April 20th, 2008


Free Haircut!

Hey ~!~
My girlfriend has a bumble&bumble cut class and needs someone with long hair for her chair. The cut would be a layered cut, and totally Free! Tuesday morning 9-11 is the time slot for this event. As a side note, she has been cutting hair for 8 years, so the class is not a beauty school thing, just career enhancement.

Thanks :)

Thanks for all the interest and helping my girl out, Twilight_embrace wrangled the haircut though. Thanks :)
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hat-tip petzi
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(no subject)

Somebody posted here fairly recently asking about selling jewelry, and I recall in the comments someone posted about selling the gold for gold's sake and they had a link...
I can't find that post now, and wanted to mention the link to someone who was talking about getting laughable offers for diamond/gold ring that she was trying to get rid of.
Can anyone here help me out and post the link?

link found - thank you!
fuck you anyway.

Paint and Soil


I need two things for a gardening project. Paint (for my planter boxes) and soil.
I want them for free.
Yes, I've checked craigslist. No, there's nothing that great.

Any recommendations?

PS- Any other gardening stuff would be nice, too.

Green and my friends camera.

Did anybody see the huge group of green-hoodied hooligans strolling down Hawthorne-Grand-and then up Morrison yesterday between 2 pm and 2 am? My friends camera was lost somewhere between Gold Dust Meridian and Grand Central Bowling, although I doubt he lost his camera at Grand Central because they threw about 20 of us out for being too intoxicated. He was wearing the nametag Sofa-King Re-tudd-id. And what's the deal with such enhanced security at Grand Central. I was escorted out of the VIP Corner even though it was open and the sign was turned around. viva the Second Annual Eastside Portland Pub Crawl. May you be known as the Third Annual Eastside Portland Pub Crawl. Did anybody attend?

Here is the list of bars in case the staff picked it up:

Gold Dust Meridian
Hawthorne Hideaway
Barley Mill Pub
Jolly Roger
Roadside Attraction
The Grand Cafe
East Bank Saloon
Maiden in the Mist
Morrison Hotel
Grand Central

Your Favorite Comedies

So I was having a conversation with my parents today about movie comedies.  I let them borrow among others "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" and the Evil Dead movies and they hated them.  No accounting for taste I guess.  My stepmom seems to like romantic comedies like "Bridget Jones" and "Love, Actually" while my dad likes ones like "Blazing Saddles" and "It's A Mad, Mad, Mad World".  I'm going to force them to watch some classics like "The Producers" and "Office Space"  but I'm at a loss as to what else to recommend to them.  Anyway, I was wondering what makes a good comedy and what are your favorites and why?   Maybe I can use some of your suggestions.
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30 gig video iPod

My girlfriend's son's friend has a 30 gig video iPod for sale. He hasn't put it on CL yet, and I told him I'd check to see if any DPers are interested. Feel free to email me at drjeff at gmail for details.


(no subject)

So I know we've all seen the questions asking where the old school photo booths are... I have a related question. I have a strip of pictures that I would love to be able to frame. Is there anywhere that might have frames for a photo booth strip, or for multiple strips? I've seen them online, but I would prefer to be able to take a look at them first and see what I might be buying.
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Flea preventative

For those of you with dogs, do you give them flea preventative (Frontline, Advantage, etc.) year-round?

We gave both heartworm and flea prevention year-round in Texas and California (where we previously lived), but I'm wondering if the flea preventative is necessary during the winter in Portland. I ask this now, in April, as I'm about to make a big "doggie med" order online.

ETA: If it matters, both of my dogs are indoor dogs, only going outside for walks.



Any one had and personal experience about where to get their fingerprints taken in greater Portland (preferably SW)?

I need a place that will do it on the official card so that the FBI will perform my background check so that I can get my student visa for Chile.

Thank you!
Nom nom nom nom

Wanna kick it seriously old school?

Remember analog? Lo-def? Televisions as fat as they are wide? Man, those were the good old days...

Well, you could be there again! If you've got a 2'x2'x2' space in your pad where you've been wanting to put some cathodes, some rays and some tubes, you may just be in luck.

My house is home to one too many televisions, and in the interests of the lost arts of reading and conversation, we've decided to free up some living room space and get rid of our 24" technocolor wonder box. It's good for all sorts of media, so long as it's 4x3. Here's what it's not good for:


Other than that, it's a great TV, works great, with the exception of one feature: the remote is broken. Don't know if it's the remote or the receiver on the TV, but the damn thing just doesn't work. But the buttons on the TV are fine, and we're throwing in a couple of additional features that'll minimize the number of times your butt has to bid a sad--if temporary--adieu to its love, the couch.

In addition to the TV, we're getting rid of the VCR that goes with it (Sony, VHS), which works great, INCLUDING the remote, so you can change channels from the couch, just not volume.

But wait, there's more! We've got a DVD player. Nothing special, but it works. Has remote, plays DVDs, CDs, MP3s (if burned to CD), and photo CDs/DVDs. Want to put on a slide show? Just burn your favorite pictures and put them in the drive, and hit play. It's AWESOME!

All this for the low, low price of $75.00 or best offer. Please note that if you plan on using an air antenna, well, you'll be screwed after the digification next year. But if you get your TV through Comcast's tubes, you're set for life, or until they jack your price up, whichever's first.

But wait, there's even more! I've got an old 17" VGA monitor which works fine, but it's a little fuzzy, and since I sit in front of the screen eleventy hours per day for work, I can't stare at it any more. It's fine for casual use, though, if you want another monitor. I've also got a stereo amplifier that the TV/VCR/DVD can plug into, but it's got a blown fuse. I had it fixed a couple of years ago, and then the fuse blew again. If someone knows how to really fix them, I'll throw that in too. If you can get it to work, it's great; the TV's mono, but the VCR and DVD are stereo, so you plug them into the amp, hook up your speakers, and BOOOOOM! Instant complaints from your landlord!

Matter of fact, if you take the monitor and the amplifier, I'll cut the price to $50.00 for the whole bundle, but you have to actually take it home, not just cart it down the block and throw it away in my neighbor's yard. Heck, I could do that for free.

So lemme know. I'd be thrilled to find a nice home for my dear old TV.

Ah, so many memories. Remember that time we watched Wolf Blitzer talk about the election? Sigh...

Edit: I'll throw in a black pressboard rollie-thing that all the above stuff (sans moniteur) sits on. It's not beautiful, but it works, and it's almost as nice as something you'd find at Ikea!

Kudos forKindness

Thank you to Dawn who has a Garden that kindly found my cellphone that I dropped around 930ish last night while trudging up Garden Home.
Even more thank you for holding onto until my wife called my phone that morning, as I did not know I lost it until 11am.

Kudos to the PGE staff who made a slightly chilly Beavers baseball game still enjoyable and a nice Sunday event.

Perhaps the greatest mystery of them all, how Dawn managed to choose to call my friend Jake on my contact list 2300 Miles away, especially since he's not on a speed dial or recent callers.
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Is anybody driving down to Eugene next Friday afternoon-ish?

I'm on the lookout for a ride and am happy to provide gas money and annoying company.

Thanks DPers!

NHL Playoffs

Hello Portlanders,

We have an emergency situation! We'll be in Portland on Tuesday, and the San Jose Sharks are playing a game 7 on that night. It will most likely be on the Versus channel (used to be called OLN). Anyone know where we could watch some NHL playoff hockey on that night? Suggestions for sports bars, etc would be highly appreciated.

Or alternately, any Sharks fans in town? :-/


(no subject)

I've been combing Apple's website and can't find the answer to my question, and figured someone here would. If you get a new iPod, can you put iTunes songs on it that were on your old one? I know they're anal about how many computers you can have the songs you've purchased on, so I wasn't sure if that applied to iPods, too.

EDIT: Thanks everyone!
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do walmarts exists in portland?

i moved here a couple of months ago and it occurred to me today that i have not seen a walmart, or even an ad or a billboard or anything for walmart since moving here. a quick googling shows that there are supposedly a few walmarts in portland.

but ARE there? does anyone shop there? are they the big fancy walmarts, or the dim, warehousey ones with the dusty shelves?

honestly, i can't believe portland would even allow *one* walmart, let alone the 4 or 5 shown by google. tell me, natives.

I C U 4 U N I

Has anyone here read those "I Saw You" and "Missed Connections" postings in the papers and on Craigslist?  better yet, have you ever posted or responded to one?  I'm guilty in that I browse them everyday and have been thoroughly disappointed.  I'll make it easy and say I'm in Vancouver (don't hold that against me) at the NW bagel place in HD between 12&1 most everyday.  Seriously though, do those listings work?  Anyone ever successfully get noticed in one of those ads?  Just curious.
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