April 23rd, 2008

Tea whores unite secretly

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I feel like a dunce because I didn't talk to you much after things got going at the meet-up last night, but who was it that I was talking about Flight of the Conchords with? I am bad with names!

It was stellar as hell meeting you all last night, as well!
& Daggers!
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Restaurant recommendation:

Pizza Fino on N. Denver.

REALLY good. Front entrance is a by-the-slice bar thing, and the restaurant is in the back. I can't believe how inexpensive it was for such high quality food. The priciest thing I saw on the menu was a dinner entree for $12.50. I got a spinach and mushroom calzone (you can personalize with their huge variety of toppings) for $6.00 and the thing took up half of the plate. Ended up bringing the other half home. Tasted a bit of the other dishes around (clams in linquine, seafood alfredo, penne ala vodka) and they all were yummy. The calamari was exceptional, and they have a nice wine list and fancy pants cocktails. You could easily walk out of there pleasantly full, including a drink, for $20 a head.

Also, the menu is extremely veggie and vegan friendly. Review from Stumptown Vegans, complete with foodie pictures!


This may be a long shot as I've never even seen the word "golf" posted here but...

I'm supposed to golf this weekend with a friend who has golfed 3 times in his life so I need to find a 9 hole course that's cheap and good for beginner's (I'm in the western pdx burbs and he's in that city north of the big river so location isn't really a huge concern, but north is preferable I guess.)

Good morning! :)

Name as many as you can, please:

1) Movies containing broken legs

2) Movies about trees (bonus points for lumberjacks, falling trees)

You can connect the dots on this one, probably. :P
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Art Opening

I'm having a small art opening tomorrow the 24th at Muse Art and Design on Hawthorne and 42nd. There will be snacks and libations for you all to partake. The work is kinda like leftover stuff from series' I've done over the last three years so there is no theme. It would be nice to see you all or some of you there. It's from 7-9 in the evening. Cheers!

"Jeremy's art is a response to daily things we see around us--the saturation of advertisements and text, the eccentric and mundane variety of everyday people. He likes to have fun with his art and says to never take too much of what you see seriously."
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Monk with the Stanley Cup

Thank you, DamnPortlanders!!

Just wanted to thank this community and spongecore86 for suggesting Claudia's Pub for our hockey-watching pleasure. Worked out great--the game was on the big screen, something I never thought I'd see in an Oregon sports bar. It was great to see a lot of NHL fans there including a pleasant but quite wasted Flames fan, several Sharks fans, and Habs fan (hi kue!!) There was even a nice Red Wings fan there. Me and my waitress last night, a fellow Avs fan, will see that guy in the next series.

Anyway, team name-dropping aside, THANKS! That was awesome.
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HAY PORTLAND, I need your help!

What are your recommendations for Best Karaoke on a Friday Night? It *must* be a Friday, because it's for an already-planned birthday gathering.

An ideal establishment would have:
1) Good song selection (I like to rawk!)
2) Space for more than a few people (no idea how many people are coming with)
3) Not-too-crowded, but also not-too-dead (don't want to wait 2 hours to sing a song, but also don't want to be signing to nobody)

Thanks in advance!


Hey I was going to go get my brakes done and want to make sure that i am not going to get ripped off. So for my FRONT rotors and pads its $280. Does that sound about right? 2000 Honda Civic LX.

Thanks a bunch guys!!

Oly to PDX?

Is anyone leaving late Friday night (midnight?) or early Saturday morning, say before ten? I'm looking for a ride down to Portland to see the boyfriend and dog. It'd be really great! I'd give you five bucks for gas! Oh, and um anyone coming back Tuesday afternoon to Oly from Pdx? I need to get back to school too.

Thanks y'all!

Another housing request

I know this gets old, but I'm trying to cast my net out as far as possible and I'd appreciate your help if you've got some to give.

My boyfriend and my friend and I are looking for a house to rent in the vicinity of Reed. We are willing to live as far north as SE Morrison, as far south as SE Bybee, as far west as the river (though we'd prefer to be east of SE 15th or so), and as far east as SE 60th or so. The closer to Reed the better, though.

We'd prefer a 3-bedroom house, although 2 or 4 would also work. We're looking for under $1500 (unless it's a 4-bedroom, in which case ~$1800 would be the limit). We have a rabbit, so pets should be allowed or at least considered (she's very well-behaved, always uses her litter box and doesn't chew, if that helps). We also have furniture. We'd like to move in by June 1st, although July 1st is also okay in a pinch.

If you own a house you're renting out, live in a house you'll be vacating soon, know someone with these qualifications, or are looking for roommates to fill 2 bedrooms and will need some living room/dining room furniture, please let me know.

Thanks, guys!

ETA: Apparently this wasn't clear: we don't NEED furniture, we HAVE furniture. So if you were looking to fill 2 bedrooms, we also come with furniture for living room/dining room space.

Downtown and traffic tickets

811.290 Obstructing cross traffic; penalty. (1) A person commits the offense of obstructing cross traffic if the person is operating a vehicle and the person enters an intersection or a marked crosswalk when there is not sufficient space on the other side of the intersection or crosswalk to accommodate the vehicle without obstructing the passage of other vehicles or pedestrians.

(2) The offense described in this section applies whether or not a traffic control device indicates to proceed.

So I was driving downtown yesterday on my way to school and got pulled over by a motorcycle cop. I had a yellow light and was driving down Morrison, but even though I had a yellow light (and I thought the cars ahead of me were moving at a good clip) I had to stop in the crosswalk for all of thirty seconds.

I was going to protest the ticket, but since according to the law, the 'crosswalk' counts as part of the intersection and 'cross traffic' describes both cars and peds, it's not worth my time.

A word to all the drivers out there: be warned. This was rush hour, I drive a VW Golf and I still got nailed. Apparently the cops don't much care about the fucked-up state of downtown driving to let people off easilly.


So I drive down to McMinnville every weekend, leaving Fri/Sat and returning Sun/Mon depending on the weekend. Since gas is starting(ha) to get expensive, I have a bigass car and this is a regular thing, maybe one of your fine DPers would appreciate a carpooling thing from here to McMinnville/Salem on the weekends?

Just let me know.
Tea whores unite secretly

Is it true...?

That bologna strips paint off of cars?

If so... is it a heinous crime if you accidentally leave slices of bologna in the letters of 'douche' on your neighbor's car because you set them there while trying to figure out how you would pull your car into your driveway they so lovingly block?
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I need a place to eat sometime the next week that meets the following criteria, in this order:

1) Delicious
2) Creative/exotic/something the average Joe probably hasn't eaten before
3) Expensive (by which I mean $30+ a person)
4) Vegetarian option(s)

I'd explain these requirements, but it's kind of a long story.

Thanks DPers!
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Birthday Help!!

My husband and I were going to take our daughter to PB & Ellie's Cafe for her birthday tomorrow. It is closed for good. Crap.

She will be turning 3 tomorrow and we want to take her some place fun that isn't Chuckie Cheese or that kind of place.

Are there any good, fun places to take a family and a few friends out for a birthday dinner? Bonus if they serve beer!

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...a continuation of interesting comments made by downtown Portland Safeway cashiers.

"God, I wish someone would just come and shoot up the place"

thanks, can someone give this gal a hand?