April 19th, 2008

Rilo Kiley tickets - GONE

My wife and I have a couple of tickets for the Rilo Kiley show at the Roseland tonight  at 9 and we're not going to be able to go. If anyone wants the and wants to come out to the Beav to get them they're yours. We can meet you somewhere in town and hand them off.
godanigo gets them! Thanks for all the responses!

Metal Works? Fireplace art?

Hi all,

We're looking to find a local artist/studio that may have some artful fireplace metal pieces, be it back splashes, screens, etc. Any suggestions? Google comes up with a spattering of outdated sites..


EDIT: Oh, I guess I should mention our price range: ~$200 which kind of eliminates anything really custom. Thanks!
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if you need a laugh

click here :D


-on a sidenote

who else is fucking tired of those stupid FREE CREDIT REPORT.COM commercials?

They diss on people for working in Pirate themed restaurants? Driving sub compact cars? Having jam sessions in basements?!?!? Is this not quintessentially Portlander things to do and they are dissing us?!?! Fuck their credit reports. Assholes.

Whoo Shop Local for Awesome Socks!

Just wanted to give Sock Dreams a large shout out.

I've been buying socks from the website for a few years now and was always really happy with their average 24 hour turn around, friendly (all female) customer service and FREE shipping to ALL US addresses.

This month they opened a storefront on SE Powell, just on the East side of the Ross Island Bridge. I recommend a visit to all lovers of warm feet. They have more stuff online, but I really like being able to go check out (read: touch and/or fondle) the stuff I'm gonna buy.


Store Address:
725 SE Powell Blvd
Open everyday from 11-4

Toll free phone number:
(888) 717-6527

PS- I don't work for them or anything. I just LOVE them bunches for feeding my sock addiction.

Trivia Nights

Where are all the good trivia nights in town? The only one I have been to was Zach's Shack, ages ago.. I am looking for ones on the weekends. Maybe even tonight :) Thanks in advance...
cranky g0rd13

Put down the hipster guitar and pick up a trashbag

Is it just me or is there a significant correlation between musicians and dirty filthy houses? I live within spitting distance of two houses occupied by bands and both of them are the worst houses in the immediate area. One has the requisite decaying couches on the front porch, the other can't even manage that, instead opting for some bench seats ripped out of a vehicle. The properties are overgrown and replete with abandoned objects such as trampolines and bags of yard waste that have themselves become an ecosystem in the ten years since they were dropped in the yard.

It would NOT be a tragedy if these brilliant creative individuals were gentrified out to somewhere where they'll have nice tweeker neighbors to blend in with. Oh yeah I forgot, one of the band houses spraypainted "CONDOS? NO!!!" on a piece of plywood a few weeks ago and then promptly forgot about it, and it's now laying next to the sidewalk on their property. I find condos preferable to filthy scumbags armed with a thousand stickers, how about you?
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