April 21st, 2008


Daily Mail?

Where in town could I find a copy of the Daily Mail?
(It's a British newspaper, for those who don't know.)

I don't usually read newspapers, so I have no idea where to start other than not at convenience/grocery stores. :\ Any help is much appreciated.
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Avenue Q...

Some friends and I are wanting to attend Avenue Q when it comes to Portland in June. However, I have not been able to find ticket prices at all. The website for the Portland Broadway Series tells me to go to TicketMaster, but I can't find anything. Am I missing something?

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does anyone know how to contact the organizers of the Twilight Rummage Sale? i'd love to be a vendor at the next one or the one after, but googling isn't bringing much info on when that even is.

thanks in advance!
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Anyone looking for a housemate?

A friend of mine just accepted a job offer in Portland (she lives in Tacoma now) and is looking to relocate ASAP. She has some decent living-arrangement prospects, but I offered to cast my net out a little further on her behalf. She is 27, has no pets (but doesn't mind living with them), is super easygoing and makes excellent hot chocolate from scratch. I think she'd like to live with youngish folks (20s or 30s) relatively close-in. If you're interested, send me a message through LJ and I'll get you in touch with her. Thanks!
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cool stuff 4 sale

Apparently, my last post was too verbose, so I'll just lay it out here.

I want to give my old entertainment center a new home, and reclaim a few bucks if possible.

1- TV, 24" diag., square, analog CRT, mono audio. Remote doesn't work, everything else does.
2- VCR, Sony, VHS, works great (incl remote!), stereo audio.
3- DVD, works great, standard DVD features (also stereo audio).
4- Stereo amp/receiver. Blown fuse. Fixed two years ago for $60, blew again; I'm sure you could get it fixed for less than the cost of a new one.
5- 17" VGA monitor, pic a little fuzzy, good for casual use, not for long hours of work.
6- Wheelie thing that holds everything except the VGA monitor. Black, pressboard.

Offer: $50.00 if you take it all at once. More if you want to take it piece by piece, but make me an offer for what you're interested in.



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I want to do something fun for my birthday this Saturday night.

I am bad at plans.

What would you do if you were turning 22 in Portland this Saturday night?

And yes, I drink.

snark away if you wish!

I am generally car-less but how shitty do you think a commute from SW (like 4th ave) would be down to Tualatin??

I'm sure I can find some car-pooling buddies because I HATE driving but I don't really want to live in the beaverton or the hills.

Kevlar Vests...

I have never seen this question posted here so perhaps I am the first.
I am looking for a good quality Kevlar vest for my husband. Where would you reccomend finding one? We are willing to go anywhere in the Portland Metro area for this.


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I'll be finishing school in either Seattle or Portland, and am having a hell of a time deciding between the two cities. I'm going from zero, never having visited either, and unfortunately I probably can't afford to visit both cities to compare them anytime soon. If I get the chance, I absolutely will, but until then if you good people could answer some questions I'd really appreciate it.

Anyone have experience in both cities? I heard Portland has more of a small city feel, and friendlier people. Is this true? Can anyone compare the queer scenes of the cities? Is cost of living lower or higher in Portland?

And, if I decide on Portland and visit, what neighborhoods should I check out as potential places to live, and what should I expect to pay to live in them? What I'm looking for is behind the cut- I certainly won't be able to check out every part of town, so I'd like some starting point recommendations-
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Resources for children of Alcoholics?

Hi everyone....

I was wondering if anyone here knows of any support groups, child psychologists, books, or just general Portland/Clackamas area programs for children of alcoholics?

 My coworker is step-mom to a 7 year old, and the biological mother is in the "I'm going to disappear for months at a time, not call, and refuse to get help" stages of her addiction.  The little girl has already had a hard enough time adjusting to life after the divorce, but the off again- on again of her mom in her life is making it much harder for her, and her father & stepmom feel like they are not doing enough & need some tools/counseling/etc.  All we have been able to find is programs for teens & spouses..... she is seeing the school counselor, but they would also like to explore private options.  They live in Clackamas, but would be willing to go anywhere on the east side.

Thank you!
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I am powerless!

Portions of the Cully neighbourhood is still without power until 7pm, or so the utility says. I would take my bike out for a ride, but the garage is without power, and I'm a) unsure if I can lift the door without hurting myself and b) a little unnerved that too many idiots here are just running the dead intersections and nearly smearing other cars.

Being out on two wheels may be a no go, and I'm not interested on driving a guzzling Sube when it's only carrying me. So I figure mebbe I'll just ask you DPers for your most favourite insults. Bonus points for horrific insults that avoid the "seven words" and "your mom".

Edit: The next block over now has power, but Pacific Power now says it'll be 9pm before power is restored to us. :(

Edit: Power was restored between 9:15pm and 10pm while I was out for dinner. Thanks, everyone!
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Looking for An Apartment June 28th

Hi All!

I'm moving to N.E. Portland at the end of June near the blue line and I'm looking for a reasonable 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment preferably. My budget is $600-$650, hopefully including utilities. I know, I know, it's asking a lot, but I believe in asking for what I want if I'm going to try and get it. I have two cockatiels to consider as well. I currently live in Vancouver but work conditions require me to move into Portland and gas prices dictate using public transit. I'm a single gal so safety is also a concern. Any suggestions on locations would be much appreciated :)
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I'm Powerless Too!

I live in the Hazel Dell area of Vancouver, and we're without power as well. No idea on the cause as of yet. Had to venture over my mom's for the night. I'll be here with my sister I currently live with, my other sister and her husband, and my mom and stepdad. I feel like I'm 5. Haha.
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Hey DP!

I went to Chinatown (in NYC) last summer and bought one of those little trinkets of a fat, happy, maybe-dancing cat, similar to but not the typical Good Luck Neko.

Anyone know what I'm talking about? I just got to wondering if this kitty has a name or some folklore behind it like most the "traditional"-style trinkets I recognized.

Portland-related... because we also have a Chinatown?