April 25th, 2008

Tea whores unite secretly

Pandas in Portland?

I need help, it's my friends' birthday this weekend and she LOVES pandas. I wanted know if anyone knew of anywhere that I could buy some cute, inxpensive panda themed things. I already checked uwajimaya and the selection was limited to none... though I banked in on the killer candy while I was there.

I was thinking of hauling ass to China town to see if I could find anything but if anyone here knows I would be forever grateful. I already handmade a panda and found some monotone panda stationary at Powell's but I want to send a neat box full of stuff to surprise her!

Thank you!

Portland related, because Pandas make an alliteration when next to Portland and because I am not traveling to China to shop.


So I have a cute adorable sweet cuddly kitty cat name Booger. He's pretty wonderful except for a really annoying, expensive, and dangerous habit. He likes to chew through cords for all of our electronics. The tally thus far is 2 cell phone charges, 1 ipod dock, 1 beard trimmer, 1 lamp cord, 1 speaker wire. He's started on all the TVs, DVD players, and just about anything with a cord that we come across. Last night we stopped by the pet store and bought this stuff called "Keep Off" and we sprayed as instructed. Well that didn't really work and now I turn to you for suggestions. Oh, and please don't say give up all my electronics....because that just won't work. Please help me keep my boyfriend from kicking my baby out into the cold garage all day long!!!!!!!
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Commute Advice

What an exciting post... Well, I have to move home with my mom in Clackamas for awhile, but I work downtown by the Art Museum (thus no more easy hopping on the 12 to/from work for me! sadness!). I'm trying to brainstorm a good commute for myself that incorporates SOME driving (taking the bus from my house would take forever...) but I do have a bus pass my boss gets us each month, so I should use it to some degree. I was thinking of driving halfway in and taking the bus the rest of the way? Any ideas of good places to park and do this (doesn't have to be a formal park and ride, I used to drive to Sellwood, park on the street, and bus in from there). I could also drive with my mom, who parks by Lloyd Center, and MAX it in... but she'd have to leave much earlier/stay later to accomodate my schedule. Or I could drive all the way in, but that seems ridiculous and wasteful. Does anyone have any ideas/suggestions (ie, drive to _____ each day and take a quick bus into downtown and back, etc)? Thanks wonderful peoples :)

CPR Trainings?

CPR training... so I need to find somewhere in Portland that offers a class not on the weekends and most importantly cheap!

i just need a refresher course because my CPR card expired 2 days ago!

do people offer individual trainings? like use a certified person and pay them personally? or does it need to be in groups?

so many questions for you.
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Comics. Comics. Comics.

One more reminder with pretty graphics for Portland's own creator-oriented Fifth Annual Comics Festival:

Stumptown Comics Fest, Episode V.

This Saturday and Sunday.
Lloyd Center Doubletree, 10am to 6pm.
Parties all weekend, wherever they can be found.
Comics everywhere. Just raining down.

Special Guests: Mike "Dark Horse" Richardson, Larry "Beanworld" Marder, Nicholas "Perry Bible Fellowship" Gurewitch, Craig "Blankets" Thompson, Brian "Michael" Bendis, Raina "Baby-sitter's Club" Telgemeier, Dave "Yay Time, and I'm married to Raina" Roman, Derek Kirk "Small Stories" Kim, Tara "Heart-Shaped-Holes in Beautiful People" McPherson, and Scott "Can't Stop Thinking" McCloud.

Hither: Wonderful feature from our own ME Russell in the Oregonian, and on webcomicsnation on our fair city's strange, obsessive love-affair with the sequential arts.

Thither: Wonderful other-feature from our own Dylan Meconis and Bill Mudron in the Portland Mercury.

Whither: and yon.

All official info at www.stumptowncomics.com.
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Amtrak Deal!

I just wanted to let you all know that Amtrak is having their companion fare sale in Portland.. Buy one get one free. I just purchased two tickets to Seattle for next weekend for $62.

The code is H750. It's only good for travel to/from Portland's Union station, but you can go where ever they travel.

I think it was offered by the Oregon Visitors Association, or something like that.

Happy Travels! 

Edit: This is where I got the code from

beach house

Do any of you have any favorite beach houses or similar to rent?  We are planning on having a kind of pre-honeymoon on the beach with our out-of-town wedding guests so we can spend some more time with everyone than just at the wedding.  We want to rent a beach house for everyone to stay in (probably 10-ish people max) and it will be on a Sunday for one night (maybe two if the price is right).  We are open to anywhere within a few hours drive and would like it to have an ocean view, but it can be within a couple blocks to the ocean.  Price is definitely an issue, so we don't need some mansion for $400 a night or anything.  Thanks in advance for any tips!
me as harley

my bed is bigger than ur bed

I acquired a california king mattress for free (getting it up the stairs was a real treat...), but my Batman sheets will not fit it :( and I keep waking up with the sheets kicked all about with me laying on top of the not-as-comfortable naked mattress. Since I have never owned such a monstrous bed before, or even known someone else who has (srsly, like 10 of me could fit on it) are fitted sheets this size common? Or will I need to order one online? I've only looked one place so far (Frederick's) and no luck. There isn't anyplace else close to me that I thought might carry such a circus-tent of bedding and I seek your advice before I wander out to the mall unnecessarily.

stimulus check schedule

This was sent to an email list I'm on. I have NOT verified it through the IRS, so believe it at your own risk! The person who sent it is reliable, though, and it sounds as though their source is in a potentially relilable position, so I'll take it for now. I assume that the direct deposit versus paper check decision is being made based on how you filed your taxes? *sigh* puts me in paper check land, and that means mine won't be mailed until the week of July 4! Not that free money isn't teh awesome, but given how broke I am, sooner would be nice...

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happy day

liquor store alert

I know many people ask which liquor store is open latest..
it is always barbur liquor "they're open 'til 10"

I just wanted to give the heads up that Hollywood Liquor (on 37thish and Sandy) looks like it has new hours.. They had a sign on the counter open unil 10 on Friday and Saturdays and open on Sunday.. (can't remember the times)