, say, summer term, but not through PSU or PCC or the colleges?

Someone a few years ago told me about this program he was in where he took all of Spanish 2 over the summer and it counted for college credit, and I'm trying to find a good program and figure out how much it will cost.

Basically, I can afford to take it through PCC, only I live/work in Hillsboro and it's only offered at Cascade, which doesn't really work for my schedule. I can't afford to take it at PSU, and, well, was hoping one of y'all had taken Spanish over summer before?


Where would you recommend to purchase/shop for wedding rings?  We want pretty simple jewelry that isn't too expensive - most likely white gold or something similar.  We'd want to be able to look for a bit without being hassled by sales staff, but still get some help since neither of us knows much about this.  And a place that won't blink an eye that we're gay would be ideal.  Thanks in advance!


Hey Portlanders-
Quick hair question. I'm searching for a fabulous stylist; someone really proficient with color (platinum and reds, a plus). I've heard good things about a couple stylists at Halo on NE Sandy, but any other recs would be really appreciated. Thanks!

sharpie removal

what i need: get sharpie out of nylon
what i've tried: hairspray (worked all right but involved too much qtip usage), spray n' wash (worked pretty well but still didn't get enough out)
what i'd like to try: rubbing alcohol

what else should i try? it's not just a small mark here and there, it's kind of an expanse of small doodles on different sides of a particular bag and i feel so stupid for drawing on it now. *pfffft* what do i do??? 
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Satruday Night Fever

So, where can a not lesbian1 go dancing and girl flirting2 in Portland Fucking Oregon on a (this) Saturday Night?

Updated Footnotes for clarity!

1. As in "Someone who is not a lesbian and in, in fact, a boy/man"; Lesbians have plenty of places to dance and flirt tonight

2. That's flirting, not skanky pick ups. Only classy pickups here. Zero skank, not even ironically.
Teala - lolwut

Goddamn weddings.

In late May I am attending a very expensive, though intimate, wedding in California. The Bridezilla is expecting semi-formal wear and I'm uh...more of a jeans and tank top sort of girl so I don't own anything of the sort.

I need to find a dress for said hoity-toity wedding. It's during the evening, outdoors in Orange County. I don't want to look like I'm going to my Senior Prom, and the Bridezilla has forbidden black. Also, I'm fat and don't like Dress Barn.

Does anyone know anywhere I can go to find something? Or are there any fat girls willing to part with something semi-formal that isn't hideous?

Totally Portland related because I used to live in NE on 122nd and Glisan, right near Jody's.

Edited to add: I only have a $100-150 price range.
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Anyone know of an open Beltane celebration happening in the greater metro area?
I find myself in serious need of a decent bonfire and fire festival to help me purge some of the silliness I've had to deal with this past year.

Good Neighbor Pizza <3


My friend Kevin and I just ate at Good Neighbor Pizza on NE 8Th and Dekum and it was FANTASTIC/ORGASMIC/HEALTHY/DELICIOUS/PLENTY OF VEGETARIAN OPTIONS/LOVE ME LONG TIME!!!

So why was it good? We both ordered the Bird sandwich(heh heh). The bird is composed of:

Roasted free range chicken breast, gouda, pesto, tomato and spinach 8$

What made it was the home mad focaccia and roasted potatos...well the sandwich was amazing all around but a great little mix of light delicious fare with fluffy crisp warm focaccia.

Now the pizza is tasty too. My fav is the sweet piglet:

Canadian Bacon, thinly sliced organic pears, and tomatoes :D

Oh they have a full bar too and a super cute waitress and outdoor seating. If you live in the Northeast please check it out. I promise you wont regret. We gotta support our 'hood and it's eats.

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massage therapist recommendation request!

hey dp,

i, er, overexerted myself today. not in a hernia-riffic way. but in an omigodidunnoifi'llbeabletowalktomorrow kinda way. i had a blast doing it.

however! i would like a deep tissue/sports massage therapist to help me undo it. it would be super-awesome if i could get an appt tomorrow when i have nothing to do but recover. it would be better than nothing to find someone i could call tomorrow and schedule an appt for monday.

please advise! willing to pay extra for people to come to me, since, as mentioned, travel will likely be difficult. i'm NW.

a "where can I find this" challenge

Alright DP'ers, after ages of reading your magnificent snarky wonderfulness I am turning to you in my hour of need.

I am seeking

1.) the larger the better temporary dinosaur tattoos.
2.) also the larger the better holographic dinosaur stickers (so they look like they're coming out at you.
3.) if both of these fail, do they still make those goggles with holographic dinosaur eyes in them, and suggestions from finding them.

Bonus points for anywhere in innerish SE. Doubly so if it's not a giant chain, mall type experience.

Thank you. You are contributing to great things.
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gotta find this poem!

ok this is a weird and random and entirely un-portland-related request, but does anyone happen to have the poem "trying to talk to a man" by adrienne rich, and might be willing to type it up and stick it up here for me? i think i left my book at my parents' house and i can't find the poem online anywhere. i believe it is in the volume, "fact of a doorframe." i would assume many english majors and women's studies majors might be familiar with the wonderful ms. rich's work. thanks!

Favorite SNL Guest Host

I drank too much at the Alibi last night, so I'm staying home and being a lamer tonight.
There's a repeat of Christopher Walken on SNL tonight. I forgot how much I love that guy on there.
His delivery in comedy is off the charts funny to me. Really loved "The Continental" sketches he did in the past.

Who's your favorite SNL guest host?