April 24th, 2008

Can you hear it?

I wonder if Portland has any of these in use.


NEW YORK (AP) -- A wall-mounted gadget designed to drive away loiterers with a shrill, piercing noise audible only to teens and young adults is infuriating civil liberties groups and tormenting young people after being introduced into the United States.

The Mosquito, which targets loiterers, projects a shrill noise audible only to teens and young adults.

Almost 1,000 units of the device, called the Mosquito, have been sold in the United States and Canada after the product debuted last year, according to Daniel Santell, the North America importer of the device sold under the company name Kids Be Gone.

The link below is to an NPR story on how teens are using the noise on their cell phones. The page has a link to an MP3 you can download. Can you hear it? I'm 30, and I can barely hear it.

where are my bones?!

doula apprenticeship?

Any doulas or friends of doulas on this community? I'm looking for a doula to attend a few births with. I've completed the doula training course through the Seattle Midwifery School, but would like to work with an experienced preceptor a few times before I strike out on my own. In Seattle they had an apprentice program through PALS, but my internet search skills reveal nothing of the kind in the Portland area. Any leads or advice, guys?
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blankblank salmon?

hey dp, ive  been getting some really really strange messages on aim lately, mostly this morning.

a month or so ago,  i got this message from "HorizontalSalmon" on aim, from someone i didnt know. after talking to them, it was discovered that MY screenname showed  up to her as HorizontalSalmon as well, meaning we both saw the other as the unknown screenname.
   it really was very very odd, and im not sure why it happened, but i figured  it was just a fluke somehow. ended up it was some random girl in virginia i befriended later after chatting.

  so,  this morning i w as rather suprised when i got some message from "EnsignSalmon" and some other ---- Salmon screenname as well.

  any ideas? the same thing happened, where we each saw the other person as the unknown screenname, and didnt know how the other person got ours.

    maybe somehow a screenname somewhere got merged? or some other random wierd internet goings'ons?

thoughts a-pleeeze~
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Sooo DP, here's a rhetorical question.

When you don't have a response to a question on the internet, do you respond?

Nearly every time I post a new topic in a forum I watch, I get about 5 'non-responses'. They irritate and confuse me.

For example:

my post: "Here's a funny story! Can you believe that? Have you heard of anything similar going on, discuss, etc."

#1 response: "No."

Seriously? Whatever happened to the, "If you don't have anything to say... don't say anything at all" ?

My most recent post ("Hey everyone, so I finally got a twitter, does anyone else have one?") has sparked a rather outraged response of, "THAT IS INTERNET SPAM AND BAD AND OBNOXIOUS" which is, in my opinion, rather more obnoxious than my quiet little post. Isn't it good enough to leave well-enough alone (auugh redundant phrasing)?

I don't mind snark--in fact, I would even welcome it in this community. I just don't understand the non-responses.
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good dreary tuesday morning, DPers.

i am wondering about sod. i've just moved and i want to lay a couple rolls of sod in my new "backyard" (a strip of land about 10 x 10) to create grass. any ideas where one might FIND sod in SE? i'm in Mt. Tabor.

i should hasten to add i've never actually laid sod, so maybe this isn't the best way to achieve grass. i am open to suugestions!

Dancing Friday night?

My girlfriend needs to get on a dance floor ASAP. There are tons of club dance nights on Saturday, but she's working. Does anyone know of a good club that has decent music or event tomorrow night (4/25)? Extra points for disco or anything from that era.

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Hunt Stockwell pointing.


Allright you flippin' pinko commies. I know the last thing that any of you sonsofrazzafrazz's wanna do is take part in a democratic process. But if you don't register by 04/29/08 you will not be allowed to vote in the Oregon primary. So put your bong-pipes down, stop your drum circle and put your welfare check back in the envelope and get down to 1040 SE Morrison and get yer'self registered.


Hunt Stockwell-American
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Nuclear Tears of Joy

When's the last time your tastebuds cried?

Has your mouth grown bored?

Haven't been able to find any *really* hot food in town?

Do you wonder what Homer Simpson felt like when he ate the Guatemalan insanity pepper?

Find the solution to all of the above and more at Portland's inaugural nucleartacos night! I am opening my home and bringing the heat to the northwest. There will be vegan tacos, meaty tacos, taco-condiments, and ice cream for the moment when, with tears streaming down your face, you realize you need the antidote.

Nuclear tacos are a tradition started in Kentucky and arrived in Portland by way of Austin, TX. I miss crying with my friends!

Advice for the novice taco eater:

- don't wear contacts
- wash your hands *before* going to the bathroom
- nuclear tacos are free, but you pay in the end =)
- nobody has ever died from taco consumption or fallout (thousands served!)

when? 16 may, 7pm onwards
who? anyone who likes hot food. it will be *really* hot. srsly.
how? BYOB, and something snacky/side dishy if you feel like it
where? drop me an email (tacos@w.tf) and i'll tell you where i live.
why? endorphin rush!


I would just like to send out a big F%*@ YOU to the tweaker that broke my window and stole my backpack....I hope you enjoy my pink graphing calculator and math book you little s#*t.

Portland related because we have to many tweakers.
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