April 17th, 2008


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Dumb question? Maybe, but oh well. Does Powell's buy books? I feel like they do but don't wanna trek it down with pounds of books in tow if they don't. Any place you'd recommend instead of Powell's to sell books (that's in the same-ish area)? I'd totes check the memories but I'm on my blackberry and it's nearly impossible.

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Geek to the Core

Since no one seems to post over at buffy_pacificnw anymore..

I'll post this here, too, just in case. :) I know there are Buffy fans in this group. :) And I for sure know there are music fans! :)


Tune in to Reverend Kate's Theme of the Week for her annual Pledge Drive Buffy The Vampire Slayer theme show!

9pm-10pm Pacific Time on KPSU! Listen worldwide at www.kpsu.org, in Portland Oregon at 1450am, or on the Portland State University campus at 98.3FM! Or download the show from the website for up to 6 weeks after it airs!

Reverend Kate plays songs from the Buffy and Angel TV soundtracks, songs from the musical, Buffyverse actors musical releases, like James Marsters, Anthony Stewart Head, Common Rotation, Ghost of the Robot, Christian Kane, AND songs inspired by the Buffyverse from rocker fans Automatic Hotel and (Seattle's own) Abney Park! And every once in a while you may hear a gem like one of Anthony Stewart Head and Amber Benson's performances at the Rocky Horror 25th Anniversary celebration!

Reverend Kate has been exposing the world to Buffy-related music on KPSU since March 2005.

If you'd like to donate James Marsters new CD Like a Waterfall or any CDs by Kane, or a newer copy of Once More With Feeling, or any UK versions of the soundtracks, OR you know a band that has recorded Buffy-inspired music, email the Rev at reverendkate@gmail.com

KPSU is a non-profit, student run radio station featuring student DJs and community volunteer DJs like Reverend Kate, a radio professional since 1990. Funding is provided in part by student fees, but also by donations from the community, which helps KPSU update equipment, the music archives, and more! KPSU features live performances by local and national acts and a wide variety of programming.

This years pledge drive we are hoping to raise at least $10,000 so that we can bring our 1980s and 90s-era studio equipment into the 21st century (or at least a bit closer!).

TONIGHT! April 17th! 9-10pm Pacific Time! Reverend Kate's Theme of the Week featuring the Buffyverse! www.kpsu.org/1450AM/98.5FM

~Reverend Kate~

Additional Web Info:

To download the show after it airs, go to www.kpsu.org-->schedule-->Reverend Kates Theme of the Week-->Listen to Previous-->April 17, 2008-->Download audio file

To listen on the website during the show, look for the "On Air" box in the upper left hand corner and choose how you'd like to tune in.

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Electronical difference engine available for purchase

I am cleaning my room and have noticed a TI-83 plus graphing calculator with its manual that has not seen use for quite a long time. $40? Any takers?

If you want to test it out, you gotta bring aaa batteries because I dun have any. I'm in SE.

I also found a motherboard with an AMD Athlon XP 1600+ in it, along with a 250 watt power supply and a hard drive of ambiguous capacity (probably something like 20 gigs, might have an xp install on it but I'm not sure). Make an offer.
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Hey Damnseattlites!

I'm going to Seattle for a conference and trust everyone here with their opinions on places to eat/drink/shop in downtown Seattle - I'll be staying at the Moore at 2nd and Virginia and have my conference at the Grand Hyatt at 7th and Pine.

What do you think of these places, and what would you suggest nearby as well?

Food: Noodle Ranch (2nd/Blanchard), Ohana (1st/Blanchard), Steelhead Diner, Taste of Asia (4th/Pike)...

Bars: Spitfire (4th/Blanchard), Two Bells (4th/Bell), Shorty's Coney Island (2nd/Blanchard), and the Whisky Bar and NiteLite (next to the Moore).

Any suggestions for non-Starbucks coffee in that area would be appreciated as well.
little blue dog

hey ...

Best web-based bookmarking service(s)/website(s)? Bonus points if it's free, of course!

In return, here is a pic of some doofus wearing a bowl on his head.

Peas and spank ya!

Vegan with a side of Vegan

Besides Nutshell and Veganopolis, what are good vegan resturants in PDX, (or ones that are not completley vegan but have some good vegan options)? Someplace that reminds one of Clark Lewis or Paleys etc. Someplace to dress up! Be fancy! Be romatic!

Thanks everyone

Fiber Optics?

Hey guys!

I'm trying to do an art project and am in need of some serious fiber optics. I either need bare fibers - something on the order of 10-20 feet of 4000-8000 fibers (this is an approximation for the really thin fibers, thicker fibers I wouldn't need as much) - or fiber optic lamps. Like this http://www.starmagic.com/store.cgi?Afrg+1752703+1B2B013 but with much longer fibers (about 2 feet). Do any of you know where I can get bare (end emitting or side emitting) fibers, or a bunch of these premade lamps in Portland? Spencers is a no go - they don't have the longer fibers on their lamps. Price isn't a huge issue, but I'm trying to get a large quantity.

I need these in pretty short order (I'd like to do it over the weekend), so any responses would be hugely appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
Kassi :)
Astronomy sky nebula 2


Does anyone else love Buster's BBQ as much as I do? Sure, it's not the cleanest of places, but I love eating animals so much.

What other BBQ places around PDX are there that ya'llz like?

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Okay so, I'm sure this question gets asked 100 times, but I'll ask it again. I'm currently in Gresham, looking for part time employment. I've been keeping up with jobdango and craigslist, however I'm looking for places to apply in person. Has anyone seen any now hiring signs in windows? My schedule doesn't allow me to just go out and drive around until I see one, so any help would be appreciated. I'm willing to make a 20-30 minute drive to work, but not for only minimum wage ($9/hr minimum.) Bills gotta be paid!

found dog in damascus

I've also posted on craigslist but i thought I would try here too.  My little boy found a little white boy poodle in our backyard this afternoon.  Puppy seems social and well cared for and recently groomed.  Please phone me  if you think he is yours.  

Owner found!  He belongs to a neighbor of ours.


Hey there. I am a female.

Born one.

I bleed and everything.

Unfortunately, my ID happens to say male, and I happen to have an androgynous name. The reason for this is none of anyone's business, though if curious I'm happy to explain that when I was around 19 I considered changing my gender to male, and took low doses of male hormones for a little under a year. I was a genderqueer. Some things happened that made me change my mind and realize I was happy with my given gender. At the time, I was in San Francisco - and all these things - name changes, gender changes at the DMV, etc. - are really really easy to do. My ID is valid until 2010. I didn't see a reason to have it changed.

But apparently I should have.

LUCK DEVIL/DEVIL'S POINT: After running into an old bartender at Lucky Devil - I found out that this was the reason I stopped getting scheduled. And that one of the owners was making snarky comments about me behind my back about me "being a guy"- after inquiring multiple times as to the reason I wasn't scheduled and not getting a response... it took a third party too finally inform me. CASA DIABLO: I worked there for one day, and my roommate, who was also just hired there - was told to inform me that they didn't want me coming back... she still works there [boo!] but after a few days she figured out that this was also the reason why I wasn't asked to come back.

Now... this is just stupid. The fact the I am a biological female is irrelevent - even if I was a post-op easily passable tranny girl - that discrimination shouldn't be there. It can be easily understood that a pre-op trans girl would not do very well as a stripper... but with the quality of bottom surgery nowadays, it really wouldn't matter. Strippers aren't there to bleed on you or pop out you babies or fuck you - they are there to entertain.

So please, I know at least a couple of these clubs are really awesome - and it makes me sad that this happened - boycott Devil's Point, Lucky Devil, and Casa Diablo if you give a shit about this.

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I work at Union Jack's now - they're awesome.
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Ummmmm. So I'm going to see Tegan and Sara at the Elsinore theater tonight and I'm just wondering, what's the parking like there? I've never been to the theater and don't think I've ever been in that part of Salem, period.

Any ideas? And while I'm at it, is photography a no no?
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Summer room available!

Hi! I am trying to sublease my room from June through September, as I am going travelling for the summer. The house is in SE portland near 45th & holgate, right on the #17 busline, and within walking distance of grocery stores. The room is really big, about 14'x16'. It's a large house and you will be living with 4 other laid back but responsible people. It's a queer and trans-friendly atmosphere. I can leave my furniture in the room if you like (desk, bookshelf, bed), but all of my stuff will be packed away.

You would be responsible for rent each month ($261.25) and well as your share of bills (heat, water, electric, gas, internet - heat and electric are very low in the summer).

If you have the financial resources to be able to pay the 4 months' rent up-front it would give me incredible peace of mind, but I know that's not necessarily reasonable. Otherwise I'd like there to be some sort of deposit (no more than a month's rent)

Lemme know if yer interested!

Handicapped parking

This is purely academic now, since I am back in CA & don't drive anyway.... but I do have my own placard & I was wondering...

Why are there so many different types of placards in Oregon? We have temporary & permanent, here. Oh yeah, we have plates, too. Oregon seems to have more than that & where you can park is different with each one. I checked the dmv site, but it was confusing.

The other day I was out driving with my dad & he got out to pay a meter. He does have a placard, but I didn't know that there were different kinds, so I didn't think to ask. All I know is that it's dark blue.
I asked him if you still had to pay the meter if you have a placard.
Him: "Yes, don't you in California?"
Me: "No."
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Passover Possibilities?

Does anyone know of an sliding-scale community seder--or even a family willing to put an extra plate on their table for one of the first couple nights of Passover (I can't go to most of the ones next weekend because I'll be busy with the Comics Fest)? I seem to be the only one of my close friends who celebrates Pesach, so making a seder of my own isn't really an option, and my family is much, much too far away for me to go home. I can't pay for a ticket, but I can make a marvelous Sephardic Charoset and am an ace at dishwashing.

Alternative / feminist is always a plus, as is queer-friendly, but I'd really just settle for somewhere to be...
Siouxsie Toss

Thursday 4/24/08 Subversive Zone

One week from tonight is the next installment of live electronic experimental entertainment brought to you by Subversive Zone!

It's a pretty full line-up and there will also be the the Roots into Roots event going on in the main hall so come on down and check it out!
Subversive Zone featuring:
Sonic Alchemy
Exquisite Corps
DJ Traces
Structural Ivy
& special midnight set by Rev DJ Razorslave of Las Vegas!
Free 21+ Full Bar
ETA: razorslave will also be opening the evening with a set from 8:30-9:15pm so if you wanna see him while he's here in PDX but have to get up early Fri. come down early!

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the kids

ok, my peeps

my kid and her family are coming to visit in july.  i made the mistake of asking her what she wanted to do, and i got a pile of suggestions.  one of them was oaks park.  from what i have heard it (the amusement park) is pretty nasty, but i told her i'd ask around.  our party will include an 11 year old girl, a 5 year old boy (what are the height restrictions on the rides?) and an almost 1 year old boy. 

so, is it worthwhile, or should i just stick to my wonderfully planned itinerary i already have?

First Timbers Experience

   Wow. I'm friggin impressed. I've never bother with soccer, when you're from Michigan where Football, Baseball, Hockey, and Basketball dominate. Soccer is kind of lost along the way., but wow, wow. What a fan base, the cheers, jeers. The scarves and general energy. I haven't seen the like since Playoffs 2006 with the Tigers, and this is opening day.

    I don't know the rules of soccer, I've watched Aussie futbol , but that was years ago. So my hats of the Timber fans, damn good showing.