April 22nd, 2008

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FRIDAY & SATURDAY (april 25th and 26th) ONLY. From 9 to 6 both days- no early birds, please!
Lots of collectibles and antiques,
Mexican Day of The Dead artifacts (skull stuff)
costume jewelry,
some furniture including a solid futon frame and a pappasan chair.
ALSO: a large dog kennel,
and other stuff that's so cool you didn't know you wanted it until you saw it.

1723 NE 50th Avenue, between Hancock and Broadway, two blocks north of Halsey. If it's raining we'll be in the garage.
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Portland related because...

For all the pontifications concerning the rules surrounding deleting comments, it seems your typical Damnportlander continues to completely and utterly fail to grasp the concept that posts don't have to be Portland related.

I'm not making it up ! (from the userinfo page)

Location: Portland, Oregon, United States
E-mail:    dp@giapet.net
About:    Damnportlanders is the best damn community. :) To get in touch with all moderators, feel free to e-mail dp@giapet.net. Whoever gets your e-mail first will handle whatever's up.

<b>This is a Portland LJ community. However, posts don't have to be Portland related.</b>

Is it that people have become so Lemminglicious that they can't concieve of ~not~ prostrating themselves to authority?

Or is it some kind of in-joke? 

Pizza Recommendations

Seems like everyone's always asking for specific recommendations, so I thought I'd be pro-active and offer some instead.

Bellagio's Pizza is great for delivery and they have locations all over the metro area. I'm particularly a fan of their Mother Earth pizza which features gorgonzola cheese. I always add salami.

If you live in St. Johns / N. Portland, check out Tom's Pizza & Sports Bar. Lots of toppings, giant pizzas. Four guys in my office can share one extra large and walk away extremely full.
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Spring into Portland Culture

Hello Lovers of Art, Books, and Spooky things !   This is your friendly PDX Artist letting you know about some upcoming events around town.

1.            Starting Wednesday, April 23 The Portland Art Museum will have unlimited free access to persons under 17 years of age. This is possible due to a generous endowment from an anonymous donor in the Portland area. That means if you’re a school teacher and you have your 30 + kids and you want a docent lead tour it’ll still be $2.50 a head. Yet, if you just bring your school group by and just ‘buy’ tickets at the door sans docent lead tour it is free for all your students.

2.            May 1-4th Portland State University’s Library is having a Book Sale! Sweet!  Portland State University's award-winning opera program will present Puccini's   La Bohème for its annual spring production. Joined by internationally renowned stage director Tito Capobianco, students will perform one of the world's most loved operas in honor of Puccini's 150th birthday. Tickets range from $25-$12.


3.            May 3rd La Mode Macabre is coming to the Fez featuring a dark bohemian fashion show, Hands of Kali belly dance trope, and local and regional vendors.  You won’t want to miss this event! Tickets are available in advance ($12) and at the door ($15).


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What does it take to get one's cartoon in the Mercury? I would love my my comic to run in a local paper - but I'd be happier if they'd run a any local people. There are a ton of local cartoonists who produce weekly and are amazing. Seriously? What's up with their comics?

Let me pre-empt the snarks witht the obvious jokes:
What you need to run in the Mercury:
• a better cartoon than what you're submitting
• sleep with someone there
• don't sleep with someone there
• $425 (their ad rate)
• an attitude
• don't be local
• a cartoon that isn't funny
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Two Questions (OK, maybe three)

-Where is a good sewing machine repair shop? Getting a machine off of CL that needs tuned up.

-The SO and I are going to the Zombie Prom in a few weeks. Where can I find decent quality latex (for the face) and stage makeup?
Trying to find him a cheese-ball polyester suit. We're going to hit the bins, other charity shops, and perhaps Red Light. Any other places we should look?

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free CFL bulb recycling

Oh Damnportlanders, Earth Day seems to have had some strange effect on my house, and now three (count 'em) three compact fluorescent bulbs in my house have died in the past twelve hours. To avoid further scorn from Mom Earth I am not about to go tossing these little mercury-containing thingies in the trash, and am looking for a place to recycle them.

I know IKEA will recycle them for free, which is awesome, but am looking for a more close-in free options since I am out in the Beav and don't want to cancel out my good-green-deeds with the energy spent getting out to the airport. A few nearby places I located thanks to Metro's handy recycling guide seem to charge around fifty cents a bulb. $1.75 isn't that bad, but I was hoping someone here knew of some secret free-CFL recycling program close-in that Google and Metro didn't lead me to.

If not, I shall just hold onto them until I make another pilgrimage to the Swedish mecca.
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Do you know a fairdealing Honda mechanic?

I have an old 1985 Honda Accord that got 28-30 mpg just last July.  It's had a couple problems and now it's down to 22 mpg.  I've tried to do a few things myself - replaced the air filter, filled up the tires, but I think maybe a mechanic might be able to diagnosis and fix a more fundamental problem...

Does anyone have experience with a honda mechanic that is cheap on the diagnosis end and reasonable on the fixing end who won't try to tell me to fix things that would have no effect on the mileage? 



Hello Knowledgeable Crafty People!

I am looking for good places to get beads. I am interested mostly in glass, wood or stone. Bonus points if the place has classes, doubleplus bonus if it is downtown or SE and Trimet friendly.

There used to be a nice, tiny shop on Alder downtown - anyone know what happened to it?


rubber stamps?

This seems appropriate after the bead post---

Where in the Portland area can I find a rubber stamp store? JoAnne Superstore just doesn't have the selection. The only local one I knew of was shut down and empty when I went there yesterday!

Specifically, I am looking for a "This Book Belongs To:" stamp. Maybe I will have to order it online. Any suggestions?
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recommendations for landscape maintenance

Does anyone have a landscape maintenance service to recommend?

I'm looking for something above and beyond the basics of cutting the grass and cleaning up the beds (which I can do). The prior occupants of my home installed an incredibly varied cottage garden that I, for the most part, lack the skills and knowledge (and, currently, time) to keep in tip-top shape.

So really what I'm looking for is a knowledgeable outfit that can come and maintain my yard every couple of weeks, and also teach me how to properly take care of it, in terms of when and how to prune, transplant, divide, etc. etc.

As communication is an important factor and I don't speak any language other than English right now, someone in the crew who speaks fluent English is pretty much a requirement.

Also, although I'd love to be in a position to offer employment to anyone looking for it, I'm not looking right now for responses along the lines of "hey my boyfriend knows plants and wants to do some side work." Rather, I'd like to hire a licensed, insured company to do this work.

So yep, I'm a little picky! Which makes any suggestions all the more appreciated!


drum lessons.


I'd like to learn how to play the drum set, for jazz and rock. I'm a classically trained musician so I need drum-specific knowledge rather than general music knowledge, and I'm a fast learner so I'd rather have someone willing to really challenge me. Can anybody recommend a good drum teacher? I know I can find some in the papers or other sources- I am in fact looking for personal recommendations.


SE Belmont and SE MLK = Deathtrap

Given my work location and home location, I often take the exit off I-5 northbound that dumps onto Yamhill. From there I drive under the bridge ramp and cross MLK to Belmont. Anyone else take this route regularly and notice just how horribly unsafe it is? I've seen three accidents in the last 6 months and countless close calls. It requires crossing four lanes of traffic just before an intersection/signal that often backs up vehicles past the crossing point. Sometimes nice people on MLK will let you squeeze by, but the far lane can't often see what's happening and this is where I've seen two accidents originate. Not to mention how difficult it is for pedestrians and bicycles. Everyone gets so worked up at this spot during rush hour they're not even looking for pedestrians. And there's a bus stop right there.

My question to you, wise damnportlanders, is how does one go about getting an interstection looked into for improvement by the city? Start a petition? Call someone, write a letter? Anyone have any luck doing this? For now I think I'll pick a different route, even if it's longer. It's a bummer, this intersection is the main reason I ride my gas-saving motorcycle less.

Inspired by the massive case of road rage I saw today coming home that nearly led to another accident . . .

Hilly or the O?

With the PA primary over with and looking like the lady Clinton came out on top, I have to give the oft-asked question a go-around.  Hillary or Obama?  With the Oregon primary coming up in May, it still looks like a battle royale with these two.  Is this fight hurting the Dem's chances at winning in November?  Should one just quit or become the other's VP?  Should McCain be bothered by this conflict or is it just going to help his chances of getting in the White House?   


So...How weird is it to attend a concert alone? I was "considering"(read as: will chicken out and not go) going out to see Yelle but I have never gone to a concert alone before. For some reason I have no qualms when it comes to going to a restaurant by myself but concerts kind of freak me out. If you have gone to concerts alone did you go home wishing you had just stayed home instead?
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Sooo....I haven't lived at home since I was about fifteen, and therefore haven't spent much time around my brother for quite a while and don't know him very well. And due to some years at a boarding school for girls, I don't know anything about 17 year old boys.

He's coming to visit me for a few days next week, and I'm therefore in charge of keeping him entertained. What can I do with him? What are some good things to send him to do by himself while I'm at school? I'm already planning on giving him directions to Powell's and leaving him to go for a walk/explore in Tryon Creek State park, but what else? If you were a 17 year old boy, where would you want your big sister to take you out to dinner?

Thanks in advance!
(this will be an awkward visit...)
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